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From: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)9/15/15 7:00 PM 
To: SoftailBill (BillsFxr)  (31 of 39) 
 41756.31 in reply to 41756.30 

> > I think he's a sleazy fuck too with a totally whacked out old lady and a head of hair that has to stink like a 5 year old hair ball. < <

That's EXACTLY what my wife once said  after catching a glimpse of him on TV ...  LMAO 


From: IBDAGRIZ DelphiPlus Member Icon9/16/15 9:06 AM 
To: MisterMF'r (REVCOSMIC49)  (32 of 39) 
 41756.32 in reply to 41756.29 

 Cut the sugar coating and spill it dude.



From: MisterMF'r (REVCOSMIC49)9/16/15 3:55 PM 
To: IBDAGRIZ DelphiPlus Member Icon  (33 of 39) 
 41756.33 in reply to 41756.32 

I thought about burning the shithole to the ground myself after they kicked us out for wearing colors.....Oh the fucking horror. Maybe they shoulda hid the little children and the skinny-ass bitches and the punk-ass RUBS so we wouldn't cook and eat them right there in the middle of it all.....

Fuck him and his stupid fucking hair........or mop or whatever that shit is stuck to his head.


From: CCRIDER77 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/16/15 5:02 PM 
To: SoftailBill (BillsFxr)  (34 of 39) 
 41756.34 in reply to 41756.27 

Is that the same fire department staff that all mysteriously got new big screen TV's last week?

CC Rider


From: SoftailBill (BillsFxr) Posted by host9/16/15 7:15 PM 
To: CCRIDER77 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (35 of 39) 
 41756.35 in reply to 41756.34 

The same one that will probably be at the Rally next year on new Firefighter specials.



From: CCRIDER77 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/16/15 8:43 PM 
To: SoftailBill (BillsFxr)  (36 of 39) 
 41756.36 in reply to 41756.35 

I really should go to Sturgis on the bike sometime.  The best time to go is June, right?

CC Rider


From: SoftailBill (BillsFxr) Posted by host9/16/15 9:00 PM 
To: CCRIDER77 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (37 of 39) 
 41756.37 in reply to 41756.36 

The weather can be great around Labor Day, everyone seems to have been over the bonfire thing and the hardware store is open again.


From: hardhatsflh9/27/15 12:03 AM 
To: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)  (38 of 39) 
 41756.38 in reply to 41756.1 

ive been there and it`s for rubs and posers, hated to see it burn and damage the air quality.



From: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)9/27/15 1:32 PM 
To: hardhatsflh  (39 of 39) 
 41756.39 in reply to 41756.38 

while I've been to sturgis many times - mostly as a vendor - I've never been to FT saloon ... only seen the goofy TV show a few times and wondered wtf is up with the dude's mop-head hair?   LOL


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