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From: VerleenS7/25/08 7:17 AM 
To: Sally (SARABOWLDEN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (11 of 41) 
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Sally, thank you for letting us know. I need to look up exactly what you had done that was minimally invasive. My experiences with even minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder to break the adhesions) was very bad. I do not do well with anesthesia, I wake up during surgery or I am under too long. My lungs collapse. Blood pressure sky rockets to extremely dangerous levels. I'm so glad that yours was a success without complications.

Gerry, you said this very well.
Quote: "You have to think of a wheelchair as preserving your ability to walk, rather than taking away your ability to walk."


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From: Sally (SARABOWLDEN) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host7/25/08 3:39 PM 
To: VerleenS  (12 of 41) 
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Welcome Vereen! I have a power chair that let me work in a large city hospital 2 years longer than I would have and I still use it for anything that requires walking any distance. The hip was limiting even functioning in my apartment, even just sitting was painful. I fully agree with Gerry, but I draw the line at only being pain free in bed when the source of the pain is fixable. My back isn't, so one day I might face that and I'll deal with it then, but in the meanwhile I'll take what I can get, be it surgery, steroids or meds, that allow me to function.

My surgeon uses a spinal anesthesic--much safer for folks with breathing problems like me. I don't know if it would be better for you or not. Don't misunderstand me--I gather I was more or less awake during the surgery, just verrry relaxed. Another drug was used that wiped my memory of the whole thing (and large pieces of the next day as well) so no trauma was remembered and since I get very anxious and my BP also goes sky-high when I'm not in control of my body, or I sense I can't use part of it, whatever they gave me was great--I do remember getting the spinal--something that freaks a lot of us out because of child-hood memories of spinal taps--I remember everything getting warm and pain-free and thinking "this is nice!!" before I blanked out.


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From: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host7/25/08 6:47 PM 
To: Sally (SARABOWLDEN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (13 of 41) 
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Hi Sally,
Glad everything worked out well for you. It is great to have you back also. I agree with you about the "Arthritic Hip Pain" in which you had. With the people who have PPS, and has it in the hip, would this same procedure help them out? Maybe I am cautious about procedure's, let me tell you a short story. I went to a Neurologist and he stated that I had nerve entrapment and had to be release. I went to him because of severe pain I was having in my right hand and arm. The new procedure was to wrap one's arm real tight with a elastic bandage, to get the blood out. Then they filled my arteries with novocaine and started to cut into my elbow where they stated that I had the entrapment. When the Doctor was in there, he found nothing of the sort and stated that it is from my PPS. After I was healed according to him, I was moving my boat over to the dock and felt the nerve flip right back to where it was before he operated. I myself have very painful hip pain, and the Doctor's told me that they saw nothing in there, that most likely it is my PPS in which I agreed.

I am so happy that you came out of it with some pain relief and hopefully it will continue to give you the relief for many year's to come. Some good new's of a procedure finally, all I can say is to make sure it is Arthritic Pain and not pain from PPS. I am elated for you Sally, good news for ones that have the same problem as you had. No running any races out there now, I know you are a strong lady!



From: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host7/25/08 7:11 PM 
To: VerleenS  (14 of 41) 
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Hi Verleen,
I am very happy that you have found a procedure that helps you out with pain. There are not to many doors you could walk through if you know what I mean. Does this procedure last or do you have to go back every so often? When Doctor's hear from a patient of taking ones life, the Doctor's pull the plug on most of the med's that you are on to help with the pain. I have heard of massage therapy and not to many had the results as you. I am happy that you have less pain than you had before. Many times I have fell asleep in the bath tub, while trying to get rid of some of the pain that was keeping me up with. About the pain meds, it took the Pain Management Clinic 5 years to find the right combined meds to keep my body at level 5 out of their scale of 1 to 10. I found out also that I am my worse enemy pertaining to PPS. It took me years of how to maintain my body of what I do, in order to keep the pain at the same level which is and has been under control. There are many procedures out there where some work for some and not others. I am glad that you found the combination of relief of pain and hopefully it will help others in their search of pain relief. I am going to do some research into this procedure, I thank you for putting the address on the message boards. Hope to hear from you again real soon.



