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From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member IconApr-29 8:53 PM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (605 of 668) 
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This is a good win for the sane people in our society.



From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMay-1 8:11 AM 
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May 1, 2022

         "Tucker responds in disbelief before asking Kerschner how she feels now that she reversed her initial transition and made it through that challenging time. She made her decision early and still had the opportunity to reclaim her body, something that many young people who are too far along in the transition process do not."

Courageous Young Woman Explains to Tucker Carlson Why She "De-Transitioned" and is Now Taking a Stand Against The Radical Transgender Agenda

~~~~~~~ Helena Kerschner, 23, explained to Carlson that when she went through puberty and was having issues with her body – as every teenager does – she was “completely exploited” by people who convinced her she was unhappy because she was actually of the opposite sex. Kerschner hopes to protect other children from this detrimental experience by sharing her story and speaking out on their behalf.

From Kerschner:

“As you said [Tucker] it’s completely normal for not only young girls but often young boys too to feel uncomfortable with themselves – uncomfortable with their body, but we have this ideology that is especially prevalent online that says that if you have those feelings that means you are trans.

There are people who say if you don’t even like your voice on a recording that’s a sign of gender dysphoria and you need to go see a medical professional because you’re trans.”

Through this lens, normal developmental behaviors become ‘signs’ of  gender dysphoria. According to PsychCentral, toddlers playing with toys that are meant for the opposite sex, a four-year-old saying he wants to wear a dress, and a “preference to play another gender in make-believe games”  all become abnormal behaviors.

“Talk about taking advantage of people,” Tucker responds in disbelief before asking Kerschner how she feels now that she reversed her initial transition and made it through that challenging time. She made her decision early and still had the opportunity to reclaim her body, something that many young people who are too far along in the transition process do not.

As she points out, even though ‘experts’ say a double mastectomy can be reversed with breast implants, “You can’t just take it back.” ~~~~~~~

I mean, when you go on a cross-sex hormone, like that’s going to give you not just physical changes, but psychological experiences that you can’t just act like they never happened, you can’t just take it back. And especially with surgeries, you know, a breast implant after a mastectomy is not the same thing as never having your breasts taken off in the first place. So there are a lot of young women who are going through that, who had a double mastectomy at 16, 17, 18 years old or even younger. There’s nothing you can really do to put that feeling of oneness and safety in your body back.”

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From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMay-1 9:03 AM 
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May 1, 2022

          The bill text further notes that in the organization’s July 2021 conference, NEA officials adopted measures “to support critical race theory, calling it ‘reasonable and appropriate,’ and to spend $56,500 on researching and shaming organizations fighting the inclusion of critical race theory in schools.”

House GOPers Preparing Political Earthquake With Legislation to Withdraw the National Education Association's (NEA) Federal Charter

A bill co-sponsored by 18 House Republicans would remove the National Education Association’s (NEA) 116-year-old federal charter because of the union’s hyper-partisanship and support for extreme ideological policies such as critical race theory (CRT). “The NEA can no longer be considered a public service worthy of its federal charter as it has drifted substantially from its core mission and become a massive political operation dedicated to electing Democrats and imposing a radical progressive agenda on America’s schools,” reads the bill, HR 7510, which was introduced April 14.

The NEA was chartered in 1906 by Congress ‘‘to elevate the character and advance the interests of the profession of teaching; and to promote the cause of education in the United States,’’ according to HR7510. To date, the NEA is the only federally chartered labor union and, with that charter, it is “receiving a seal of approval from and support of their actions by Congress,” according to the proposal.

But the teachers union has strayed far from its original purpose, as reflected in the fact that, according to the proposal, “disclosures made to the [Department of Labor] Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS), from Sept. 6, 2019, to August 2021, the NEA spent over $116.7 million on political activities and lobbying, and in the 2020 election cycle, 95.7 percent of candidate campaign contributions by the NEA went to Democrat candidates.” ~~~~~~~ The bill text further notes that in the organization’s July 2021 conference, NEA officials adopted measures “to support critical race theory, calling it ‘reasonable and appropriate,’ and to spend $56,500 on researching and shaming organizations fighting the inclusion of critical race theory in schools.”

Critical race theory is the neo-Marxist view that all U.S. economic, political, and social institutions, including schools, since before the nation’s founding have been and continue to be organized to advantage white individuals and disadvantage “people of color,” including blacks, Hispanics and other nonwhite persons. It’s also a CRT claim that all white individuals are inherently and unalterably racist, while all persons of color are inherently and unalterably victims of white racism. At the same conference, NEA officials also expressed support for “the right to abortion, supporting illegal immigrant justice, and expanding professional development for educators to help create student Gender Sexuality Alliance clubs.”


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMay-5 7:21 AM 
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May 5, 2022

Dr Vernon Coleman: “Children are being Destroyed”

