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From: Beattybug (BCD3) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/15/06 12:18 AM 
To: stormshaddow  (35 of 41) 
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I'm only familiar somewhat with her name.   I just learned of her about a year ago and that she's a singer.    I don't really know that much about her or her circumstance to comment.

Plus I don't come to this forum as it's dead anyway.   And this is you know who's forum and you know I told you after a bad online encounter with him on another site, I won't ever participate in anything he has online or has started even if it's dead like this forum.

Plus you know I told you many times I'm not into forums like I use to be.   And I'm not into Delphi, haven't been for a few years now.   I only go to one forum here, Trina's on occassion and posts some cause she's a friend.    But I don't even post there alot.   

Don't know why you guys keep trying to drag me into this forum.    This forum is dead.   DEAD!


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From: ctj5279/15/06 9:35 AM 
To: stormshaddow  (36 of 41) 
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Please do respect the right of our mutual acquaintance to not  participate on this thread (or on this message board if she chooses not to anymore)...

Thank you...



From: stormshaddow9/15/06 12:42 PM 
To: Beattybug (BCD3) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (37 of 41) 
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storm >:o)


From: stormshaddow9/15/06 12:44 PM 
To: ctj527  (38 of 41) 
 639.38 in reply to 639.36 
Do you blame her............

From: ctj5279/15/06 2:15 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (39 of 41) 
 639.39 in reply to 639.38 

In all due candor and honesty:

First of all?

I had hope to revive this forum...

That might not be possible at this point...

Second of all?

I wasn't the person who revived this four year old thread!

And three of us (sans our friend over in the Hawaiin islands)  have said/written enough about the person who did at this point...

Third of all?

It was you (not me)  who brought Bee Bee into the middle of this...

Any and all relationships must be based on those parties being upfront as to where they are coming from:

Any time you've able or willing to do so I'll be prepared to listen and learn where you're coming from too!

I have no personal gripe against the fella who originally set up this board:

I suggest if you do then take it up with him...

As regards what I feel and think about what a particular party we both know said and wrote to me in private?

No comment...



From: stormshaddow9/16/06 4:10 PM 
To: ctj527  (40 of 41) 
 639.40 in reply to 639.39 


The forum is still here.......Might as well use it. ;)


From: ctj5279/16/06 4:38 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (41 of 41) 
 639.41 in reply to 639.40 

My continuing feelings and thoughts as well...



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