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From: ROSETTA3218/22/06 9:07 PM 
To: Drapetomaniac (cacimar) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (16 of 18) 
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  • Are you telling me that you believe the Yoruba in Nigeria, who call themselves the sons of Oduduwa, aren't African?

For all the research I've done about the African continent, I find no reference to any Yoruba being indigneous to Africa as they look nothing like the children of Kham who are the real indigneous Africans.

  • These people who the Portuguese wrote about meeting for the first time in the 1400s?

Post your source.  After all the Portuguese hadn't met all the different Negro or Celtic tribes of western europe.

  • What do you base the idea that the Yoruba, Fon, Ibo, Akan and others were planted in Africa?  Especially when their first meetings with Europeans are well documented.

From the reading I've done on my own ... checking out and trying to verify what we indigneous Black Indian Native Americans have been told over the years about what was reported to be our "history" and our "ancestry" ... All these Negriod tribes you list speak a language foreign to Africa -- they speak what europeans call Benue-Congo language and Kwa with is also a dialect of the Celtic european languages.  From what I've read and the pictures I've seen of these tribes, they look nothing whatsover like the real indigenous Khametic Africans who are deliberately misclassifed as either caucasians or  Arabic or Semetic or of unknown origins.  Not even the Twa or pygmies of Africa are ebony-colored like the western european. But not to worry ... there is a move underway to now depict the european of Negro of Africa as brown-skinned in the western media ... leaving only the indigneous Black Indian Native Americans of mixed Shemite and Kus_ite American ancestry as allegedly being ebony-colored in the western media, no matter how light they maybe in real life.  Example:  Former NJ Attorney Genreral Zulima Farber of Shemite Arawak ancestry from Cuba is shown darkened in the local media.  As you know all the indigenous Arawak Shemites are misclassifed as "mulattoes" in Cuba, when in fact real life mulattoes of WM and Negro female are barren/sterile and look like the Negress with black skin and short wooly hair ... which as you know looks nothing like the brown-skinned long, straight-haired Shemite Arawaks of the Caribbean or the other Shemites of Spanish America. But these same Arawak Shemites are classified as "white" in Puerto Rico rather than Native Americans.  Just like all immigrant Hispanics from south of the border in the USA ... they are also misclassified as "white" and not Native Americans.

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From: ctj5278/23/06 8:47 AM 
To: Drapetomaniac (cacimar) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (17 of 18) 
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Good morning,  Cacimar...

Do continue to reach and to teach!

Though just ignore that freeloader who only came here to preach!




From: Drapetomaniac (cacimar) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/23/06 3:54 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (18 of 18) 
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There were a wide variety of African people in Latin America - some were armed conquistadors, others were governing leaders, many landowners, etc, etc, etc.


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