~~~~~~~ There is evidence that as a result of the covid hysteria many children have become withdrawn and frightened of approaching strangers – especially if they are not wearing masks. A children’s charity has seen a massive rise in the incidence of mental and emotional problems in children under 11 years of age. Children are worried about dying, about their friends and family dying, about their future, about missing school, about loneliness, about future epidemics. The AIDS hysteria of the 20th century has become the covid hysteria of the 21st century.

As a result many are either not eating, or eating too much, and they are not sleeping. Panic attacks are becoming commonplace. A study of 10,000 parents showed that 30% of children were worried about catching the virus and 30% were worried about missing their education. Even more worrying 16% were afraid to leave their homes. More than half of the parents were worried about their children.

And yet deaths among healthy children are so rare that it has been suggested that lightning is a bigger threat to children and that it would make more sense to tell children to wear helmets to protect them against meteors than to recommend that they wore masks or practiced social distancing. Nevertheless, schools introduced masks and social distancing, and many teachers and parents want the restrictions to continue indefinitely – until the very last virus on earth has disappeared. ~~~~~~~

Forcing children to remain isolated has created huge psychological problems. Children from poorer families or where there is an unhappy home life have suffered most. Also, the lack of exercise will result in health problems and obesity. ~~~~~~~

Many children have become socio-phobic and are developing OCD.

Figures for suicide are nigh on impossible to obtain but suicide is widely recognized to be a leading cause of death in the 5-19 age group, and one survey showed a 50% increase in suicides in 2020 compared to 2019. I suspect the figure will grow.

In an attempt to escape from reality, children are spending vast amounts of time on the internet. Gaming addiction is becoming an increasing problem with cyberbullying adding to anxiety and depression. Sports and out of school activities have been abandoned or disrupted leading to increased boredom, loneliness and depression.

Equally worrying is the fact that altered behavior in children will frequently be diagnosed as ADHD and drugs such as Ritalin will be prescribed as a long-term remedy. All this for an infection which children hardly ever catch and hardly ever transmit.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMay-6 6:33 AM 
To: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (609 of 668) 
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May 6, 2022

         This makes sense, as I do not recall Disney cartoons or movies containing hidden political and/or woke agenda propaganda.

Walt would have never allowed Disney's political activism

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill passed by the Republican-majority legislature that revokes a special tax exemption and other privileges for Walt Disney World in Orlando. This was in response to the company’s current leadership and some of its employees, who have protested another bill signed by the governor that prohibits the teaching of gender issues in kindergarten through third grade. Activists and the media have mislabeled it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, though the word “gay” appears nowhere in the legislation.

Walt Disney World was given tax breaks and was extended other privileges nearly 50 years ago because lawmakers then believed it would create jobs, attract tourists and produce sales-tax revenue. It has been a roaring success, bringing $5 billion annually to the state.

Until recently, the Disney organization stayed out of the culture wars and politics, preferring to maintain the vision founder Walt Disney had for what came to be known as “family entertainment.”

