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From: Mohdatta15/16/09 6:10 AM 
To: TodayNews  (2377 of 3931) 
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Halal western food like Mcdonald's?

What happen to the traditional halal food like the Geylang Serai Rojak?

How are these Muslims going to earn a living if modern Muslims go for western food?

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From: SaraLeck5/16/09 11:08 PM 
To: Mohdatta1  (2378 of 3931) 
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Better they pass their Islamic PSLE on Health Science. This is the TRUTH of Islam Singaporeans don't get to learn. Time to Revamp the Syllabus.

This argument is the argument from Urine! It was not until the early years of the twenty-first century that the great Islamic mind, along with its prestigeous Iraqi research and universities (which are leading institutions in the world! are they not?), that this argument was “discovered”.

Here is an attempt by an “Islamic Rocket Scientist” trying to prove that Islam is True using “The Argument From Urine”

AND THERE IS Nothing quite like Muslim Affairs Ministers pulling out their Beloved Authentic Hadith to REgale Muslims and in the off chance secular non-Muslims who might be impressed.

And whilst there are endless criticisms to the idiotic claims of the above Muslim Scholar, here is one simple video, using authentic Hadiths, showing how idiotic Islamic ideas about urine are:

And as Suggested .. Muslim-Malays are given the special privilege to continue is such belief. Allah Bless Them!! and Hope they Pass their PSLE.


From: SaraLeck5/16/09 11:12 PM 
To: Mohdatta1  (2379 of 3931) 
 1440.2379 in reply to 1440.2377 

HALAL WESTERN FOOD and Macdonalds?? .... what is AWARE going to SAY to the GAYs they MUST eat their Halal FOOD ISLAM HAS imposed on them? - that Religion has encroached into Public Space??

Where are those idiotic Muslim - Malay Women now who are given the Special Privilege to mouth off in Public about SEcularism and Pluralism?!!

Do Muslim - Malay Women expect Christians to EAT HALAL FOOD ??!!

Whatever happen to the FAMOUS SECULARISM Muslims Ministers are Yepping about?!!

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From: SaraLeck5/16/09 11:19 PM 
To: All  (2380 of 3931) 
 1440.2380 in reply to 1440.2379 
Anyone for Islamic Banking yet. What is Islamic Banking? Not the mechanics of calling interest by another name but what does it support and help to grow?!! Anyone? Try getting GAYS to sell Islamic Banking in Secular Singapore to Secular Singaporeans!! Is there like a Christian Mutual Fund out there!!

From: SaraLeck5/17/09 12:30 AM 
To: All  (2381 of 3931) 
 1440.2381 in reply to 1440.2378 
Muslim Affairs Ministers .. pay attention. Those topics covered in the video will be in this years's Islamic PSLE. You will need it to be a Bona Fide Ignorant Muslim observing the True Tenet of ISLAM. IT is SaHIH!! and URINE in human being is also progressive through the time!! Why are you not a Muslim yet? Allah Bless You!!

From: SaraLeck5/17/09 8:53 PM 
To: All  (2382 of 3931) 
 1440.2382 in reply to 1440.2381 

Who'd want to instil fear into Secularists!! Who would be found guilty of following the TRUE TENET of IsLAM.


From: SaraLeck5/17/09 8:57 PM 
To: All  (2383 of 3931) 
 1440.2383 in reply to 1440.2382 

How about Secularist Award for Secular Singapore?!!


From: SaraLeck5/17/09 9:11 PM 
To: All  (2384 of 3931) 
 1440.2384 in reply to 1440.2383 

Why haven't Pedra Bracans embrace True Tenet of Islam yet? It is here to Bless all Christians, JEWs and Infidels. No Traffic Police Isa are required here to file Sedition! Death Sentence for Blasphemy against Moppet and Ex-Muslims?


From: SaraLeck5/17/09 10:06 PM 
To: All  (2385 of 3931) 
 1440.2385 in reply to 1440.2384 
Islam Bless all Christians ... You may practice the TRUE TENET of ISLAM in truly Islamic country!

From: SaraLeck5/17/09 11:54 PM 
To: All  (2386 of 3931) 
 1440.2386 in reply to 1440.2385 

AWARE to SCREEN this DURING racial HARMONY WEEK for Malays only ?!! ... to appeal to the Children of Singapore on the greater meaing of acceptance and inclusiveness? -


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