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From: pourinrane2/19/02 12:33 AM 
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dunno but it's ok now.

David Gross's Music Wire had some interesting things about Dino Valenti today. He was the subject of the wire's trivia question and some of the answers that came in might be interesting for the folks over at Fred's forum. I've asked David if I can reprint some of it. I'm sure he'll grant permission but I thought I'd ask anyway.

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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/19/02 1:53 PM 
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One of my workers (carpenter) contributed a beautiful older cutaway hollow body f hole 23 fret 2 pickups tremelo arm sunburst Jazz Guitar to the CRASH INN.  He's the guy who caused the flood a couple of weeks ago and sent his friend to reinstall the carpeting and fix the leaks and finish up what needs to be done to open to make some music.  Paul Arnoldi, John Braheny, Debby Anderson, Bruce Langhorne, Smokey Miles, will be coming up the mountain in the Spring to make some more music happen in the country and perhaps we'll be able to get some of it down for posterity and upload it to this site with the permissions of the good lord and buddha.  RIAA will have no control and BMI, ASCAP, won't pay to have rep's this far away check to see that only original music is played.  The great thing about Cafe' au Go Go was that only original compostions were allowed by the creators of them LIVE and mostly unrehearsed.  Somewhere along the line maybe Joni, Richie, Jerry, Stephan, Cros, Graham, Neil, will come by and woodshed and play in the concert hall (soon to open) that seats 600 cabaret style. 

I sure do enjoy The Country even though it snowed a little this week its not really that cold and the sun is shining bright up in the sky with not a cloud in sight as a gentle breeze wafts through the Tall Pines surrounding my properties.  Its so nice here, especially that I only have to walk a hundred feet either way to resaurants which serve up fresh big portions for little prices with smiling friendly pretty waitresses.  Another new antique shoppe is opening across the street next to the little design and stained glass center. 


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/19/02 6:33 PM 
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Its so great listening to Michael Bloomfield on the Lost Recordings remastered by on vinyl.  A brilliant Blues player which few are equal. Right up there with Hendrix and Clapton, but man could he sing the Blues.  A natural.  My tapes of Michael Bloomfield are extraordinary in that its recorded with the Butterfield Blues Band and Elvin Bishop in some jams that included Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King.  I hope some day we will get to hear them.  Ive lost control of my masters so nobody will touch them without knowing whats there and what rights have to be perfected.  Oh well, perhaps some day they will be released along with me from this bondage im experiencing.  Lucky for me, its not really the most important thing in my life at this stage.  Even My GREAT FRED NEIL archive means little in the total order of things, but I certainly would love to hear them again after having recorded  Fred in 1964 through 1969 fully paid for and approved.  Well who knows what's in store for those wonderful sessions.  I just hope it doesnt finally wind up in the TRASH HEAP with so much else taken from me over the years in SHOW BIZ DIZ. 


From: pourinrane2/21/02 4:36 AM 
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I love the sound of those hollow bodied F hole tremolo bar types - I think Mark Spitz of the Stray Cats uses that kind and you can hear what it can do in their debut hit 'Stray Cat Strut.' The bass player Lee Rocker of that band played at Yesteryears and I did a photo album of the performance, (Go to ). Here's a shot of Lee at the mike and slapping the bass so fast that the camera did a double take (digital too) and caught the arm movement on the strings and fully extended - look at that forearm extension.

Lee and his father are one of the few father and sons to receive individual grammys in different categories in the same year. His dad was a Clarinetist with one of the NY Orchestras.

Dylan used a tremolo sounding guitar (or one of the session guys) in that tune 'Everything is Broken' which I swear on mother earth was very close to an arrangement I had in mind for a tune I wrote in '84 called 'Islemorada Desporada' which I finally got to record in Nashville last summer after carrying it around with me since '84. This leads me to believe that there are just so many muses and when you tap into one somebody else could be there too.

Learned how to roast coffee here in Tucson. My friend buys green beans in San Francisco by the 100lb burlap bag and roasts them in handful batches for morning coffee - you can't beat the freshness - 'the best.' Fuzz is comin' back to CA so maybe we can all get together up there in Crestline for a 'Hoot.!!!

Speaking of the Performance Royalty Societies . . . they won't come by if yer playing original tunes 'cause then you might be an affiliated writer or publisher and they would have to explain with red faces why yer not getting a paid a royalty for claimed songs?!?!?!?


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/21/02 10:21 AM 
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My son Sheppard received the Brit Award last  night for his song "Dont Stop Moving"  performed by S CLUB7..............Next month his song "Right In Front Of You" comes out as a single and on Celine Dion's new album (1st in 2 years). It took 3 days to write and record this month and will earn 1/2 million in royo's.  Not a bad year so far for Sheppard having made his 1st million in the pipeline.

