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From: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)9/10/15 12:19 PM 
To: Pumper54  (7 of 39) 
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 He said he didn't have the money to rebuild right now as he had been funneling money into rebuilding Trimble, Tennessee. That is the town he was raised in, that is also where the Full Throttle Saloonshine Distillery is located.,_Tennessee


Now Sturgis and South Dakota have called in the big guns to investigate the cause of the fire.  This usually happens when there is a large insurance claim involved and it is not clear how it may have happened.

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From: dcoul19/10/15 1:33 PM 
To: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)  (8 of 39) 
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From: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)9/10/15 4:44 PM 
To: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)  (9 of 39) 
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Maybe Travolta thought it was the new Del Fuego Clubhouse???



From: Special Tom (ClassicEG) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/10/15 5:02 PM 
To: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)  (10 of 39) 
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Well the way I see it is Jesse is already starting to rebuild. I think there will be a call for donations to rebuild from the Sturgis goers, then the insurance money will come in (unless it is arson by someone associated). The partners will rebuild and have enough money for Ballards's other project. I learned this outlaw stuff from my Prez Jax.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein    



From: SoftailJoe DelphiPlus Member Icon9/10/15 5:06 PM 
To: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)  (11 of 39) 
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8 bucks for a fucking beer during the rally, he can shove that entire place up his ass.



From: Pumper549/10/15 6:42 PM 
To: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)  (12 of 39) 
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I am pretty sure he had that place insured for more then it was worth. As a smart business owner he would have had to in order to get funding/permits for all the stuff he did there. I think in the end it will be rebuilt and he will come out smelling like roses.



From: Ultra_Poppy (Nomadator)9/10/15 7:33 PM 
To: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)  (13 of 39) 
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Yeah this image has been circulating on Facebook the last couple of days.

With a caption that says,  Was that not the Del Fuego Clubhouse?


From: SoftailBill (BillsFxr) Posted by host9/10/15 8:00 PM 
To: SoftailJoe DelphiPlus Member Icon  (14 of 39) 
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I'm with you on this one Joe. He's a legend - in his own mind.


From: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)9/11/15 12:32 AM 
To: SoftailBill (BillsFxr)  (15 of 39) 
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+1       at $8 for a beer, the gal tending bar should put a head on it .... jus' sayin' 


From: OFB (Oldfartbiker)9/11/15 1:10 AM 
To: Tom - AMS (FLHRCI)  (16 of 39) 
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Not as bad as when I went to a Mariners game a few years ago.  $9 for a hot dog and $9 for an 8 oz. cup of shitty beer.  My one and only time of going to a major league ball game.  :-)



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