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From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/04 3:46 PM 
To: SLSAVARICK  (27 of 119) 
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I can't wait to see your work at your class here in Philly in a few weeks!


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From: wwytch10/23/04 4:09 PM 
To: SLSAVARICK  (28 of 119) 
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Seth, are you teaching at Bead & Button next year?



From: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/04 4:42 PM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (29 of 119) 
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.... I got online and entered into PCC world and learned about:

  • Pasta machines
  • Liquid clay
  • Sanding and buffing
  • Swaps
  • 1000 (give or take a few) new techniques

Loads of new inspiration, good advice and great answers also helped immensely.


(My english has improved a great deal, too, BTW)



Visit my website.


From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/04 4:58 PM 
To: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (30 of 119) 
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Oh yeah... PCC definitely boosted the learning curve!

From: T-Roo (tkaylen) Posted by host10/23/04 5:15 PM 
To: All  (31 of 119) 
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My work really improved when.....

I found my own style and stopped trying to duplicate what I saw in books and magazines. And the pasta machine didn't hurt either <G>

From: SLSAVARICK10/23/04 5:26 PM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (32 of 119) 
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Im very excited about teaching in Philly! Are you going to be at the Friday night session or just Saturday and Sunday?



From: SLSAVARICK10/23/04 5:27 PM 
To: wwytch  (33 of 119) 
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I am not slated to but if there is still time to apply I will apply.



From: PatOsmundsen DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/04 5:35 PM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (34 of 119) 
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... when I stopped being afraid of making something different ... when I let the part of me that loves abstract, nonsymetrical, "out there" stuff get her hands in the clay. 

And when I realized that the only rules that really matter (not counting curing times and temps here, folks) are the ones I'm willing to break.  ;)



From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/04 5:40 PM 
To: SLSAVARICK  (35 of 119) 
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I am hoping to be at all... sometimes work prevents my best intentions.



From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon10/23/04 5:44 PM 
To: PatOsmundsen DelphiPlus Member Icon  (36 of 119) 
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Sets you free....

Hey we are writing up a FAQ for the message board.  I want to put something in about RAOPCK.  Would you mind writing up a few sentences about it (like explaining to a newbie) ?  If you could do that by the end of the week and email it to me, I can include it in the FAQ. 

Thanks in advance if you can help with this.



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