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Islamic values for 'this life and the next'
15 May 2009, 0248 hrs IST, Mohammed Wajihuddin, TNN

MUMBAI: While most students utilise the much-awaited summer break to pursue varied hobbies-painting, dancing, swimming, trekking-some Muslim
students are attending "Islamic camps". The religious and cultural organisations which conduct such camps, mostly free, insist the courses are aimed at making the students prepare for life in this world and hereafter.

Jogeshwari-based Markazul Maarif, a cultural group, is holding such a camp at its campus between May 14-17. "Over 70 students in the age group of 10 and 15 have enrolled for the three-day camp which has 10 modules, teaching them faith and moral values," informed Maulana Burhanuddin Qasmi, director of Makrazul Maarif.

But why do the students need such a camp in the first place? The maulana has an explanation: "The boys who study at the secular schools imbibe several beliefs which are contrary to Islam. We have to correct them." He adds that he is concerned that Muslim kids are not learning enough Islam, either at home or school.

There are also separate courses for girls. At a Mira Road school, middle-aged, burqa-clad Salma Beg has held the annual camp for a decade now. "The emphasis is on training girls to live life the Islamic way," says Beg whose students, some as young as 5, are draped in nikaab or hijab. The girls are divided into sections named after sahabias (women companions of the Prophet) like Khaula and Maria.

Rafat Beg, awaiting results for her Class X exam says, "It prepares me to face the future with confidence," says Beg.

Part of the course is about the Day of judgment. At a recent camp at a Mahabaleshwar retreat, students attended a session on `Marne ke baad kya hoga (what will happen after death)' "It was fun attending a camp which said what we should do to enter paradise," adds 20-year-old student, Mazhar Tanwar.

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Influential scholar urges Muslims to shed victim role
[Asri has become an icon for progressive Muslim voices. ]

Asri has become an icon for progressive Muslim voices.
By Shannon Teoh

LAMPETER (Wales), May 16 — Muslims in Malaysia need to shed their conservative and defensive mindset if they want to convince non-Muslims not to fear their religion, says former Perlis mufti Mohamad Asri Zainul Abidin.

The maverick Muslim scholar, who has a strong following among young Muslims in Malaysia, told The Malaysian Insider in an exclusive interview that it was crucial that moderate Muslims become dominant in mainstream society if it wanted to introduce Islamic governance that can be accepted by non-Muslims.

Over the last few years, Asri has become an icon for progressive Muslim voices for his stand against the propensity of religious authorities in conducting raids on Muslim couples engaged in khalwat, or close proximity, and has stated that non-Muslims had a right to use the word "Allah".

In the interview, he expounded on the "Allah" issue, stating that "Malays need to shed their defensive mentality. Why is it we believe that when Christians use Allah, Muslims will be confused and become Christians?"

"Maybe it is Christians who will become confused and join Islam. Why must they always see themselves as the victim? This is as an opportunity to evangelise," he added.

He maintains, however, that he is not a liberal but a "fundamentalist," and said that conservative Muslims leaders have made skewed interpretations that have hurt Islam in Malaysia.

"We need to bring to prominence, moderate Muslims who are well-versed in the religion but able to frame it realistically. Our conservative thinkers tend to see Islamic state in terms of 700 years ago where 98 per cent of Malaysians were Muslims.

According to the scholar, who was Perlis mufti for two years until leaving to conduct research on Islam last December, the fear of an Islamic state or Islamic governance was due to it being synonymous with hudud, which prescribes amputation, stoning and whipping as punishment.

But Asri stated that hudud is only a mechanism to deal with crime, and according to scripture, it is commanded that "when you judge man, you must judge justly" and that those selected to lead must lead fairly.

"Allah calls for those selected to lead to be those qualified. This does not mean those who wear serbans but those with quality," he quipped.

Asri is also critical of the Malay influence over Islam in the country, citing, for example, the fact that a non-Malay who converts must then adopt a Muslim name and replace his father's name with bin Abdullah.

"Why must it be bin Abdullah? The whole Islamic world does not do this, only Malaysia. Why must a person's father be denied? The Quran says you should call a child by his father's name. The Prophet Muhammad never changed the names of new converts.

"How is it they become more Malay instead of Islamised? If Malays want to defend their rights, go ahead based on Bumiputera rights or whatever. But you cannot say Islam does not defend you because you are Chinese or Indian. Islam was not given just to the Malays," he added.

Asri said that there needed to be a change to the National Fatwa Council and for an NGO or political party driven by moderate Muslims to be formed so that Islam is guided by mature minds.

"Opinions of experts in the field, not just the conservatives, should be sought. That is why I have proposed a National Fatwa Council that is not under any government but independent with representatives of ulamas from PAS, Umno and other parties to sit with both moderates and conservatives to come up with mature decisions.

