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From: Mohdatta15/18/09 6:53 AM 
To: TodayNews  (2401 of 3931) 
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Allah also turned some Arabs into pigs and apes.
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From: Mohdatta15/18/09 7:02 AM 
To: TodayNews  (2402 of 3931) 
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Paying more for halal products are fools.

It enrich the non-Muslim businessmen who cater halal food to Muslims.


From: SaraLeck5/18/09 2:53 PM 
To: Mohdatta1  (2403 of 3931) 
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They are Pigs ... far too many do not associate Muppet with Pigs which is unfortunately considering he had the sexual prowess of 100 men and the numerous hareem he kept on top of his 11 wives.

From: SaraLeck5/18/09 3:08 PM 
To: All  (2404 of 3931) 
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Who is Going to Bully a Singapore or Protect Singaporeans from Bullies??

Britain's publishers are silenced by Islamist bullies

Last October the London home of Gibson Square publisher Martin Rynja was firebombed because they were planning to publish Sherry Jones's historical novel about the chap the BBC calls simply "the Prophet".

Guess what? The Jewel of Medina will not be published in Britain. The book is now effectively banned in the country of Tom Paine and George Orwell, not by Government order but by religious bullies. Jewel has already come out in seven other countries, including Denmark and Serbia, but Britain is considered too dangerous for anyone who offends Islam.

So even though Somali minicab driver Abbas Taj and two others have been convicted of the crime, they have still won, through intimidation.

Author Sherry Jones writes on her blog:

"As anyone who has read The Jewel of Medina knows, it does not insult Islam - a fact that enrages Islamophobes enough to have one radio talk-show host calling me a 'wack job,' among other flattering names.

"Whether or not my book is respectful, however, has little to do with the real issue here. For, although the extremists lost in court, they have apparently won where it really counts - in the UK’s book stores.

"After Gibson Square’s publisher announced, a couple of weeks after the arson attempt, that he was indefinitely postponing publication of The Jewel of Medina - following in the footsteps of Random House in the U.S. - I awarded world English publication rights to Beaufort Books, my U.S. publishing house whose publisher and small staff have supported my book unwaveringly, despite hate male, lawsuit threats, and Mr. Choudary’s own assertion that not only I, but my publishers, might deserve to die.

"Beaufort publisher Eric Kampmann and associate publisher Margot Atwell headed to the London Book Fair in April with a full display of The Jewel of Medina and confidence that they would find the right distributor to supply stores in the U.K. with the book. But - no. Everyone, it seems, is too afraid.

"Forget the fact that The Jewel of Medina has been published in seven countries, including Denmark, with no threats or repercussions of any kind. Well - OK. In Serbia a conservative mufti protested the book two days after its release last August and issued threats grave enough to cause my publisher there to withdraw it from publication. But that mufti hadn’t read The Jewel of Medina, because he merely repeated false rumors that the book contains 'brutal acts of pornography'.

"The people of Serbia spoke loudly and clearly against censorship. So did the press, and other groups including moderate Muslims. Beobook re-released the sold-out The Jewel of Medina one month after it discontinued publication, and it rocketed to the top of the country’s best-seller lists, where it remained for at least four months. It’s still selling so well that Aleksandar Jasic anticipates a fifth printing in June.

"What made the difference in Serbia? The memory of facist dictator Slobodan Milosevic apparently remains fresh in the public consciousness. Freedom of speech is the same as freedom: 'We believe that this kind of censorship is very dangerous - the next step is that any crazy group in the world can threat to kill someone if the book/article/picture is published,' an editor at the Serbian daily newspaper Blic said to me.

"Despite the efforts of extremist groups, The Jewel of Medina has not been banned in the UK. Nor should it be, in spite of the country’s crackdown on those seen as an insult to Islam. The book isn’t insulting. I had hoped it would be a bridge-builder between non-Muslims and Muslims — something it appears the UK could really use right now.

"These three Muslim thugs who tried to torch the British people’s right to read a book would be easy to shrug off as isolated cases, as simple bullies. The fact is, though, that soon after that attack, extremist groups in the UK exerted an organized effort to keep The Jewel of Medina out of British bookstores. Luke Johnson, chariman of Borders UK, wrote in the Financial Times online that his company had received threats that it would 'suffer' if Borders UK sold The Jewel of Medina.

“'Surely, in a civilised society, we cannot allow thuggish behaviour to intimidate us. Otherwise we could all end up being tyrannised by violent and vocal minorities, cowed into submission in pursuit of a comfortable life. How then would humanity and invention progress?' Mr. Johnson wrote.

The implication is that, given the opportunity, Borders UK would, indeed, sell The Jewel of Medina. Unfortunately, it seems, they won’t have the chance in the near future. The 'thugs' have accomplished their task - and freedom of speech, the first freedom to go when fascism gets a foothold, has taken a blow in the western world."


From: SaraLeck5/18/09 3:12 PM 
To: All  (2405 of 3931) 
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Muppet took a wife of six years old but the marriage age a Muslim girl can marry Grandfather Ibrahim is set at 18 years of age. What are Muslim Affairs Ministers trying to TELL Muppet of ISLAM? Only Muppet has the privilege to be a PEdophile. That would be too insulting to Moppet when he told Muslims he was the MAN of Moral and he wANTed Muslims to emulate him like CHristians try to be Christ-Like in Spirit. Don't Insult the Moppet. He could do with more Pedophile Companion. - Vilified by the raising of marriage age in Islam.

