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Great News!  Hooray for Jeff Sessions!!!

The next step is for Sessions to release the requested information about the meeting Comey had with Obama with others present.  The DOJ has refused to release those records for lack of public interest.


Posted by Elaine


Huge News: Trey Gowdy Just Got Tools To Hold Obama & Holder To Accountable For Major Scandal – Fast & Furious

By Gary Maher - March 7, 20180156

The Justice Department announced Wednesday it would hand over documents related to the Obama-era Fast and Furious gun scandal to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Former President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder had previously refused to produce documents requested by Oversight, documents which former Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz at the time called “critical” to pursuing the investigation.

The original Fast and Furious operation — conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — somehow allowed nearly 2,000 firearms to find their way into the hands of Mexican cartel members.

Firearms connected to the program were found at multiple crime scenes in both the United States and Mexico, including the murder scene of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

“The Department of Justice under my watch is committed to transparency and the rule of law,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in Wednesday a statement accompanying the announcement. “This settlement agreement is an important step to make sure that the public finally receives all the facts related to Operation Fast and Furious.”

Current Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller’s request for comment on the release.




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Anti-Trump Megyn Kelly Just Got the WORST News of Her Career – She’s Finished! (DETAILS)
By Zack Jefferson - March 7, 2018013
Megyn Kelly hasn’t been the same since getting into an argument with then-candidate Donald Trump back in 2015.
It has been all downhill for her since that time.
Now, Kelly gets even MORE bad news.
Her NBC show is nearly done!
Check this out…
From Fox News:
Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night newsmagazine on NBC was originally billed as a weekly program, but has been demoted to a program that will air “periodically,” according to a press release sent Tuesday by the network.
“Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” had an eight-episode run in the summer of 2017 to kick off Kelly’s tour at the Peacock Network before her 9 a.m. ET daily show premiered in the fall. “Sunday Night” struggled to gain an audience, averaging 3.7 million total viewers during its initial eight-week run. The show typically lost to 7 p.m. broadcast competition such as “60 Minutes” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”
The newsmagazine was also beset by bad publicity, including harsh criticism of Kelly’s interview with alt-right provocateur Alex Jones. The ratings-challenged Sunday show was always scheduled to take a break for NBC’s coverage of “Sunday Night Football” and the Winter Olympics but was expected to return.
More from Biz Journals:
According to Nielsen data, the eight episodes of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” averaged 3.69 million viewers, often losing to repeats of “60 Minutes” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”
On Friday, Kelly stars in a one-hour special in which she interviews Putin for a second time.
Good riddance, Megyn!

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Lou Dobbs is reporting that Jeff Sessions has said that he will consider appointing a second Special Counsel as requested by Republicans especially by the Chairmen of three Congressional Committees.  Nunes, Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova are his guests tonight.


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Joe DiGenova is stating that based on what is now known there must be an appointment of a second Special Counsel.  He stated it is no longer possible for a proper investigation to be done by any person in the current Executive Division, DOJ or FBI.  There has been too much corruption within high levels of the Executive Division, DOJ and FBI.  And, there are still supporters of the previous Clinton . . . and Obama Administrations working for the Federal Government.


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Victoria Toensing stated that the FBI Informant has now testified before three Congressional Committees.  She is reporting that the Russians bragged about how much influence they have with the Clintons and they spoke about also being able to influence Obama . . . about whom they spoke negatively.

Both Toensing and DiGenova said that there is no way the DOJ or FBI . . . can investigate itself.  And, some of those who are key are no longer employed so a Special Counsel with Grand Jury powers must be convened to force people involved to give testimony under oath.  There is so much that is known now that makes it imperative to have a Special Counsel to take on areas that now need to be investigated.  There must be a Federal Grand Jury.  Joe DiGenova says it is the only way to get full testimonies to arrive at the truth.

He also stated that Rod Rosenstein should not be involved with either Special Counsel.  He is a person that should be called by Mueller to give testimony under oath and also would be called to testify by a second Special Counsel. 

Toensing said there was no crime when Mueller was appointed by Rod Rosenstein. Now there is tremendous evidence of crimes and there is no appointment of a second Special Counsel yet.  The indictments of the Russians for criminal actions was actually taken from something already written by someone else and is meaningless.

Rosenstein shouldn't be functioning as the person over the Mueller investigation or a Special Second Counsel.  As stated, there are conflicts of interest and he is a witness to things that need to be investigated - firing of Coming - basis for Trump . . . surveillance - FISA warrant applications - what prompted the appointment of Mueller as a Special Counsel investigating President Trump and associates . . . Uranium One . . .  

There is more reason for Rosenstein (and even Mueller) to recuse himself from these investigations than for Jeff Sessions to be recused.  Rosenstein may have done things that were unlawful (FISA warrant application - NDA of the FBI Information on Uranium One . . .) and Jeff Sessions has done nothing wrong.  He had no contact with any Russia person that was in any way wrong or unlawful.

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Rosenstien approved mandate is frightening, attorneys say

Fox Business Videos • January 30, 2018

Digenova & Toensing, LLP attorneys Victoria Toensing and Joe Digenova say Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein special counsel appointment will go down as the worst decision ever made by a Justice Department official.


What Alleged Illegality is Mueller Investigating? Trump Exercising Lawful Presidential Authority?

January 28, 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to interview President Trump. We know that is true because the areas of inquiry that Mueller is interested in have been leaked. But the questions Mueller is looking at are not about the issue the special counsel was supposed to examine: collusion with Russians to fix the 2016 presidential election.

Rather, the Washington Post reports that Mueller “is seeking to question President Trump in the coming weeks about his decisions to oust national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with his plans.”

The two acts, according to the Post, are related to “efforts by the president or others to hamper the special counsel’s probe.” 

How can that be? Flynn had nothing to do with the special counsel’s probe. And firing the head of the FBI does not thwart what all the people under him are doing. So what is the alleged illegality here that could possibly “hamper” or obstruct the investigation?

It is beside the point at this time that there is no such crime as colluding. It is beside the point at this time that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was so negligent in his drafting the appointment of Mueller that he did not limit the investigation in either scope or time.

Rosenstein’s omission resulted in Paul Manafort, former chairman of the Trump presidential campaign, being indicted for alleged financial crimes occurring years before he worked for Donald Trump. These alleged crimes have nothing to do with Russian collusion.

It is not beside the point that a prosecutor wants to interview the president of the United States about conduct that is not only legal, but actually involves the execution of presidential authority.

Two men have already fallen into Mueller’s trap. Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to making statements inconsistent with tapped and taped conversations with Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.

But Flynn’s entire conversation was legal, or his statements would have been part of the charges against him. One might ask why the FBI, having the entire transcript of a conversation that contained nothing illegal, even questioned Flynn at all.

This was the legal equivalent of the FBI showing up to ask you what you had for breakfast – there’s nothing illegal about eating breakfast. If you do not want to admit you had a glazed donut and reply “yogurt,” the prosecutor can charge you with making a false statemen
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It appears things are speeding up now.



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Jeff Sessions will be on Fox tonight at 11 p.m.



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