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From: triancest9/7/99 7:56 AM 
To: IvySpring  (11 of 60) 
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Osiyo Friend,
Thanks for writing back. We have to stay strong and teach our children to be proud of their mixed ancestry. The funny thing about the "one drop rule " is that many people that were mixed of Black and white ancestry were able to blend in with the white community without them knowing. So those that try to tell us that we can only claim our African ancestry , no matter how small or large the blood quantum,better take a look at their ancestry because our blood flows through their veins as well. So what would that make them ? BLACK, by their own law. It is real stupid that people can accept this law that was written by racists that were trying to erase us. The Creator is the only one that can erase anything. But they want to play God. Well , I think time is running out for those who think this way because they are now the minority!!! WE DO NOT NEED A PIECE OF PAPER TELLING US WHO WE ARE.Oral tradition was the way of our ancestors and it should remain that way for us the descendants of Mother Africa and Turtle Island. Be proud of who you are and each one teach one. The more we educate those that do not know about us the stronger we get. AHO!!
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From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/7/99 8:08 PM 
To: Tali1878  (12 of 60) 
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Hello Tali,

The Buffalo Soldiers got there name from the Lakota Sioux and the Cheyenne Tribes. They got there name because the Indian said there hair was like that of the Buffalo. It was strong and they where dark like the Buffalo. The soldiers where also honored by many tribes ad being great warriors because when cornered they would fight with fierceness and without fear UN like the white men that whimpered and where afraid when cornered. you may can find much of this from the Book BlackIndians and other books we have on our site at BlackIndians. Com or RedDeerTable.com. much required reading. If you need any more help please free to ask.

To Members here, I am very happy to see you all Posting here, please keep up the good work. You are making a huge difference for many. And as we grow stronger the world will hear us. We are still here!

If your not a member, Join us. BIINAA... a growing community of Awesome strength and wisdom... BlackIndians.com

Thanks to all
Chief Eaglefeather


From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/7/99 8:15 PM 
To: Guest  (13 of 60) 
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Personaly, I would not believe every Book I read. Especially so many Blacks ran to Indians, and many tribes did help Blacks to servive. such as the Shinnicock Nation in LI. They still exsist and the Indian people there are beautiful. Many BlackIndians there in fact the entire reservation is Black and Indian or I should say BlackIndians.. State and Federaly recognized! So don't belive it not all of it is true. The Black slaves and Seminoles are the ONLY tribe today that many of the treaties are still kept because the army realized they could not win with so many Enemies......

There are many tribes today filled with white blood that do keep BlackIndians out however we are still here.. And we will always be here.. And we will grow, and be noted and one day excepted... Like our great leaders have prayed for so many years we will Shine like the Morning and rise like the sun.

Keep Strong...

The Navajo have also a large BlackIndian Population, in fact Miss Navajo 1989 and 99 is a Beautiful BlackNavajo.. check out her photo on the BlackIndian Web site, under Photo album..

Best Regards to all our members and non members

Chief Eaglefeather


From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/7/99 8:22 PM 
To: Guest  (14 of 60) 
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You also can bet one thing, Indian Slave owners did not treat there slaves as the whites did. Most Indians did not believe in slaves. If one fell in battle and was taken to a tribe, that person became a tribal member and lost his kinship and became that tribe... Same when a slave was taken. The Cherokee and choctaw took on over 2000 slaves. .... they intermarried with them and today have many offspring...BlackIndians...as we are called today.

A note on the buffalo soldier.... He was forced to fight his blind enemy.. he didnt not know who he was fighting. he was pushed by the white man to fight the Indian, but, for a while this worked, until they got together.... and they joined.. Today, Indian and African must know each other and they must join together.. In culture and dance.. I have done many shows with African Dancers and putting native drum together is beautiful.... The Indian today, and the African today are brothers and sisters of the same blood, we must know each other......

If an Indian hates a black man or woman, it is because he learned it from his white opressor, and is foolishly fallowing in his footsteps.. but if he embraces him, then he will find a wonder filled with love and kinship..

This is the way....

Let us beging this Path, . ....

We are all one.


From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/7/99 8:30 PM 
To: Tali1878  (15 of 60) 
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It amazes me that so much History is distorted..

So many men have died and others have taken the glory for the blood others have shead... Amazing.. however I do belive one day it will all come to a end.. It just has to be.. and the right will be made right and the wrong to judgment....

Anyways, Saddly I have to agree, Buffalo Soldiers werent Herols in my book, and in any other book.. I have been to a web site and a group of blacks have tired to make themselves heros.. from the Horror that they bestoweed on some other people of color. Saddly Id be ashamed just as many whites are ashamed today at there ancestors horrors....The Buffalo Soldiers may have been warriors like the Sioux and Chyanne belive but what they did was not Heroic..



From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/7/99 8:41 PM 
To: Lone Wolf (RAYMOND17) unread  (16 of 60) 
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Hmmm I just read this, and I will re-iterate what I said before. That the Buffalo Soldiers may have been Heros but what they did was not Heroic...

Its amazing what man will do under presure.. Amazing!

Promised Freedoms and Promises never kept...

A time we will never truly understand.

However, On both sides Martin Luther King tried to unite us all.. Wow what power if we would Unite....

Not easly pushed around would we?

I think not..

If any of you would like to meet and Chat email me

Lets get Together People.


From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/7/99 8:44 PM 
To: triancest  (17 of 60) 
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AHOE! ! !


From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/7/99 8:48 PM 
To: IvySpring  (18 of 60) 
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The Wisdom that is shining to this site is awesome. Please everyone send the link to all of your friends and family.. get the word out about us, and our membership. and get the message out about our message board.. It is my blief that we will have to become a strong Nation in order to be noted. This is the Gole of BIINAA!

Get the word out, we are still here. and Growing.. we will be heard..

Chief Eaglefeather


From: IvySpring9/8/99 12:48 AM 
To: triancest  (19 of 60) 
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Hi Carolyn,
You were so right on that issue about blood quantum. It's interesting, is'nt it, how white folks are just now coming around to accepting the fact that they( many of them) have African blood! I'm sure you must have seen Oprah's show about the white and black Jeffersons. That TV show did more to expose what we as African and Indian people have known through family oral traditions, all along.
Did you notice the resemblances between the black and white Jeffersons? I also find it interesting that many of these so-called extreme, white supremacist groups don't take time to learn about their own ancestry. If only they could open their eyes--they would learn that they are'nt so pure after all. They would learn that there was African blood mixture in their populations before they left Europe. Peace and Aho! IvySpring

From: IvySpring9/8/99 1:07 AM 
To: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)  (20 of 60) 
 54.20 in reply to 54.18 
Hi Chief EagleFeather,
Thanks for your words of support. We need each other to strengthen the understanding of who we are as black Indians--as a people who have been strenuously denied the dual nature of our culture. It's been a long road to finally be able to say without fear, shame or reservation, that we are descendants of two strong tribal peoples.
Now we must do what we can to ensure that the next generation does not experience what many of us, our parents and grandparents went through. It's about pride yes--but it's also about learning true traditional ways and fighting against the least, unsuspected prejudice. It's about not relenting when we are challenged concerning what we know to be accurate--even if it hurts. In order for us to unite and to identify with both sides, we must equip ourselves with knowlege about our peoples to the same degree that we were misinformed. This is the heritage which we should pass on. Aho! and Peace IvySpring

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