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From: Rex (rcclark99)10/20/19 9:21 AM 
To: Brian (BrianB125)  (805 of 815) 
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Thanks for your reply, Brian. Aside from the PSC and Bacteremia episodes I am doing well. But every time  I’m hospitalized with sepsis it sets me back several weeks with extreme fatigue, and lack of strength and endurance. 

i still have my show cars which are always an outlet for creativity and energy and of course money. They will be put away shortly for the winter but I can plan for changes and additions next spring. 

I’m glad you enjoyed Hamilton. I haven’t seen it yet but many of my friends have and enjoyed it.

Are you still welding? And enjoying it. 

I go to my family business about 20 hours a week when able to which gives me structure and purpose and gives me a chance to interact with my two surviving kids on a regular basis. That’s a true blessing for me.

Once again thanks for the post. When these medical issues start piling up I do have a tendency to feel sorry for myself. 


From: mkh10611/4/19 7:44 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (806 of 815) 
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oof, Rex, those sepsis episodes and the condition just sound so very draining, and i’m sorry to hear of it. also sounds like you have top notch medical care, so that is reassuring.

i had to laugh at your comment about your Democrats being too far to the “left”: up here, they would be most closely akin to the Conservatives, and considered quite far “right”.




From: MaryLouise311/12/19 2:55 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (807 of 815) 
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Hi Rex

I've had the usual ongoing computer problems but have been able to follow you on FB, hoping for the best with that battle with sepsis. I love pics of your  glossy show cars!

Here we're having a good summer so far, watching the Australian bush fires in horror because  we usually have our fires at the same time and  it is very early in the season for NSW or Queensland to be facing such devastation. Work is slow but steady enough and I am busy working in the garden most days, sorry not to have a chance to travel down to the coast this year (too expensive to take a holiday). My small dogs are well and  all is reasonably peaceful in the countryside for now. Reading, listening to music and cooking in a wood-burning hearth!

All love to you and Judy



From: Rex (rcclark99)11/13/19 10:26 AM 
To: mkh106 unread  (808 of 815) 
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Judy and I drove back to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN late last week and was there for three days. I had a PET Scan for the first time and although there were a couple of spots they want to check out it looks like right now there are no signs of liver or pancreatic cancer so we're thankful for that. I have joined a couple of forums for PSC patients and feel very grateful for not being diagnosed much earlier. Some folks are going through hell with this disease at ages as young as 10.

As far a politics are concerned, I am so turned off by the whole thing that I don't even watch the news anymore. All of the news networks just hammer home their agenda and I frankly don't believe anything I see on tv.

Thank you for your reply. I'm glad your still around.


From: Rex (rcclark99)11/13/19 10:37 AM 
To: MaryLouise3  (809 of 815) 
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Hi Mary,

It's always great to hear from you whenever possible. Yes the cars are put away for the winter which has come early and viciously to the midwestern United States. We have snow on the ground and have had 2-3 snowfalls already and record low temps for the date recently.

In the last 6 weeks Judy has become a great-grandmother on two separate occasions so she is quite thrilled about that. All was well with mothers and babies in both instances. And I will become a great grandfather for the fourth time next month. All of mine live several hundred miles away so I seldom see them except on FB.

Glad the dogs are good. Our housemates (three cats) are all well too.

Love to you on the other side of world.


From: cookly11/13/19 3:46 PM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (810 of 815) 
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Hi Rex, sorry you have to endure illness and all those tests and hospital visits. I hate that for you, but sounds like there are bright spots in your life too. 

birdtulip Rae. 


From: Rex (rcclark99)11/13/19 5:53 PM 
To: cookly  (811 of 815) 
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Thank you for your response Rae. I have and have had a wonderful life. 

Yes, I’m going through Issues with my health but we all do. Nothing is perfect but my life is and has been an adventure everyday.

i have recently joined two PSC forums on Facebook, one of which is a closed group and its made me realize how much worse it could be. There are folks much worse off than me and some as young as 10 years old. I am extremely lucky to have not been diagnosed until late in life. As I look back on things I think the disease has been present for at least 10-12 years but not as serious as over the last 2-3 years. The average age of diagnosis of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis seems to be about 40-50 years of age and while rare worldwide seems to be more prevalent in Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries. I’ll just continue to live my life and make the best of everyday. Fatigue is a problem as is being constantly on guard for recurring bouts with sepsis but I am getting pretty good at recognizing early symptoms of those so I go to the hospital as soon as I feel one coming on.

Thank you again for your thoughts. I hope your day is wonderful........mine is.


From: Rex (rcclark99)3/29/20 6:38 PM 
To: All  (812 of 815) 
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Hello All,

I've thought about you all for awhile now and decided I would come in and say hello. Life is very strange here right now as I'm sure it is where many of you are also. Judy and I are well physically and strangely enough doing pretty well emotionally also. We in Indiana are under a partial travel ban as are many states so we don't get out much and of course all the restaurants, bars, churches, schools and anywhere else non-essential are closed down. 

Our family business qualifies as an essential business under our governors proclamation so we are still open and running. I go into the office four mornings a week for about four hours a day. There are only three of us allowed in the office and we have virtually no one from the outside world come in. Our four guys in the shop are all doing well and while some of them are a little concerned about working during the pandemic, they all are appreciative of still having an income. My son and daughter have one or two meetings a week with them to stress how important it is to follow the rules they've set down for cleanliness and remain aware of their own health and if they don't feel well in any way to stay home and self-quarantine.

I turned 73 years of age a couple of weeks ago and have made it through the winter without a hospital stay since last October. I'm scheduled to go back to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in July barring any complications before then.

I haven't thought about drinking for several years so that is no longer a problem. I passed my 10 year sobriety mark last November.

It is early spring here in the midwestern U.S. and we've actually had a very mild winter with very little snow. Judy and I have walked outside lately when we can since all the gyms and health clubs are closed. We did get a week of sunshine a couple of  weeks ago when we spent a week in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area. We ended our stay early when the Covid19 situation worsened and we flew back home in a full plane with many college-age spring breakers. All were mannerly, respectful and well-behaved. Mostly they were just interested in sleeping and they served no alcohol on the plane.

My vintage cars are still in storage and now of course we have no idea of if and when there will be car and hot rod shows this year. Both Chicago baseball teams were looking forward to fielding good teams this season and now that is on hold for months. 

Since I was diagnosed with my autoimmune liver disease I tend to look at things differently. I stress out over very little. I'm grateful for each new day and each new experience and don't think much about the long-term. I appreciate alone time and spend as much of it as I can. I get to spend a few hours every week working with my two kids who've both grown into kind, thoughtful middle-age human beings. Judy and I have a great relationship and respect each others boundaries as we've discovered what exactly they are. 

I hope everyone here is well. I intend to catchup by reading the many posts here that I have missed and replying to some that would be appropriate. Stay well and love to you all.


From: MaryLouise33/30/20 3:51 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (813 of 815) 
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Good to read you here, Rex, although we're connected on FB so I get your news there.

We're doing well here, in strict lockdown and  nobody leaves home unless they have to get basic food supplies or medical help. We have army and police patrols and so far it all seems quite orderly and peaceful.

Busy developing a sourdough starter, growing herbs, writing and editing. Not very different from my usual life -- neighbours all looking out for one another and especially the elderly here.

I'm so glad to hear you're doing well as regards health -- love to Judy.



From: Brian (BrianB125)3/30/20 9:26 AM 
To: Rex (rcclark99)  (814 of 815) 
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Good to see every things going well.  We are all hunkered down here not doing much.



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