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From: HWPeeler (HPeeler) DelphiPlus Member Icon29/9/17 10:32 
To: Grey_Cloud4  (51 of 82) 
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Super! I have no such experiences to go by. I hear enough such stories that it gives some credibility but this is not proof. Support, yes, but not proof. Were you experiencing your past life or the life of someone else? There are so many other possibilities. Some might say this was god giving them advice, a spirit, an ancestor, wind spirits, a muse ... how are you sure it was a past life?

We differ on what we call proof. Proof is testable. You can relate to me what convinced you, but this is not proof. I have no way of testing your experience.


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From: Grey_Cloud429/9/17 11:07 
To: HWPeeler (HPeeler) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (52 of 82) 
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Unfortunately, the only way to get true knowledge and wisdom about yourself and your past experiences, either on this planet of others, is to do the internal work necessary.  I understand it is only stories to someone else who has not gained the wisdom of true spiritual awareness and understanding of their own spiritual self and the only thing I can say to you - you either KNOW or you do not... Maybe next time around you will gain an open mind, that is if there is still an Earth planet to come back to... But not to worry, there is already another planet being created, out in the Solar system for mankind to play their distributive games, until they can awaken to the real truths of life...


From: HWPeeler (HPeeler) DelphiPlus Member Icon29/9/17 11:24 
To: Grey_Cloud4  (53 of 82) 
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Maybe next time around, yes.

What questions would you ask yourself to determine the experience is your past life?

Another might say it was god, a guardian angel, a muse .. my wife's grandfather might say it was a wind spirit. "You are being deceived by a demon". (sigh) So many possibilities. How would I know.



From: RGoss9929/9/17 14:46 
To: Grey_Cloud4  (54 of 82) 
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Anybody can quote the Bible out of context to support their preconcieved beliefs. I have seen nothing in the collective reported words of Jesus hat supports your point.

What you are simply doing is repeating a human programmed interpretation of Jesus´s words, you admit that they are figurative, but provide nothing to support

their literal interpretation.

It is easy to write off all your posts, those to me, and others. Is that you starting from a baseless belief, programmed into you as a child by parents and religious

practitioners since you were a child. These provided filters which have not allowed you or your thinkin to mature.

What evidence do you have of dimensional reality or a soul?

Also note, that people who do not know me say, "my friend" what usually follows suggests that they are not such.


From: RGoss9929/9/17 14:51 
To: Grey_Cloud4  (55 of 82) 
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Your described experience is bogus. where I live in Spain there is a similar problem regarding directions, and I don´t have to perform some magic ritual to keep from getting lost.

Through experience, mhy subconscious based on the sun, the orientation and placement of churches, and a radial road system, means I can find my way any where in my region

without a map.


From: Grey_Cloud430/9/17 11:19 
To: RGoss99  (56 of 82) 
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I am sorry to have offend you by calling you a friend, but I always think of strangers as a friend not yet met! I have obviously set off a trigger somewhere within you, that you need to look into... As to having myself programmed by religions parents - I was very fortunate to have parents of no religious denomination, that allowed me to look into all religions and found them all wanting, apart from the theory of Buddhism, but on joining for a very short while a Buddhist Temple I found it unacceptable also, and decided it was best to walk my own path of searching and finding my own truths.  That they are not anyone else's truths, I fully accept, for it is everyone's own 'personal responsibility' to find the truths they can live with in this and any dimension...

Your questions about proof of other dimensions shows you own shortcomings and lack of wisdom and knowledge of the subject, to even ask that question. How can I prove anything like that to you, just by talking, whereas I have taught and helped hundreds of people over the past 40 years, by investing my time - freely - to guide others into higher knowledge and wisdom of their true realities - not mine but theirs... I don't suppose you even know how to protect yourself from the negatives on the other side of life, which I am sensing from your negative attitude.  That is something you will have to find out for yourself now, as I will not waste anymore of my time - the most precious thing we have in this world, for once a minute has gone it can never be replaced... So goodbye my friend, for I will meet you in person sometime in the future, and we may have a laugh at how stupid mankind can be...



From: Grey_Cloud430/9/17 11:29 
To: RGoss99  (57 of 82) 
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Thank you my dear for a good chuckle, nice to leave a place feeling happy to have been and tried to help lift the negativity that is so strong on this planet today, but now is the time to wipe my feet and leave. Wishing you well on your journey of life...


From: RGoss991/10/17 3:45 
To: Grey_Cloud4 unread  (58 of 82) 
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From: KWAPELL 7 (KWAPELL7)1/11/17 1:40 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (59 of 82) 
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Reincarnation - is the disembodiment of the Spirit from the physical SELF

the Rejoining and Rejoicing with the essence of GODS BEING - LOVE

and then deciding once again whether or not One chooses to return again

to the world of physical existence to experience - LIFE as a Human - BEING - being

or to stay in the realm of Spirit and perhaps experience some other Aspect of your BEING


if One so chooses to enter or re-enter the physical - temporal world (which many do)

One then embodies - rejoins - inhabits a newly created Human body -

commonly referred to as a New-born - breathing Ones LIFE -

Spirit - BEING into & unto the BEING - U now R - being -

expressing and experiencing its SELF as a Spirit being Human




From: Metric Magic (TimB1007) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/11/17 9:27 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (60 of 82) 
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Are guys allowed to post here?


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