"I hope to see an NGO or political party that is driven by moderate Muslims that can bring non-Muslims to understand the elegance and fairness of Islam and give constructive criticism about Islam in the country so it can stop being Malay in nature but universal."

He said the problem is that there is a strong conservative faction in both Umno and PAS and so "a change of government will not solve this but the solution is to encourage the growth of mature Islamic intellectualism."

When quizzed on apparent changes in the outlook of PAS, which has recently seen widespread acceptance by non-Muslims, he agreed that the party has become more pragmatic but that the faction that is seen as more open-minded needed to have figures who are well-known scholars of Islam to gain credibility in the party.

"They must have a strong Islamic figure supporting them which is a problem the conservatives do not have as they are considered the ulamas," he said.

Asri concluded, however, that in any party, religion should not be politicised for self-interest.

"This is dangerous. I am not talking about secularism where religion and politics have no relation. Politics can be guided and instructed by religion. But bringing politics into religion makes religion the victim."


From: SaraLeck5/16/09 1:25 AM 
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And why not? You hear Muslim Affairs Ministers talk about pluralism enough to realize Islam or Muslims cannot make or coerce governments into protecting Islam and Islam only with its laws on Blasphemy. Pluralism means inclusive of those who oppose FAIRY TALES or 72 Virgins for Men? Pluralism means GAYS want to know if they get 72 Pearly White BOYs instead! ANd of course for calling a SPADE a SPADE for Some which is MoFUCKER was one Great Motherfucker for his sexual exploits, 1400 years ago, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Can have Secularism and not protect non - Religious people viewpoint. Now, which Militant Gay Anti-Christian Brigade does not understand that. They are one Motherfuckers too for their GAY Tyrst and Gay Parties.

From: SaraLeck5/16/09 1:27 AM 
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Oh YES . Singapore Muslims can go to Islamic Malaysia to practice the TRUE TENET of ISLAM on Visiting Singaporeans. Let the Muslim Affairs Ministers explain how!!

From: Mohdatta15/16/09 6:05 AM 
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There you go again.

Allah has turned some Arabs(since they are also brothers of Jews) into pigs and apes???!!!


From: Mohdatta15/16/09 6:07 AM 
To: TodayNews  (2376 of 3931) 
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Yes ! In Mogadishu and in many other troubled spots on planet earth.

From: Mohdatta15/16/09 6:10 AM 
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Halal western food like Mcdonald's?

What happen to the traditional halal food like the Geylang Serai Rojak?

How are these Muslims going to earn a living if modern Muslims go for western food?


From: SaraLeck5/16/09 11:08 PM 
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Better they pass their Islamic PSLE on Health Science. This is the TRUTH of Islam Singaporeans don't get to learn. Time to Revamp the Syllabus.

This argument is the argument from Urine! It was not until the early years of the twenty-first century that the great Islamic mind, along with its prestigeous Iraqi research and universities (which are leading institutions in the world! are they not?), that this argument was “discovered”.

Here is an attempt by an “Islamic Rocket Scientist” trying to prove that Islam is True using “The Argument From Urine”

AND THERE IS Nothing quite like Muslim Affairs Ministers pulling out their Beloved Authentic Hadith to REgale Muslims and in the off chance secular non-Muslims who might be impressed.

And whilst there are endless criticisms to the idiotic claims of the above Muslim Scholar, here is one simple video, using authentic Hadiths, showing how idiotic Islamic ideas about urine are:

And as Suggested .. Muslim-Malays are given the special privilege to continue is such belief. Allah Bless Them!! and Hope they Pass their PSLE.


From: SaraLeck5/16/09 11:12 PM 
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HALAL WESTERN FOOD and Macdonalds?? .... what is AWARE going to SAY to the GAYs they MUST eat their Halal FOOD ISLAM HAS imposed on them? - that Religion has encroached into Public Space??

Where are those idiotic Muslim - Malay Women now who are given the Special Privilege to mouth off in Public about SEcularism and Pluralism?!!

Do Muslim - Malay Women expect Christians to EAT HALAL FOOD ??!!

Whatever happen to the FAMOUS SECULARISM Muslims Ministers are Yepping about?!!

  • Edited 5/16/2009 11:13 pm ET by SaraLeck

From: SaraLeck5/16/09 11:19 PM 
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Anyone for Islamic Banking yet. What is Islamic Banking? Not the mechanics of calling interest by another name but what does it support and help to grow?!! Anyone? Try getting GAYS to sell Islamic Banking in Secular Singapore to Secular Singaporeans!! Is there like a Christian Mutual Fund out there!!

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