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From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/5/02 11:42 AM 
To: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (81 of 93) 
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OH WAY WAY COOL!!!!!  shesh! I have all this TLS that I colored a couple of summers ago and all I did was make a few of the window clings with it...hmmmmm...these are AWESOME!!! 
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From: jainnie (tiptoetulip) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/5/02 12:45 PM 
To: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (82 of 93) 
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I really think these look nice as a "matte" finish.  Of course it is different on your end, because you can see them in person, but from the pics, they look great the way they are. 

Oh, and I meant to tell you I have a bead from my EARLY pc days which (from my recollection) has the same color combo as your purple/perwinkle blue bead.  Some colors just work together, yah?  I'll have to go find it downstairs.

Jainnie :)


From: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/5/02 2:15 PM 
To: jainnie (tiptoetulip) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (83 of 93) 
 21376.83 in reply to 21376.82 
Some color combos have been my favorites forever and some of them you do and then you see it baked and it's like WHAT WAS I THINKING?

From: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/5/02 2:18 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (84 of 93) 
 21376.84 in reply to 21376.81 
Did you ever see Jody Bishel's tape Exploring Liquid Sculpey?  They have a clip of my favorite part on the Mindstorm video site where she makes these marvelous marbled butterfly pins.  It's on my "to try" list now that I have all these tinted colors.

From: jainnie (tiptoetulip) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/5/02 10:52 PM 
To: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (85 of 93) 
 21376.85 in reply to 21376.84 

Yeeeeeeah, I've seen that...........that is an awesome tape.  I remember that clearly!!



From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/6/02 12:01 AM 
To: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (86 of 93) 
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YEP, seen it several times<<gg>> only I made my butterflies without the reg clay background!  in fact...I think it was, shesh, uhm 2 + years ago that I did mine...and my grandmother STILL HAS HERS that I gave her for her b-day...up on her window!!!!  it's a south facing window too, it still has awesome colors with the SUMMER SUN and WINTER COLD on it constantly!  sadly I took a couple of the other ones that I made OFF of my window to take them someplace to show them (or eeek! to clean the window-kinda had to do that when I had FUEL OIL HEAT...gag! nasty stuff!) and well, I never got around to putting them back up....and well, not long ago I tried to restick them...no luck...maybe using rubbing alcohol on the backs and giving them a quick blast of the heat gun while on a flat piece of glass that I originally baked them on might help...hmmmmmm...

yeah, that's one heck of an AWESOME VIDEO...and Jodi is AWESOME TOO!   that's why I tinted my TLS...lol  I used scrapings from my stick pastels that I'd been given eons ago...worked great too!  but they've been pretty much unused and lonely sitting in their film canisters (the whole ones work awesome!)  I labeled them and everything! LOL  even wrote down the color combo's that I made up myself! LOL  they really DO need using...esp as I'm trying to do more with beads...and I went and bought one of those  multi-pack containers of beads from Michaels a month ago...it had lampwork beads in there...heck...ifn I could make them meself (in clay) I could save what little $$ I have for other more important things....LOL LIKE MORE CLAY! <<gg>>! LOL

yeah, do give that a try, it's really cool to do...I got some neato designs...they USED to be posted on Photopoint...but....well, although I have the CD with their pics on it...and a gazillion OTHER pics too...I have yet to get them all back ONLINE....esp as I think this is my LAST MONTH with AOHELL...I'd hate to build anymore webpages and just lose them when I 'move' ISP's.....


From: BBeecandy7/4/10 11:42 PM 
To: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (87 of 93) 
 21376.87 in reply to 21376.1 

Hi Libby - I missed seeing your beads. Do you have them on Flickr?



From: Elaine (tooaquarius)7/5/10 12:59 PM 
To: BBeecandy  (88 of 93) 
 21376.88 in reply to 21376.87 

Hey BB!

The post you replied to is about 8 years old - it was great to read and see all the old names!

You can see a lot of Libby's beads on her website now: www.libzoid.com

She's super talented.



From: BBeecandy7/5/10 1:47 PM 
To: Elaine (tooaquarius)  (89 of 93) 
 21376.89 in reply to 21376.88 

Hey Elaine - That is so weird - I have been looking for tuts for PC beads that look like lampwork glass beads.  I don't know how I got to read this post (?).

Anyway, thanks for bringing me into the present :-) .



From: clayjay7/6/10 7:11 PM 
To: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (90 of 93) 
 21376.90 in reply to 21376.6 

Hi Libby,

What month issue of Bead & Button is that article in?

Thanks Jay

OOPs, I guess I wasn't looking at the date of those posts either. I was wondering why those web sites didn't work when I clicked them.  Whyyyyyy was it posted now? Still would like to know what issue of B&B that article was in, if anyone knows.


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