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From: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)9/11/15 12:32 AM 
To: SoftailBill (BillsFxr)  (15 of 39) 
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+1       at $8 for a beer, the gal tending bar should put a head on it .... jus' sayin' 


From: OFB (Oldfartbiker)9/11/15 1:10 AM 
To: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)  (16 of 39) 
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Not as bad as when I went to a Mariners game a few years ago.  $9 for a hot dog and $9 for an 8 oz. cup of shitty beer.  My one and only time of going to a major league ball game.  :-)



From: 1nefarious9/11/15 9:32 AM 
To: SoftailJoe DelphiPlus Member Icon  (17 of 39) 
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Yea he had to cover the cost of the "FREE TATS",, lmfao,,,,,,,



From: 1nefarious9/11/15 9:33 AM 
To: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)  (18 of 39) 
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From: 1nefarious9/11/15 9:34 AM 
To: OFB (Oldfartbiker)  (19 of 39) 
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Things have changed in the last 100 years Pops,,,



From: OFB (Oldfartbiker)9/11/15 10:43 AM 
To: 1nefarious  (20 of 39) 
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From: SoftailJoe DelphiPlus Member Icon9/11/15 11:46 AM 
To: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)  (21 of 39) 
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I can go to a titty bar cheaper. lol

To be honest I've never been to the Full Throttle. Been by it a few times but never graced the parling lot with my presence. Never watched the tv show for that matter.




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From: Pumper549/11/15 12:37 PM 
To: SoftailJoe DelphiPlus Member Icon  (22 of 39) 
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Joe, coming back from Deb's party I went to Sturgis and stopped there. As the rally was not going on I think the B or C team was running the place. Nothing special about it at all. Just a big ass bar with a couple of locals drinking there. Some where I have a picture of my bike and two others parked on Main Street. Small town USA.



From: CCRIDER77 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/11/15 6:39 PM 
To: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)  (23 of 39) 
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Interesting that the place completely burns down about a month after the rally, giving them a full 11 months to rebuild in time for next year.  I'm just glad no one was hurt, including the mule...

Not saying Travolta was responsible, but we do have this photographic evidence from a previous biker bar fire...


CC Rider


From: Birddog (REDACE5)9/15/15 9:23 AM 
To: IBDAGRIZ DelphiPlus Member Icon  (24 of 39) 
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Exactly what I thought too, Griz .


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