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From: abrown6664/2/16 10:41 AM 
To: Lielqa  (41 of 60) 
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What a unique idea. What could you do with Penquin, Alex & purple? Thanx


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From: Lielqa4/3/16 2:02 AM 
To: abrown666  (42 of 60) 
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Be sure to look for your name in the penguins jumping off the iceberg.




From: abrown6664/3/16 11:00 AM 
To: Lielqa  (43 of 60) 
 2595.43 in reply to 2595.42 

Thank you but I just see a white heart in a purple crest with a black background> Not sure this is correct. Can you advise what I may be doing wrong? Thank you



From: Lielqa4/3/16 9:33 PM 
To: abrown666  (44 of 60) 
 2595.44 in reply to 2595.43 

That is correct. Maybe you can see that although it looks like a white heart inside a black heart, it actually mirrors the shape of the two penguins to the right looking down at the chick. It is sort of an abstract view.


From: LICIT4/3/16 11:40 PM 
To: Lielqa  (45 of 60) 
 2595.45 in reply to 2595.44 
I think Alex wanted a white background?

From: Lielqa4/4/16 3:35 PM 
To: abrown666  (46 of 60) 
 2595.46 in reply to 2595.43 

Here is a sharper image so you can see the background better.


From: Lielqa4/4/16 3:36 PM 
To: LICIT  (47 of 60) 
 2595.47 in reply to 2595.45 

All he specified was penguin, Alex, and purple. I sharpened it up so the background could be seen better.


From: SamT (ZavraD)4/27/16 3:23 PM 
To: Lielqa  (48 of 60) 
 2595.48 in reply to 2595.1 

Hi, Lielqa, I am hoping your offer extends to members of other Delphi Forums.

I have been looking for a good Coyote for quite a while. The only preference I have would be 11" x 8 1/2" Landscape. I leave everything else up to Artist's choice.

Thank you.


From: Lielqa4/27/16 10:42 PM 
To: SamT (ZavraD)  (49 of 60) 
 2595.49 in reply to 2595.48 

Hi Sam, sure. I can come up wth something...


From: SamT (ZavraD)4/28/16 8:06 PM 
To: Lielqa  (50 of 60) 
 2595.50 in reply to 2595.49 

Thank you.


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