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From: Tom (ChillyDown)9/17/03 11:54 PM 
To: Scott (scarecroe) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (11 of 22) 
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<<Jim doing Oscar jives with what I read in a recent interview with Caroll. He states that it was only once though, and mentions Oscar only.>>

And at any rate, Jim himself was being played at the time by Steve Whitmire. ;)

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From: Jog (JOGCHEM)9/18/03 5:22 AM 
To: Ryan (Droop11)  (12 of 22) 
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Wasn't Sweetums performed by a guy named Carl?

From: Danny (dannyhorn) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/18/03 9:34 AM 
To: Jog (JOGCHEM)  (13 of 22) 
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Yeah, Carl Banas did Sweetums' voice in The Frog Prince.


From: Kynan (KynanB)9/18/03 10:26 AM 
To: Danny (dannyhorn) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (14 of 22) 
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I checked with Henson to see if Carl still works there. Their response?

"Yes, we have no Carl Banas. We have no Carl Banas today..."

(I didn't actually check with Henson. But it's the sort of thing I might do, if the pun were worth it.)


From: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR)9/18/03 11:33 AM 
To: Kynan (KynanB)  (15 of 22) 
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So Carl Banas was the voice of Sweetums, and the fill-in Big Bird guy was the puppeteer, for The Frog Prince?

When I read about Henson performing Oscar, I can hear the voice I think he would do... Sort of like the guy with the sunglasses in the Valentine special. I wonder if I'm right.


From: Guest9/18/03 7:05 PM 
To: -Ryan R- (PrawnRR)  (16 of 22) 
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According to his post at MC, Jerry Nelson performed Sweetums in The Frog Prince. This is why Sweetums didn't have light-up eyes after the special - Jerry left the lights on during a break and they melted!

Not sure what Danny Seagren did in regards to TFP.



From: Ryan (Droop11)9/18/03 7:33 PM 
To: Guest  (17 of 22) 
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No, Jerry performed the movement and lip synch, while Carl provided the voice.

"Nice froggy-woooog!"



From: Wozza (frackle)9/18/03 7:57 PM 
To: Ryan (Droop11)  (18 of 22) 
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Nick Nickols provided the voice for Leroy the Donkey in The Muppet Musicans of Bremen. Danny Seagreen could have performed him, But i always thought it was Frank.

- Warrick


From: Guest9/18/03 8:07 PM 
To: Ryan (Droop11)  (19 of 22) 
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AH, that's right - thanks, Ryan!

And thanks to forgetful Jerry, Palisades may never create a limited edition Lite Brite Sweetums.



From: Danny (dannyhorn) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/19/03 9:49 AM 
To: Wozza (frackle)  (20 of 22) 
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These are the voice credits for Muppet Musicians of Bremen, taken from my old record:

Jerry Nelson as TR the Rooster and Caleb Siles

Nick Nichols as Leroy the Donkey and Lardpork

Francois Klanfer as Rover Jose the Hound Dog and Mordecai Sledge

Phyllis Marshall as Catgut

Jim Henson as Kermit and Mean Floyd

The puppets were performed by Jim, Frank, Jerry, Richard, John Lovelady, Danny Seagren and Faz Fazakas.

Edited 9/19/2003 9:52:31 AM ET by Danny (DANNYHORN)

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