What would Walt Disney, who died in 1966, think of his company today? In Neal Gabler’s biography "Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American imagination,"
 we learn that while Walt was sometimes opinionated, especially when it came to his anti-communism beliefs, he wanted to keep Disneyland, Disney World and his animated characters free of politics, preferring fantasy and storytelling.

Gabler writes: “Walt hadn’t really been a conservative or a Republican or much of anything else for the better part of his adult life. . . . He had voted for Roosevelt in 1936 . . . and though he had supported Republican Wendell Willkie in 1940 . . . he declined a request from the Willkie campaign for an endorsement, writing, ‘a long time ago I found out that I knew nothing whatsoever about the game of politics and since then I’ve preferred to keep silent about the entire matter rather than see my name attached to any statement that was not my own.'”

Gabler found a letter from someone who was lobbying Walt to make a film reel of flags with patriotic music. Walt responded, “I don’t go in for billboard patriotism.” Joe Grant, who Gabler says accompanied Walt on several wartime visits to Washington, said of him, “He was very apolitical, believe me.”

That wasn’t entirely true. Walt joined several conservatives, writes Gabler, including Ginger Rogers, George Murphy (who later became a Republican senator from California) and Robert Montgomery “in forming a Hollywood Republican Committee to counteract the more liberal Progressive Citizens of America.” ~~~~~~~

It is a pattern the current Disney leadership has not followed and why it is now suffering what should have been predictable consequences. The Disney organization should follow the vision and example of its founder and not engage in statements and actions that can only undermine his vision and the company’s success. If it doesn’t reverse course, it could lead to an irreparable tarnishing of the Disney brand and what has long been considered a “magic kingdom.”


From: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostMay-6 10:50 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (610 of 668) 
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Yup, Walt was middle-America, born and bred, with the same ideals that thousands grew up with during the first of the last century.  The backbone of the US.

It wasn't until he died that the ideologues crept in and took over.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMay-8 7:49 AM 
To: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (611 of 668) 
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May 8, 2022

              "Americans, of all parties, are mad as hell about Disney’s attempt to sexualize children and force a radical agenda on them."

           They had to know this was coming, yet they pursued the course anywhere. It is brazen fiduciary irresponsibility, and I think that their stockholders should sue them, which I am confident has not escaped they eyes of the top class action attorneys. 

TROUBLE AT DISNEY: Conservative AARP Alternative, AMAC, Is “Overwhelming” Woke Disney Execs With Tens of Thousands of Phone Calls and Emails

According to The Daily Wire, conservative political pundit Dan Bongino received a message from a Disney insider who told him that Disney executives are tracking the “overwhelming” number of negative phone calls and emails they’re receiving regarding the company’s stated, not-so-secret gay-trans activism and attempts to sexualize children’s entertainment.

This outcry is being led by Association of Mature American Citizens’ (AMAC) activism non-profit, the conservative alternative to AARP. Two weeks ago AMAC Action launched a nationwide campaign on the conservative advocacy platform AlignAct targeting Disney executives and the response from Americans has been indeed been “overwhelming.”

Finally, freedom-love Americans’ voices are being heard loud and clear by the woke corporate executives at Disney. So far tens of thousands of phone calls and emails to the executives at Disney have been generated. Americans, of all parties, are mad as hell about Disney’s attempt to sexualize children and force a radical agenda on them.

Thanks to AMAC Action and AlignAct, people don’t just need to be mad, they can actually do something about it. In less than 60 seconds anyone in America can contact the “woke radicals” running Disney. You can join their national campaign hereAccording to AMAC Action’s AlignAct campaign, “We think [Walt] Disney would be as concerned about what’s happening [to his company] as we are. And we think he would say it’s time for concerned Americans to take a stand for the health and safety of our children!”

If Disney refuses to drop their woke agenda the millions of people contacting them are threatening to “stop spending our money on Disney parks, merchandise, programming, and more.”


From: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostMay-8 11:07 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (612 of 668) 
 1253.612 in reply to 1253.611 

Ooooo... this is getting good!

