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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon8/13/03 4:47 PM 
To: Dena (UNICORN8)  (12 of 301) 
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It hit pretty close to home actually

Yes; I think the higher the % scores, the more likely you are to have a good fit to your type. Plus, the 'portrait' for each type supplies plenty of stuff to check.


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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon8/13/03 4:50 PM 
To: Lady )O( Rio (TyrdObNpsIK)  (13 of 301) 
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Should work, Milly.

Do you feel like Mastermind is a close fit for you?



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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon8/14/03 7:50 PM 
To: Lady )O( Rio (TyrdObNpsIK)  (15 of 301) 
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Yes, I do very much so. It gave a euphoric :)

How did you feel about yours?

Kind of like you. I think it must have partly to do with getting a neat label and belonging to a group.



From: Rediwhip2 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/03 5:45 AM 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon  (16 of 301) 
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Hi (((SI)))

I took the test and I came up:
E- 67%

From what I can remember, each part and counterpart are together on a scale like Introvert/extrovert, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perceiving with each opposite end being at +100% and the middle being at 0%. So the lower the score, as for example my 11% Judging, would be closer to the middle between Judging and Perceiving, whereas the higher the score, as for my example 67% Extrovert, the farther from the middle it would appear, and the less likely I would be to exhibit Introverted behavior.

When I took this Myers-Briggs test before classes started in '97 (my professors in the honors program had us take it) and at that time (I believe) I was the same type, but I rode closer to the middle in each of the four parts.

According to this I am an Idealist/Teacher.

The Idealists called Teachers are abstract in their thought and speech, cooperative in their style of achieving goals, and directive and extraverted in their interpersonal relations. Learning in the young has to be beckoned forth, teased out from its hiding place, or, as suggested by the word "education," it has to be "educed." by an individual with educative capabilities. Such a one is the eNFj, thus rightly called the educative mentor or Teacher for short. The Teacher is especially capable of educing or calling forth those inner potentials each learner possesses. Even as children the Teachers may attract a gathering of other children ready to follow their lead in play or work. And they lead without seeming to do so.

Teachers expect the very best of those around them, and this expectation, usually expressed as enthusiastic encouragement, motivates action in others and the desire to live up to their expectations. Teachers have the charming characteristic of taking for granted that their expectations will be met, their implicit commands obeyed, never doubting that people will want to do what they suggest. And, more often than not, people do, because this type has extraordinary charisma.

The Teachers are found in no more than 2 or 3 percent of the population. They like to have things settled and arranged. They prefer to plan both work and social engagements ahead of time and tend to be absolutely reliable in honoring these commitments. At the same time, Teachers are very much at home in complex situations which require the juggling of much data with little pre-planning. An experienced Teacher group leader can dream up, effortlessly, and almost endlessly, activities for groups to engage in, and stimulating roles for members of the group to play. In some Teachers, inspired by the responsiveness of their students or followers, this can amount to genius which other types find hard to emulate. Such ability to preside without planning reminds us somewhat of an Provider, but the latter acts more as a master of ceremonies than as a leader of groups. Providers are natural hosts and hostesses, making sure that each guest is well looked after at social gatherings, or that the right things are expressed on traditional occasions, such as weddings, funerals, graduations, and the like. In much the same way, Teachers value harmonious human relations about all else, can handle people with charm and concern, and are usually popular wherever they are. But Teachers are not so much social as educational leaders, interested primarily in the personal growth and development of others, and less in attending to their social needs.


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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/03 3:30 PM 
To: Rediwhip2 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (18 of 301) 
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Hi, Redi! Thanks for posting your results and info about the test.

Teacher seems like a pretty good fit, especially the stuff about aspects of similarity to the Provider--

Such ability to preside without planning reminds us somewhat of an Provider, but the latter acts more as a master of ceremonies than as a leader of groups.

On Pink Bunny, you seem to be acting chiefly as a Provider.



From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon8/15/03 3:32 PM 
To: Lady )O( Rio (TyrdObNpsIK)  (19 of 301) 
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Missed you in chat last night. Good that you got home from the City okay. The blackout sounded like a major mess!



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