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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon7/12/17 1:27 
To: Metric Magic (TimB1007) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (62 of 82) 
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Are guys allowed to post here?

LQ! Of course, Tim.

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From: Franki 7775 (franki7775) DelphiPlus Member Icon19/1/18 3:26 
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Seeing that Tim has asked the question. I believe that I will not be banned or gagged from here for posting at the Women's Spirituality Forum. 

I have had several dreams since i was young and it all points to some or other war, I see the guys in their army uniforms fighting. I have seen some visions of codes and times and not sure as to what to make from it. I am not sure if it has anything to do with re-incarnating. However none of my family was ever in the army as far as I can remember.  I have always been loved and admired by the elderly and find it easy to connect with them. Some has even fallen madly in love with me and told me that I am too advance for my age. i have always felt that i was born in the incorrect age, that i belong somewhere in the past about 60 years ago. I am not sure if this is even relevant, but I am not sure as to what to make from it. 

I have recently met a lady twice my age and she told me that her father was there at Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked it. However I am not sure if that has any connection to the dreams which I have been having for more than a decade now, and if so, how do I makes sense of it, all the codes just seems like algebra to me which I am not good at, at all.  





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From: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon27/1/18 16:02 
To: Metric Magic (TimB1007) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (64 of 82) 
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By the way, nice to see you here!

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From: HWPeeler (HPeeler) DelphiPlus Member Icon3/2/18 23:35 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (65 of 82) 
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This continues to be interesting. One notable glitch is the inconsistency of the experience. Some say it is one life after another. Others say it is multiple lives in different dimensions at the same time. The variety suggests it is imaginary. Otherwise it is hard to ignore the many reports of people remembering past lives.


From: KWAPELL 7 (KWAPELL7)4/2/18 1:14 
To: All  (66 of 82) 
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the expression of - Self  - thru the physical body

your Body is - Not - that which - U - R - 
the body is that which - U - have or exist - with - 
while in temporal form in the realm of the physical

Who & What U R is a Being without limit or restriction
a Being that is - infinite - eternal - Divine -

the Body is simply the mechanism One uses to express &

experience the - Self - that U R - as a Spiritual Being

the Body is yours - but it is - Not - Who - U - R 

the Human that I AM - & - U R - being - is a temporal - finite - 
physical - Being - that expresses & experiences its - 
Spiritual - Self - {IN - AS - Thru} - {Life - God}

the - body - biological - sentient - form - in which I inhabit - 
exists as a vehicle with which I traverse - time - space - 
physical existence - Life -

such existence - allows my - Body - Mind - Spirit -
to determine - choose - decide - express - to Know -
experientially - that which I have chosen to - BE -

the Being that I present my Self - AS - to the world - 
the actions taken - the words spoken - the path taken - 
these expressions demonstrate to the world - Who I AM

the - Person - Individual - Unique expression of the - Self - 
that I have chosen to BE - the Self that I AM as a - 
Being of - Love - Energy - Life - is a - Spirit - being - human

what makes - U - Happy - when U experience - Life -
is it - the Joy or the hatred - the jealousy or the Trust -
the Good or the bad - the resentment or the Compassion 

U R what U have chosen to express your Self - AS -
such expressions of the - Self - will allow those with which 
I interact to - cognize - know - percieve - Who -  it is that - I Am -

Who it is that I AM choosing to - Be - & express my Self - AS - 
while I exist in physical - temporal - finite - form

We R All ONE BEING - expressing and experiencing its - 
Self - in multitudinous ways in order that it may know its - 
Self - experientially as All Aspects of that which {God - Life} - IS -

U R - Not - a human - being - Spiritual - 
U R a - Spirit - being human
U R a - Spirit - Being - of - God - existing in human form

God is - U - as - One {Self - Spirit} - being

I AM - as - U - R - 
as - All things - R- 
{Life - God} - being

Act that way - Think that Way - Be that way - and ye shall know thy - Self -

as the Divine - Being - that - U - R - 
for U R that which - IS - {Life - God} - being

for Life does not exist - outside of - or - 
apart from - {God - that which - IS -}
for God is Life being - as - Life - is - Gods Being
Know that U R a Blessed Being - and as such - ye shall BE
for so it is that U R - for as One chooses to Be - so it is that they R
choose Wisely there-fore - and think not any less of thy - Self - than any other -

for We R All - ONE BEING - and as such One cannot be any lessor or greater

than what - ONE - IS - or (as is in humanitys case) is aware of Ones Self to BE 

Be Well - Live Long - Love Often


as is the custom -
deny - refute - that which ye r able
Accept - that which is True for - U -
ponder - that which One has not thoroughly considered

recommend if U find value here-in -
dismiss if U do Not
Love Always - in All Ways








From: kathyg (KATHYG121) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/4/18 1:20 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (67 of 82) 
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I believe in the incarnation of Jesus Christ but I do not believe in reincarnation to the degree that some eastern religions specifiy it.

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From: Glitch2024/6/18 0:12 
To: Wen pigs fly with Ant B (AntithesisB1) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (68 of 82) 
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I was very interested in your post about re-incarnation.  But I was more interested about the stroke that you mentioned.  There are support groups on Facebook for people with Traumatic Brain Injuries and Stroke survivors and caregivers of both.  I suffered a stroke during a grand-mal seizure when I was ten.  It was not pretty.  But if you need someone to talk to or someone that understands your struggles, I am here and there are the above support groups that I mentioned.  I went forty years thinking that I was alone with this and when I found that group two years ago, I just cried tears of relief and joy for two weeks.  I could not get enough of it.  I understand what you are going through.  Here is what mine looks like. 



From: Rezzist7/7/18 17:20 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (69 of 82) 
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It's nonsense. Any other questions?


From: bstn3 DelphiPlus Member Icon20/8/18 12:37 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon  (70 of 82) 
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Anyone-- you can delete this: 

But I was hunting down a delphi member- that is bothering women.   He stopped in my forum.  My search brought me here. 

A troubled dude.  

<snip by SiFan to remove name and Delphi profile of "troubled dude">
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From: RGoss9925/11/18 16:49 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (71 of 82) 
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I have a problema, since the opperant Word is "carn". When one diez, one´s body breaks down, ant the result becomes part of other entities.

For the <<re>> of incarnation to work, where does the "carn" come from, to produce the body to unite with the soul.


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