From: SaraLeck5/20/09 1:04 AM 
To: All  (2406 of 3931) 
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If Islam is the TRUTH and ISLAM is not part Secularism and Islam is definitely a worldwide ideology for Muslim-Malays. Speak Truthfully!!

And if you are Muslim you practice the TRUE TENET OF ISLAM wherever Sharia is Practiced. Is SHARIA compatible for humankind? How are you a Muslim without observing SHARIA!!

How do non-Muslim Singaporeans observe SHARIA in Muslim Countries.

Was Muppet preaching Secularism and inclusivness of those who would curse him?!!

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From: Mohdatta15/20/09 8:44 AM 
To: SaraLeck  (2407 of 3931) 
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Another storm in a tea cup.

Many Muslims in the world did not even complete primary six. Illiteracy rates are very high.

The Muslims are good at creating outrage over some minor things, like the selling a book. They can't even read and understand the book!


From: Delphi ForumsSponsored Message 
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From: SaraLeck5/20/09 12:23 PM 
To: Mohdatta1  (2408 of 3931) 
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You see it has everything and We mean everything to do with the superior logic found in secular Singapore. No one with a conscience can take over a secular organisation because of their religious conscience since Muslims will do the same and take over the Teacher's Union and insist that students are dressed in certain ways. Of course superior logic in the RED Dot does not take into account that telling other religious people to be Islamic ie eating halal food, preparing halal food, dressing a certain way, Islamic Banking, not to criticize Islam is a way of life for Muslims. They wear the hijab and they project Islam and they expect Singaporeans to behave accordingly, they even have Muslim - Malay Affairs Ministers to tell Singaporeans how Secular Singapore is.

And superior logic in SECularism must also means that RELIGION should be protected from SEcularists in Singapore and Books like Jewel of Medina are not allowed. Otherwise, no need for superior logic here, those that are misled in Islam will be misled and continue to mislead others into thinking they have the superior logic to continue doing so.

In any case ... Most Muslims just don't jack about Quran since their Quran is continously distorted to fit in with the superior logic of Muslim Affairs Ministers who will not practice SEcularism when outside of Pedra Branca. Does Allah practice apostasy in Singapore, Does Allah practice Apostasy in Saudi Arabia and did Allah practice Apostasy in the days of Muppet??

Do they agree with what Islam is allowed to do to Singaporeans in Muslim Countries what Islam cannot in Pedra Bracans? Logic .. Bah. Without Jewel of MEdian and Secularist their Religion to Curse at ISLAM, there is no Secularism nor Logic.

Secularists like to have their Mosques and they want to MISLEAD others with Superior Logic too. - "Watch the Pink Elephant Ganesh Split the Moon at Night? Everything there is about Logic is here in a nutShell. - Quite a Powerful Philosophy behind this statement.

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From: SaraLeck5/20/09 12:25 PM 
To: Mohdatta1  (2409 of 3931) 
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PHD in Engineering is not going to Help Muslim Affairs Ministers either. They speak Secularism but they tell Singaporeans they must observe the Islamic LAWS of Muslim countries as well. What Logic are they applying? Should they run Secular Public Office??

From: TodayNews5/21/09 4:05 AM 
To: SaraLeck  (2410 of 3931) 
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Indonesian clerics want rules for Facebook

By INDRA HARSAPUTRA – 40 minutes ago

SURABAYA, Indonesia (AP) — Muslim clerics are seeking ways to regulate online behavior in Indonesia, saying the exploding popularity of social networking sites like Facebook could encourage illicit sex.

Around 700 clerics, or imams, gathering in the world's most populous Muslim nation on Thursday were considering guidelines forbidding their followers from going online to flirt or engage in practices they believe could encourage extramarital affairs.

Facebook says Indonesia, a nation of 235 million, was its fastest-growing country in Southeast Asia in 2008, with a 645 percent increase to 831,000 users _outpacing China and India. And with less than 0.5 percent of Indonesia's citizens wired, there is a huge potential for growth.

"The clerics think it is necessary to set an edict on virtual networking, because this online relationship could lead to lust, which is forbidden in Islam," said Nabil Haroen, a spokesman for the Lirboyo Islamic boarding school, which is hosting the event.

Though followers could still be members of the networking site, guidelines dealing with surfing the Web and Islamic values are urgently needed, he said.

Facebook officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ninety percent of Indonesians are Muslim, though most practice a moderate form of the faith.

An edict by the clerics would not have any legal weight. But it could be endorsed by the influential Ulema Council, which recently issued rulings against smoking and yoga. Most devout Muslims adhere to the council's rulings because ignoring a fatwa, or religious decree, is considered a sin.

Amidan, who heads the Ulema Council, said the growing number of Facebook users in Indonesia was a controversial subject among Muslim leaders and that he favored a ban because of possible sexual content.

"People using Facebook can be driven to engage in distasteful, pornographic chatting," said Amidan, who was monitoring the two-day conference in the town of Kediri, in eastern Java.

Many clerics are concerned that "inappropriate content" on Facebook could be accessed by children, said Amidan, who like many Indonesians goes by a single name.

Facebook is the top ranked site in Indonesia, ahead of search engines Yahoo and Google, according, which tracks Internet traffic. Nearly 4 percent of all Facebook visitors are from Indonesia, making it the largest source of visitors after the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

AP reporter Niniek Karmini in Jakarta contributed to this report.


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