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From: Susie (MORNINGFLOWR)9/15/99 6:43 PM 
To: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)  (21 of 60) 
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Okay... I've sat here for over an hour now reading all these posts, understanding most, and for the most part, sharing your feelings. Then there are other times when my breath will become so thick in my chest ... I have considered posting here so many times, but always by the time I've finished reading the posts, I don't feel too awful welcome. You see, I am white. My daughter on the other hand, is ... from what I can tell... Apache/African/Mohawk/ AND White. Is there any room here for WhiteBlackIndians?? Now... on to my point... I sit here with blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin... well white up until I read these posts, now it's mostly red. Usually if I am required to mark her ethniticity, I use the "other" catagory. She's getting a little older now, going to school and meeting more people and she's started asking questions about her skin color, and I've become more concerned with learning how to instill pride in her for what and who SHE is. Hence, here I am. But I have to say, I wouldn't want her to read these posts. I don't want her to be ashamed of being black OR indian OR white. I would think her father would feel the same way, but maybe not. I guess it's probably a lot of the same feelings you have when you talk about Cherokee owning slaves. And okay, they did... white men also owned slaves, We all know, by now, I would think anyways, that all the races coupled together then... and now, as far as that goes... but anyways, what I'm trying to say is I have no doubt that somewhere down the line, there is black and indian in my blood, just as there is white in your black and indian blood. My question is this: How am I supposed to teach my daughter to love and take pride in ALL of herself when so many different races have so much dislike for every other race? If she were sitting beside you right now, you would look at her and you may wonder if she was part white, but you wouldn't know. Does that make it alright to ignore that she is part white? Would it be the same thing that I hear from white people : "Well, it's not her fault." What does that mean????? That's what I always respond with "What's not her fault?" Nobody ever knows quite what to say to that. A definate conversation ender. Is she going to someday be forced to ignore her white blood in order to fit in with the black or indian community? Or forced to pretend not to care about her black and indian blood in order to fit in with the white community? Now I'm just one person and I know there's no way I can undo all the wrongs that were done in the past, but surely somewhere there is an answer for the "other" people of this country. I have forgiven my brothers and sisters for the things they did to me when we were children, and they've forgiven me for the things I did, and I'm sure it's the same with all of you. Well ya know, somewhere, somehow, someone, has got to say, yes, the white people did wrong, but so did everyone else, and in God's eyes we're all brothers and sisters, regardless of how many different colors or races or wars or past wrongs there are. Somewhere my daughter has got to be able to be EVERYTHING she is. And I happen to think if it's no where else, it should, at least, be here... Wouldn't you agree?
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From: Guest9/15/99 9:57 PM 
To: Susie (MORNINGFLOWR)  (22 of 60) 
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Thank you for your honest and your post.

I am a member of this BIINA group, and I feel, because I am neither Black nor Indian (but am married to a Black Indian), I feel that I am a guest here. I feel honored to be included, and I am learning much about what I once knew little.

I have received positive energy, and welcoming from the people on BIINA.

I believe that the negativity isn't directed at individuals, and it is more of a historical nature. I have seen openness and care here.


From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/18/99 11:23 PM 
To: Susie (MORNINGFLOWR)  (23 of 60) 
 54.23 in reply to 54.21 

Wonderful, and true strong medicine!

Yes, White men, have done a horrible thing to Indian and also to blacks. And today with Arians and KKK's there doing horrible thing to there own kind. No doubt each race has done atrocities to each other. This brings it all back to what the Creator calls "Sin" However, sin is only forgiven when one forsakes it and ask for forgiveness and when you donot hide it and act like the crime hasnt been commited. Almost any judge and jury will hang you out to dry if you try to do this. The Problem my sweet MorningFlower is that the White man hasn't stoped hurting the Indian, and even the Black man and even himself. Today in NJ the cops horrass a multitudes of Ethnic people and anything a shade darker they try to arrest or stop in there cars... In the east and west they burst into schools and shoot people of color and up north and in europe they eat people and commit horrible mulitple murders. They go Postal and then take there own lives.. Its a huge mistor to most ethnic people, especially Indian and Black today why the white man has gone to this stages. Maybe its a guilt maybe its just that Satan knows he can control the white more easly.. I DON"T know. Trust me! It hurts..

On Another Note... There are a multitude of WHITE PEOPLE both men and WOMAN who have given there own lives to save Slaves and Indians. There are millions of whites who have given there lives to stop Slavory even President Lincolin gave his live... THERE ARE LOVELY WHITE People all over the world and we love them.. I speak for many. I can tell you that you are a loveley person to have a Mixed daughter.. Because you looked past the color barrier and you allowed yourself to love a Indian and or BlackIndian man. it is whites like you that make A difference and even your posting here being brave and filled with caring for your lovley daughter that makes a difference....

Stand strong, and keep posting!
You are 1000Millions percent welcomed here and have a home here with us.. Don't fret from what you here.. its only experiance for what has been done to many.. But you will find both love and strong medicine here. Both truth and sterness.. So come back and help us, keep your feelings... Teach your beautiful daughter her proud Indian Heritage, and Black Strength.... And uncover the good that the whitman has done..