<grabs pallet of popcorn>


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMay-11 5:17 AM 
To: All  (613 of 668) 
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May 11, 2022

        "While those seeking puberty blockers or surgical procedures are referred elsewhere, Planned Parenthood is offering access to cross-sex hormones, promoting gender ideology in sex ed programs, and establishing “well-being centers” in local high schools."


Planned Parenthood Profits Big From Getting Kids Hooked On Transgender Hormones Through The School-To-Clinic Pipeline

Long the nation’s chief abortion provider, Planned Parenthood has branched out. Its latest endeavor? Sterilizing America’s youth. Planned Parenthood has quietly been in the gender transition business since at least  2017. Today, more than a third of its offices — 239 clinics in more than 40 states — provide transgender services. And it’s not stopping there.

While those seeking puberty blockers or surgical procedures are referred elsewhere, Planned Parenthood is offering access to cross-sex hormones, promoting gender ideology in sex ed programs, and establishing “well-being centers” in local high schools. The organization is looking to cash in on gender transition for years to come.

Easy Access - Just how readily does Planned Parenthood provide the gender-confused with cross-sex hormones? Consider the case of detransitioner Helena Kirschner. She received testosterone during her first visit — without blood work or a mental health referral. Sadly, Kirschner is not the exception. Offices guarantee that patients can receive hormones without an evaluation of their mental health. They also promise that, in most cases, patients can expect same-day prescriptions.

Already thousands of kids are getting hormones like candy. Three California regional offices of Planned Parenthood recorded almost 4,000 gender-related visits from July 2019 to June 2021. In one California region, more than 750 cycles of hormones were prescribed in a year. These numbers are not representative for California; other Planned Parenthood offices in the state don’t even bother reporting these services. ~~~~~~~ We know that 88 to 98 percent of gender dysphoric kids will reconcile with their biological sex if allowed to go through puberty “untreated.” Moreover, those who do transition are estimated to be 19 times more likely to commit suicide than their peers.

Comprehensive Sex-Ed - Even before Planned Parenthood helps minors transition, it teaches them to desire it. Across the country, schools hire Planned Parenthood or its affiliates to lead sex ed. And its reach is not insignificant. Nationally, 1.2 million students receive Planned Parenthood’s affiliate sex ed programming each year, according to the organization’s last annual report. While curriculum requirements vary by state, these programs promote everything from abortion and the morning-after pill to gender fluidity and transition. By indoctrinating youth, the abortion giant creates the demand it needs to profit from gender services. ~~~~~~~

Ultimately, Planned Parenthood’s rapid expansion of services should raise alarm. Planned Parenthood is no longer a danger just to the pregnant and the unborn, but to every teen as well. ~~~~~~~ In Congress, members must remain vigilant against the Equality Act, which would make the school-to-surgery pipeline a permanent fixture of American society. Lawmakers should also consider Hyde-like riders to ensure the Biden administration can’t redirect federal dollars to help Planned Parenthood sterilize our kids.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMay-16 8:41 AM 
To: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (614 of 668) 
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May 16, 2022 - CANADA

          "Some Canadian provincial , such as that of British Columbia, ?are even purging from their law books references to both “mother” and “father,” along with all references to a person’s sex." 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada removed gender from name, now goes by ‘BGC’

While much of Canada was in lockdown in the spring of 2021, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canadaclub for kids with an over 100-year history of helping disadvantaged youth, removed “boys” and “girls” from its name “Not every young person identifies as a boy or a girl. So we’ve changed our name to reflect that,” says a video message posted last spring by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, which now goes by the name “BGC Canada.” “At BGC no kid or teen is ever turned away, no matter their backgrounds, no matter their circumstances.”  ~~~~~~~  The adoption of what are termed “trans inclusive” pronouns has been heavily promoted by those in the LGBT movement. This is despite the hard reality of one’s biological sex, as well many people’s religious beliefs which hold that God created “man” and “woman.”  This is also despite the fact that, statistically speaking, only 0.33 percent of Canadians identify as “transgender” or “non-binary.” 


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