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Well, Arié Moyal posted a video from "Decoded" that essentially sums up much of what's in this collection. Give a listen. Then come back here and find the sources of much of what's presented in the video. Why, you may even want to comment on some of what you've read and learned. To do so is very easy. Just click the "Reply" button.

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Black Congressional representation on the Hill faced many challenges. One Representative was essentially removed because of refusal to patronize his business. There were other strategies to prevent the darker race from enjoying full participation in all parts of the positive American lifestyle. A couple of books that document one phase of the implicit bias movement (that we now refer to as "unconscious bias") are

The Funding of Scientific Racism: Wickliffe Draper and the Pioneer Fund


The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colors




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It's now February 2019, a little more than one year since this archive was created. A writer colleague who is originally a UK citizen shared a question: "Who was the first person of color to be knighted by a British monarch?" Geoff amended the Quora question with an additional investigational request.

Well, I'm into research. There were two responses that could be considered responsive. The first related to Sir William Conrad Reeves via Wikipedia. However, that may not be responsive to the question.

The second item discovered related to not people of color generally but specifically Africans.

What about the first knighted in the 17th Century? If you have additional information, please do share it.


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This weekend, Cat Zultner shared a wonderful nugget about Ruby Brown, who in the 1950s became one of the first Black women to manage a no-kill animal care shelter. More about The National Humane Education Society can be found on their Facebook page.


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Showing how Blues has integrating qualities, pay close attention to the collaboration between Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton. Pay especially close attention to Marsalis' post performance statement at the YouTube rendition of Play the Blues 6/6


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This 2018 celebration of Black History Month took a long and pervasive review of some of the things that created the Black experience in America from its beginnings to the present. Some of the less attractive parts of our history were included. The more important aspects were the accomplishments and victories.

Still, the triumphs were because "in spite of" the racial identity stamped on a certain class of people those victories occurred. What if those limitations (and ethnic assaults) were not part of the experience? What if the growing resentments of those cultural issues were not a part of the environment? The Black Experience in Japan examines why Blacks who have immigrated to Asia are finding a new home that offers freedom of being and expression as well as safety. That immigration carries a huge responsibility - giving back to not only their current environment but also to their homeland.

Perhaps we should take to heart some of the messages from the interviewees in order to "refresh" our American Black experience.


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Why has there been such lack of inclusion and appreciation of the Black race compared with all the other ethnicities? According to a recent episode of Black in Asia cited several reasons why there is greater acceptance of Blacks in that continent. It primarily boiled down to the fact that there was no slavery of Blacks there. Thus, there is no predisposition with regard to assumption of inferiority.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was interviewed in 1963 with regard to this matter. His response came down to it's a matter of the color of the skin as well as no other race entered this country with the burden of slavery as part of its identity.

So if it were possible, all we have to do is strip away the mantle of slavery and everyone would be on the same footing as far as acceptance, liberties, and the rest.


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Since we're discussing black owned businesses just want to add, a Harlem based black owned brokerage that connects home sellers and buyers to the best black realtors in every city across the US.


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Actually, @realblk1, your response is off topic. The subject of that post is in relation to notable Black women. It then segued to Black athletes. This archive is not an advertising venue; it's a place to share knowledge, accomplishments, and acknowledgement of the contributions Blacks have made in relation to being the best in certain areas or led to greater achievement in those areas.


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