We are all one anyways and in the end, the Creator will teach every one so......

Much Love always from me here... You post here any time you like... And anyone else that would like to add please do..

MorningFlower and LittleDove are honorrary members here with us, and are part of our Family. Little Dove is Indian, . . .

She is my Daughter

Chief Eaglefeather Sancarlos


From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/18/99 11:25 PM 
To: Guest  (24 of 60) 
 54.24 in reply to 54.22 
Thank you Jac

From: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr)9/19/99 12:08 AM 
To: Susie (MORNINGFLOWR)  (25 of 60) 
 54.25 in reply to 54.21 
Theirs nothing in life like a child
The absence of malice, no sin or beguile
Just pure thoughts of simple play
Sweet smiles throughout the sunny day

Its important to keep them pure
Love and goodness shall endure
the caring that comes with your love
Precious moments, thoughts from above

Time spent, never wasted
Lost moments cant replace it
Let them grow strong and tall
And they shall show us all


To you and LittleDove
From Chief Eaglefeather
(Forever Friends)


From: IvySpring9/22/99 3:53 PM 
To: Susie (MORNINGFLOWR)  (26 of 60) 
 54.26 in reply to 54.21 
Hi Susie MorningFlower,
I just read your post and I want you to know that you are always welcome to come, sit and listen or to participate in the discussions. As far as this column goes, ALL are welcome because it is about educating each other, not about being abusive or purposely offensive. But to be true to ourselves, in order to let go of the past and move beyond it, we must discuss what has happened in the past.
Yes, narrow minded white men in the past did atrocious and heinous things against people of color. And now we must ALL deal with what has been done. We could ALL choose to suppress truth and allow ourselves to be ignorant of historical facts that then will spring up later, hidden under resentment or racial animosity. But to be honest between ourselves and our offspring and to give them the promise of a better day, we must use these opportunities of dialogue to CHANGE old ways of thinking.
Although many of us were'nt back there when these things happened, we all ( at least people of color) have suffered in some way through prejudice and racism, hidden and disguised or overtly. So, we must begin the process of healing.This healing includes being reconciled to ALL people.
In regards to your daughter, it is wonderful to have such a beautiful child of native/black/white blood, however, we should not hide our children from the past. They should know what has happened--even if those things are painful. To hide these things only sets your child up to be verbally abused by ignorant people. I'm sure you don't want that. In these days and times, bi-raciality is growing in leaps and bounds,however, I would encourage every white mother with a partially black child to do what she can do to educate and teach that child about hers/his rich and yet painful heritage. To not do so prevents her/him from seeing a link between themselves and other people of color. Good Luck Susie! We need your voice as well as others. IvySpring
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From: Omoya (omoya1)9/29/99 10:13 PM 
To: Tali1878  (27 of 60) 
 54.27 in reply to 54.5 
This is a scary topic in our circle, where some Lakota family members remember, all too well, the stories of the "Black White Men" who rode with the blue coats, and participated in the slaughter, and worse. I was taken to task many times about this. They're well aware how we were used, and about the "divide and conquer" tactics. Nothing I could say could convince them we couldn't have just deserted, when we saw what we were being used to do. I offered the defense that among Custer's troops, and the troops of many other leaders, were several Native scouts. That sometimes shut a few mouths...Anyway, it was about the hair. Many Plains folk thought our "curly" manes were like those of their sacred brothers the buffalo. Some authors have made it an "honor," this name, saying the tribes were acknowledging the strength of the Black soldiers. Others say it was just descriptive, since they had no other frame of reference. I wrote to Danny Glover about this issue, when he was making a film about them, asking him to please try to be "sensitive" to the feelings of many Native Americans. The film came out a wishy washy mess, possibly because he was trying to please all of the people from all of the sides. But...the controversy will never end, I don't think. I just wanted to say, yep, it was about the hair...(Can't tell you how often I get teased about mine, in fact, even now...)

From: Tali18789/30/99 8:34 PM 
To: Omoya (omoya1)  (28 of 60) 
 54.28 in reply to 54.27 
Thank-you I have learned something new today Tali

From: Omoya (omoya1)10/1/99 7:09 PM 
To: Tali1878  (29 of 60) 
 54.29 in reply to 54.28 
I try! It's great to have this forum to share information like this and read the amazing wisdom of so many, isn't it?

From: Guest5/1/01 7:30 PM 
To: Chief Eaglefeather (ChiefEaglefr) unread  (30 of 60) 
 54.30 in reply to 54.15 
Do you know about Boley, Oklahoma, a Black Township? Some of our Cherokee line ended up there. From what I have seen on an HGTV feature of a homecoming of one family to Boley, many of the people are of African/Indian heritage. I believe that the Buffalo Soldiers are honored in that town, although I can't figure out why. I have also heard that the Buffalo Soldiers (current day members that look like overgrown Boy Scouts) do not recognize or have little regard for Black Indians.



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