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From: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/24/04 11:30 PM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (83 of 119) 
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I have been reading it and I love some of the responses.

I would love to do a challenge/web page where people showed a phot of something they really liked during the early stages of their clay "career" along side something recent they are really proud of.  I think it would be so interesting and inspiring to newbies.

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From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon10/24/04 11:38 PM 
To: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (84 of 119) 
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Go for it!  That sounds like a call for entries to me....


From: Libzoid (Libby3456) DelphiPlus Member Icon10/24/04 11:41 PM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (85 of 119) 
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It's on my "To Do" list.  Gotta get my feet under me first.  It's been a hectic fall with the kids so far.

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From: TLT194610/25/04 12:22 AM 
To: All  (86 of 119) 
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I switched from S3 to Premo and when I got brave enough to join the forum and meet all of the wonderful people here.

From: Marcella (MarcellaB2)10/25/04 2:32 AM 
To: Donna (_rainbowrave)  (87 of 119) 
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I'm so pleased to be helpful!

*Now where did I put that showercap?!*

Marcella :)


From: Donna (_rainbowrave)10/25/04 11:03 AM 
To: Marcella (MarcellaB2)  (88 of 119) 
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*chuckles* is it under my toaster cover??

From: DVillano10/25/04 2:24 PM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (89 of 119) 
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Let's see...

1. Attended my first conference (Arrowmont in '97), took my first classes there and met some incredible people. Learned as much from other attendees as the instructors. Came home and immediately moved my workspace from the kitchen counter to the dining room. Started buying clay by the pound.

2. Co-founded our local guild and met even more wonderful and sharing artists.

Diane Villano
Bead&Button '04 Faculty (Polymer Clay)
Founding President, Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild
Candidate for Vice President, National Polymer Clay Guild


From: DVillano10/25/04 2:32 PM 
To: SLSAVARICK  (90 of 119) 
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The teaching proposal deadline was June for the 2005 Bead & Button show. It's usually about a year or so before the actual show. These folks really work ahead - they have the dates for the next ten years in place.

Diane Villano
Bead&Button '04 Faculty (Polymer Clay)
Founding President, Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild
Candidate for Vice President, National Polymer Clay Guild


From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon10/25/04 2:44 PM 
To: DVillano  (91 of 119) 
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Workspace and fellowship (online, guild) are common themes.... It really makes it possible to be more serious about the fun we are having, I think.

From: desireem110/25/04 3:50 PM 
To: All  (92 of 119) 
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What a totally marvelous thread, Sarah! I stumbled upon it only today. After reading everyone's replies, I would have to say that everyone has provided the answers I would have provided.

Perhaps the only thing I would add that I didn't quite see listed... my work really improved when I accepted that the skills and techniques I needed to produce the quality work I wanted (and still want) don't happen overnight.

It takes patience and practice... for me, extraordinary levels of patience and practice.

Doing polymer clay for fun for so long has taught me the combination of good self esteem, ability to focus, the right combination of tools and supplies, lessons, clay buddies, discovering what styles/colors/etc/ speak to me, patience, practice, confidence and a few other goodies are very important to produce the level of work I like.

All those elements don't come together all at once. It took me a while to identify those aforementioned elements and to realize that if I let them, they will incorporate into me in their own good time.


To view my polymer clay galleries and lessons, you're invited to visit my website:

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