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From: RGoss9925/11/18 16:49 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (71 of 81) 
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I have a problema, since the opperant Word is "carn". When one diez, one´s body breaks down, ant the result becomes part of other entities.

For the <<re>> of incarnation to work, where does the "carn" come from, to produce the body to unite with the soul.

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From: AndySipowicz (SWBisBS)15/1/19 1:30 
To: SiFan DelphiPlus Member Icon  (72 of 81) 
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From: RGoss995/2/19 14:41 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (73 of 81) 
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There is a pre-requisit to this question. that is one would first have to believe in people having a soul. Without such, there would no "carn" to be "re-ed" as obviously the original carn could not support a future being.


From: Plain unbuttered Kid (Kidmagnet) DelphiPlus Member Icon10-May 12:23 
To: Wen pigs fly with Ant B (AntithesisB1) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (74 of 81) 
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Aww look I follow a random promo and find a post form an old friend. Your are missed Ant B


From: Plain unbuttered Kid (Kidmagnet) DelphiPlus Member Icon10-May 12:30 
To: RGoss99  (75 of 81) 
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RGoss99 said...

since the opperant Word is "carn".

That's incorrect

The noun reincarnation comes from the Latin roots re, meaning again, and incarnare, meaning to make flesh.



From: RGoss9910-May 15:05 
To: Plain unbuttered Kid (Kidmagnet) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (76 of 81) 
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Sorry, but you need to study some linguistics ...

Re+in+carm+ate - two prefixes, one affix.

One can not reach a valid conclusion by using a double standard.

your "re" again s valid but it is logically invalid when using affixes, to solate, the first to prove our point, while

isgnoring the other 2.

so if "-in-" means to make, and

"-ate" means "act of""

Then "re-in-carn-ate" = "agan making carn acto of" or in English word order, the "act of making carn again"

which makes "carn" (flesh or meat) the operant word the others simply being modifiers of the root.

If oou bothered to read, or understant yourtached URL, "reincarnation" asherein described is impossible, and answers your question as it can´t be real because it refers to an imaginary concept, the soul. So the theory is that when the body "carn" dies, the imaginary soul leves it and enter another pre-existing body. So the illogic is based on to ambiguous meaning of the word "in".

In the first, it means "enter" as if the imaginary suld whch has non substance enters another carn.

In the second, it means "to make" as in enable, which a different process.

The theological theory a invented during a prescientific era before societ undeerstood that the person that we refer to is simply a body, carn, conroled by te brain. The Brain  unlike a computer has no phyical memory bank, so when the power is off the bain die, along with memory, skills, personality. So the maginary concept of soul, if it gets associated with a different bod, can not morally be rewarded or punished for the actions of the body in whichit theoretically inhabited in the first place. 

This topic is incapable of going anywhere, because there is no evidence that there is such a thing as a soul. So until its existance and fnition is stablished, all discussions of reincanation are simply based on myths and folklore from a prescientific era.


From: Plain unbuttered Kid (Kidmagnet) DelphiPlus Member Icon10-May 15:22 
To: RGoss99  (77 of 81) 
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From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member Icon27-Jun 13:29 
To: Francoise Joy (francoisejoy) unread  (78 of 81) 
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No and No to poll.


USCG Engineer 1961-1982

From: Meathead Rob Lowe (MyNic1)1-Jul 10:58 
To: Grey_Cloud4 unread  (79 of 81) 
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I take offense at your "stupidity of mankind" comment.  The only stupid man I see here--is YOU; you wasted your entire life believing in some bull-crap notion, and evidently, even "trained" as a hypnotist and psychotherapist??  If you didn't get a degree from an accredited secondary-educational institution, you are an absolute fraud.   You sound like one of those insane, delusional, self-important cult leaders, and I think you need therapy, yourself.  Oh, the irony! 


From: Meathead Rob Lowe (MyNic1)1-Jul 10:59 
To: LICIT unread  (80 of 81) 
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He's a freakin' lunatic-that's what he meant.


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