From: Sally (SARABOWLDEN) DelphiPlus Member Icon7/25/08 7:23 PM 
To: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon  (15 of 41) 
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A hip replacement only replaces the worn-out cartilage and bone in the hip. It's usually done when the x-ray shows no "separation" (the cartilage is soft tissue and is invisable to x-ray). The ball and socket joint in my hip looked fused--there was no gap at all, my pain was from bone rubbing on bone as I used the hip. A replacement won't help nerve or muscle based pain, unfortunately.

Many PPS folks have a leg length difference, some small, like mine, and some larger that need a shoe lift. The shorter leg is ussually at least a bit weaker than the longer leg so the hip on that side works harder at holding us up and carrying our weight on steps and other uneven surfaces. The result is more wear and tear, better know as osteoarthritis. Our knees get similar uneven use and can wear out as well. There is now a minimally invasive knee replacement as well, but remember, this is for wear and tear damage. I've had knee trouble in both knees since my twenties--something to do with an ill-fitting kneecaps. My mother and grandmother had it too, so it's genetic. X-rays only show mild arthritis and I'm told I won't need relacements for years, which is a relief, but I couuld do without the steroid injections every three months, now that I can't take anti-inflammatory drugs.



From: VerleenS7/25/08 7:39 PM 
To: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon  (16 of 41) 
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Dave, I probably was not clear. I DID NOT have massage therapy. NST is not done at all like massage therapy. I only mentioned it in the description to give you a visual idea that a therapist puts hands on you while laying on a table. Beyond that, it is nothing like a massage. What they do with their hands is nothing like a regualr massage. Regular massage therapy would not help anyone in pain, IMHO.

I hope you find some relief somewhere. I know what being in constant pain is like. Verleen


From: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host7/28/08 9:29 AM 
To: VerleenS  (17 of 41) 
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Good Morning Verleen,
By no means did I mean that you were having massage therapy. I used that as other options that people have tried for relief of pain. I think I used that example with the tens unit and also shot's of cortisone. If you would, could you please explain what this procedure that has helped you is all about? It would be much appreciated for all of the member's. Thank you and sorry about the mix up. Is it where they put their hands on a person and and moving them a certain way and the pain is gone from your body?



From: VerleenS7/28/08 12:28 PM 
To: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon  (18 of 41) 
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Hi folks. I was going to post something to another thread, but can't even find it. You are all lovely people, so it saddens me to tell you I am leaving this site. I absolutely CAN'T STAND the format here. I cannot find the entire discussion threads intact in a continuous thread. The threads only go so far and drop off into la-la land. Its driving me nuts!!! I feel like I've landed in a disorganized, disjointed schizoid land Good luck to everyone, Verleen <making a mental note to avoid anything connected to Delphi>

From: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host7/28/08 5:49 PM 
To: Sally (SARABOWLDEN) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (19 of 41) 
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Hi Sally,
I am so happy that you made out so well. It is nice hearing that once in awhile. I have bad knee caps, one is really bad on my left side, which is my worse side. The Doctor told me approx. 25 years ago that I will need a replacement. He told me that the cap is all cratered and will damage the rest of my knee. I also have major hip pain in both hips, this came in about 8 month's ago. I think it is just wear and tear, but I don't think I want a operation on me anyplace. I have had so much bad luck everytime they have operated. When we move up North, it will make the difference. I won't have to climb these stairs anymore and have only two steps to get inside. Again nice hearing from you, you're a strong Lady in my book.



From: Bigcrusher DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host7/28/08 5:52 PM 
To: VerleenS  (20 of 41) 
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Hi Verleen,
I myself have written many times to keep the threads to a certain subject that it was opened up for. For years I have asked but it just don't work that way here. I am soory that you have decided to leave, you are a nice Lady. I wish you well in all you do.



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