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From: Firenailer9/8/12 4:51 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (15 of 815) 
 3053.15 in reply to 3053.14 

Hey Rex,

I've been following this and have left you a couple of messages, glad to hear that your starting to feel better.

After everything that you've been through over the last few months, hearing that you're Cancer free, and that the hematoma is beginning to reduce would cause anyone to lower their guard, and just let out a sigh of relief.

Perhaps that was all the opening that the craving needed. It might be time to check out that Mens group you used to talk to, or your therapist. Try to get out of your own head for awhile,

But call someone before you have that first one. Im rooting for you buddy. I just passed 10 months today and you were a big part of that,

Stay well today.


From: Rae (raeanne51)9/8/12 5:57 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (16 of 815) 
 3053.16 in reply to 3053.14 

Rex, I'm always taken by surprise when I get those occasional cravings.. sometimes I see the trigger; most times I don't. In your case its likely the combination of things being so unsettled for months and now you're able to relax so your brain is reverting back to the familiar.

Whatever the reason, you know the solution. Remember too, those cravings don't last for long; bit of diversion and it goes away; repeat as necessary.

I don't think you're going to drink.. you didn't go to hell and back for nothing, my friend.

Love you, Rae


From: Brian (BrianB125)9/8/12 6:10 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (17 of 815) 
 3053.17 in reply to 3053.14 

I've noticed that I get cravings after a particularly stressful time - like say the house full of visitors - which I really like but find stressful all the same.  I don't get the urges when I'm feeling the stress - but after its over.  No idea why, but that is the pattern.  Might be the same thing going on with you.\


From: mkh106 Posted by host9/8/12 9:43 PM 
To: Brian (BrianB125)  (18 of 815) 
 3053.18 in reply to 3053.17 
seems so, doesn't it? was just telling my youngest about that today (can't remember why that came up), how so often people can be fine throughout a crisis or upheaval and then crash afterwards....

From: mkh106 Posted by host9/8/12 9:54 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (19 of 815) 
 3053.19 in reply to 3053.18 


doing something to get out of that headspace is a good move. and you made it. you moved away. took charge of what you could do.

i've found that for me, the rare "gottadrink!!" reaction is kind of like some knee-jerk response to intense emotion. especially missing. missing can be bloody miserable! can make nothing much else seem to matter.

keep going, Rex. consider people's suggestions. use your contacts. keep posting. step back.



From: Rex (rcclark99) Posted by host9/8/12 10:39 PM 
To: Firenailer  (20 of 815) 
 3053.20 in reply to 3053.15 

Sorry about the calls Bob. I have missed them and meant to call you back but just haven't done it yet. I apologize.

I attended my men's group on Wednesday. It is always hard work for me emotionally but was really interesting this week. I had missed the meetings of the last month because of the health issues.

It just seems odd to me that for the last year I have had little or no cravings of any kind and just as everything seems to be righting itself the cravings come back for three straight days.

Thank you for your calls and your thoughts. Please don't give up calling. I promise to try and answer.



From: Rex (rcclark99) Posted by host9/8/12 10:42 PM 
To: Rae (raeanne51)  (21 of 815) 
 3053.21 in reply to 3053.16 

I'm not going to drink Rae but did find it interesting. I'm always so happy to hear you're doing well. These cravings have lasted longer than most but nothing I can't handle. Thanks as always for your thoughts.

Love you too,



From: Rex (rcclark99) Posted by host9/8/12 10:50 PM 
To: mkh106  (22 of 815) 
 3053.22 in reply to 3053.19 

missing can be bloody miserable! can make nothing much else seem to matter.

Yes, it kind of caught me off guard margit. I wasn't prepared for the intensity of it.

I went and saw a movie tonight for the second night in a row instead of going to the bar next door to the theater and found I kind of enjoy going alone. No distractions, no need to chat.......you really watch the movie. lol

But I'm ready for her to come home now. ;-)



From: marylouise509/9/12 12:23 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (23 of 815) 
 3053.23 in reply to 3053.14 
I'm with Margit on that crash after  going through turmoil and crisis -- some of it may be needing to decompress in some way because so much has happened.

Rex, get to a meeting (LR or AA) if you find yourself at a loose end and stick close to sober friends.

From: Rex (rcclark99) Posted by host9/9/12 8:58 AM 
To: marylouise50  (24 of 815) 
 3053.24 in reply to 3053.23 

Hi Mary,

I went to a movie last night and think I may be past the worst part. I'm feeling much calmer and relaxed today although it is still early.

Today is the beginning of our National Football League season in the U.S. so I will be glued to the tv for part of the day and later in the afternoon may take a short motorcycle ride to dinner somewhere.

I will not drink. I have too much time, work and emotion invested in my sobriety to throw it away because of a few days of craving.

I am in the midst of life changes on several fronts and cannot afford to screw things up by reintroducing alcohol into the mix. That would just be a horrible way to end this story



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