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From: Lielqa11/17/15 12:51 AM 
To: RGoss99  (31 of 60) 
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'Fortunately, unlike the U.S. and the U.K. everybody is required to have a national identity card, or passport at ports so identifying a bus load of people should not have taken long, except that in the seat behind me were two Muslim Magrebi guest workers. While they could prove they were legal, because of their place of birth, they had to be removed from the bus, and while we waited, they were photographed, fingerprinted, DNA taken (for later), and checked against some data base.'

Unfortunately unlike the rest of the world, the US relaxes scrutiny of muslims in particular because of political correctness.

'But this footprint was a little different, imagine a dove with webbed feet, and you have a logo for the Eifel Tour. Have any here seen this since this weekend?'

Have seen it actually. Peace is a nice wish to have.




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From: RGoss9911/17/15 3:06 AM 
To: Lielqa  (32 of 60) 
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PC has nothing to do with it, this is simply a code word used by some who reject politeness to others different from us.

This has to do with PS (political stupidity)


From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon11/17/15 7:10 PM 
To: Lielqa  (33 of 60) 
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yw, Lielqa.

Hop to Full Circle!


From: Lielqa11/17/15 10:25 PM 
To: RGoss99  (34 of 60) 
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'PC has nothing to do with it, this is simply a code word used by some who reject politeness to others different from us.

This has to do with PS (political stupidity)'

Well, in the spirit of the holidays... Take care not to let the notion of politeness affect your judgment about your surroundings. Stay safe out there, because it's not all 'political stupidity' anymore.

This has to do with SA (situational awareness)

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From: RGoss9911/18/15 4:12 AM 
To: Lielqa  (35 of 60) 
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From: luckytroll (Chickie1979)2/4/16 12:51 AM 
To: Lielqa  (36 of 60) 
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Hi, Lielqa--

I'm not sure how you would make a sig for this, but my animal totem is the human.  I'm not joking or being silly, that's my true totem, shown to me in meditation, the human animal before we felt separate from earth and other animals.  I have a secondary connection with the horse if that would be easier, and the color teal makes me happy.



From: Lielqa2/6/16 2:30 AM 
To: luckytroll (Chickie1979)  (37 of 60) 
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Here is a sig for that:


On the shield, there is the suggestion of a human eye combined with the constellation Equuleus meaning 'little horse' in Latin.


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From: luckytroll (Chickie1979)2/6/16 10:04 AM 
To: Lielqa  (38 of 60) 
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Lielqa, thank you so much!  It's gorgeous!  The dark teal of the night sky totally sets it off, and thanks for working in the human totem, as well.  I really love it!

Would it be too much trouble to change the name on the banner to just my first name, which is Hannah?  Thank you again, your creativity and gift of your time are appreciated.  :)




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From: Lielqa2/7/16 12:43 AM 
To: luckytroll (Chickie1979)  (39 of 60) 
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Your welcome Chickie, that's very kind of you!


From: luckytroll (Chickie1979)2/7/16 1:29 AM 
To: Lielqa  (40 of 60) 
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Thanks so much for the update!  :)


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