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From: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostMar-18 11:04 AM 
To: Dave (Newman111107)  (1177 of 1191) 
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LOLOLOL!  I did remember the 29th!!

Do you want your name on tags?



From: Dave (Newman111107)Mar-18 7:11 PM 
To: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1178 of 1191) 
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One tag for every year I've been alive!  LOL  Just kidding.  67 tags are way over the top.  Appreciate the offer, though. 

Dialysis was a good day.  Hiccups were eradicated yesterday at Urgent Care down a few blocks from where I live.  Thank God for the miracle drug Thorazine.  One shot and EVERY muscle in my body (including but not limited to) my diaphragm relaxed.  I looked like a drunken sailor getting into Jon's Lincoln Navigator.  I felt wonderful, though, and once the diaphragm relaxes there will be a no repeat.  So I was a happy camper.

I'll do some follow-up stuff later on when I get a chance to relax for a bit.




From: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostMar-18 11:58 PM 
To: Dave (Newman111107)  (1179 of 1191) 
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Love your pics!   Glad you got over those hiccups, and smiling about being relaxed!  I bet you were!



From: Dave (Newman111107)Mar-19 8:46 AM 
To: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1180 of 1191) 
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That was Darrin's graduation from H.S. back in 1990.  Way back into the 20th century.  LOL.  The bulge in my pocket (not to be confused with the bulge over my belt) is/was a pack of cigarettes.  Was a 2-pack-a-day man for 27 years. 

As far as the hiccups go, they are also ancient history as far as I'm concerned.  When I went to dialysis yesterday, the staff was asking how I was feeling and I told them 100%!  Then I found out something I was wondering before:  I was hiccuping in my sleep back before I took care of that.  I was that fatigued, my body just needed the sleep and took it regardless of my hiccups.

I was just incensed that my LPN and my Doctor did nothing for me except make suggestions or excuses.  My LPN (Licensed Practitioner Nurse) said she could not write a script for the muscle relaxer because it was a restricted drug and my doctor suggested I go to the ER at the hospital to get checked.  The LPN I spoke with at Urgent Care a few blocks down the road from my house said that my LPN could have written that prescription because HE just did that so I could get the injection.  And my doctor suggesting I go to an overwhelmed ER at an overwhelmed hospital for HICCUPS?!  Was he nuts?  Nahhhh, I wasn't even going to attempt that.  The ONLY reason I was at UC for a few hours was the tests they were doing and waiting for the results on site. The Walgreens that I go to for my prescriptions were writing 160 scripts yesterday with one pharmacist doing it while the other was fielding questions and helping customers.

And the Publix grocery store down the walk from my dialysis center had full shelves of everything, bakery and pharmacy were open and fully stocked.  I went there after dialysis and bought some of my favorite rye bread.  People were leisurely walking up and down the aisles.  Business as usual on a sunny spring afternoon.  Meanwhile, at the Publix 2 miles from where we live, they had absolutely nothing on the shelves and people were going nuts.  Forget the 10 people only limited public groups mandate yesterday.  These people were already into the mob mentality. 

Oh, just so you know:  If there is a mandatory shelter where we are, it does not apply to people that go to clinics (like dialysis) on a regular basis.  Because it's a public gathering they refer to, even though the kidney center has 16 chairs, it's a clinical setting and the public gathering mandate does not and will not apply to us.  Now I will say this in all honesty and transparency.  If the time comes that they need to build hospitals (tent constructions or even using the hospital ships), I cannot go to any of them ... any more than I can go to a hurricane or tornado shelter in a mandatory evacuation situation.  This is due to my past and my incarceration and the specific crimes I had committed when I was in my deep situational depression.  There are no exceptions at all when there is a possibility that children are present with their families.  It is what it is, and we have to deal with that.  I'm afraid some under probation are taking this thing to a higher level than really needs to be. They have forwarded the idea of FDLE finally being able to legally killing us (the criminals like me) off.  I am not alone. The two other guys who live with me are in the same boat although one of them is no longer under supervision, but must still follow state law.  You may remember one of the guys who lived with us and had terminal pancreatic cancer.  This goes back to late 2016.  He was not allowed to go to a hospice because it was too close to a school, playground, posted school bus stop, or a public pool.  The man could barely walk and he was dying and Florida Department of Law enforcement would not let him go to the place to get the help he truly needed. Nurses and doctors visited only once a week when they were supposed to be there daily bathing him and making the bed with new sheets, etc.  Finally, when the doctors gave this guy 3 days to live, then and only then did FDLE allow him to be transported to the hospice, and they STILL denied him to see his grandchildren to say goodbye.  I'm not making this up.  It happened.  His daughter (36 years old) who was this guy's victim when she was 8, was the one that fought for her father's rights as a human being.

So there you have it.  Up to date and we will all pray and I'll go in strong and come out strong. 




From: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostMar-19 10:03 AM 
To: Dave (Newman111107)  (1181 of 1191) 
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. . . and this I am doing - have been for a long time too . . . we will all pray and I'll go in strong and come out strong



From: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostApr-21 2:41 PM 
To: Lana (Annie2184) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1182 of 1191) 
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Did you know

The smell of freshly cut grass is the plant's chemical cry for help.



From: MaytaylorApr-22 6:13 PM 
To: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1183 of 1191) 
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I didn't know that. Fresh cut grass makes my nose itch.


From: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostApr-22 7:28 PM 
To: Maytaylor  (1184 of 1191) 
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Did you know that today is Earth Day; Friday is Arbor Day - similar but different.




From: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostApr-23 2:00 PM 
To: Lana (Annie2184) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1185 of 1191) 
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Did you know 

A cagelike structure surrounds the remains of John Wesley Hardin, a notorious old west outlaw, in a Texas cemetery.




From: PJKELLERMay-1 1:07 PM 
To: JZBelle DelphiPlus Member Icon  (1186 of 1191) 
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 Well that is an interesting fact.   hhhmm  but who figured that one out?  smile.

Hugs Pam


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