Its taking me 11 years to get my archive going.  Yesterday  I sent Sundazed the Fred Neil recordings I had here but the rest will have to wait pending payment to Tony Arnold of the balances owed him and his helpers by a company (CCTV) who stole the elements from me and left them with him, for which I didnt even receive a complimentary tape.  Sundazed would like to do a complete FRED NEIL anthology along with the Blues Project Live at Cafe' au Go Go. Tony believes they will be taking the Jewels out of the Crown and nothing should come out till a deal is done for the entire package which up to now was impossible given the rights clearances and mountains of legal work which no one is prepared to tackle.  I am shipping out the rest of what I have here to Sundazed to hold in their vaults along with other companies like SONY, CBS, Elektra, and other majors, where I will at least receive an inventory for my delivery put forth in proper form deliniating the number of songs and duration which I have never received from Tony.  I did receive 43 Mono Cassettes, a 15 song compilation, and the elements back of my film.  With Sundazed I will only be licensing the material used for Vinyl and CD and wont lose control of my material in a bulk sale of my product for payment of an engineering bill I could have had done here in Hollywood at a fraction of the cost in three weeks time.  What a Loss.  Big Deal. Another Loss in my long Life compared to the great gains and good times becoming less meaningful to me.

Anyway back to Sheppard........Congratulations and God Speed.  May your BMI/EMI/PRS catalogue of 250 songs always be yours for no one else to control.



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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/21/02 12:35 PM 
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I Can't Keep From Cry'n on two of the recordings of the Blues Project Live At Town Hall with my production credits changed.  This was yet another foreign released repackage of the original.  The audience applause is removed as well as my introductions.  this one must be the recording Kooper speaks of which is done in  the studio.  Even the sequence of the performance is different from the original.  It sounds hollow and emply lacking in the original enthusiam of the audience driven original.  What a ego trip that resulted in loss instead of a big gain which could have been to the benefit of all involved.  Its embarrassing to say the least.

The same thing is happening to my materials now with other hands stirring the pot out of which nothing can come but grief for the perpetrators of the sham.  The great thing is that after all these years of trying to right the wrongs I've finally sent off the last of the Fred Neil Tapes I had stored here in California which was just taking up space, to a reputable reissuer in New York with affiliations to Sony/CBS and now I can rest easy knowing the right thing will get done.  The rest of my archive I am sorry to say will never get heard or released because of the rights and synch clearance costs which no one will bear the costs and pay for old bills which I did not incurr while stored in England then in France.


From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/21/02 2:30 PM 
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sometimes I laugh when I cry for joy as my heart breaks into little pieces which I try to pick up and trudge on down the road attempting to forget the barbs and empty treatments of those who know little of what they speak.  Especially those who take it upon themselves to decide what is best for someone who has been there and done that many times over.  The pot calling the kettle black as one might say to rationalise taking what is unrightfully theirs because of circumstances beyond the control of the on being ripped off in the music business.  How often does it go on?  More than you would believe as Fraud and Chacanary are the nature of the business of making music and the perpetrators prosper but for a brief moment in their 15 minutes of greatness then pass on with all their estates in the hands of sleazoids without conscience or a sense of right or wrong.  They then slander and perpetrate rumours of the creators credibility, demeaning those who brought the final product into being for others to enjoy without payment or credits.   I have more than 20 albums out and twice that in repackaging by companies who just wont pay because of pure greed giving only the swindlers their due for stealing elements under bogus contracts and promises.  The only compensation so far for me is that I've outlived mostly all of them without illness and my children have grown successfully and free of mankinds killers of creative talent.  The Cafe' au Go Go Archive may never come out in the course of my lifetime and perhaps Die with its holders and be eventually like many great works scattered to the winds of time never to be heard from again.  Even if I paid for the elements being held hostage for fees I didnt order, I would never know if they were copied and whether what I would be receiving was the correct inventory in its original form plus the remastering to bring it to releasable quality.  Im obviously never going to know at any price paid.  The paperwork, which is substantial, supporting my ownership, plus the original photos, posters, publicity, articles, reviews, will obviously never be seen again in they are thought to be inconsequential compared to the actual artists performances.   The website Cafeau-go-go is frought with embarassing errors which the webmaster to this date has not made any attempt to correct and so when viewed it is thought that I made the errors in content and use of others materials without permissions.  Lucky enough right now only less than 10 people look at the site and it probably has had less than 30 hits.  It should be corrected quickly before it begins to grow.  The minimal investment to have rights to host a site with copyrighted material never paid for is indeed valuable and could do a great service beyond compensations realized in the immediate.   I truly hope there is a God and in his infinite wisdom correct this great wrong be perpetrated on me and all who are involved in this ongoing injustice.  250 original songs played by the artists who created them is what is in question.  My recordings which I paid for is the security for the amounts being requested for work which was performed for others with whom I have had no contact other than the initial meetings and a minimum of correspondence.  If it is thought that I exaggerate than all I wish is to be proven wrong by evidence to the contrary in the form of inventory and copies requested so many times on delivery in good faith of even more material as late as December and have not even had acknowledgement of it all.  As though the value of the archive isnt sufficient to indemnify payment of the  amounts being requested at this time, after 11 years of doing nothing with the material except for a few mixes of B.B. King and Jerry Jeff Walker, plus one CD of 15 Songs.  The excuse being non payment and lack of time and help to accomplish the job at hand with no takers for all the material at once.  I have had many opportunities to break up the CROWN such as with Greg Geller/CBS but I didnt want to because of wanting to do a complete overview of the Cafe' au Go Go for posterity and the recognition it deserves, having brought more than 300 artists to the levels they later enjoyed as their careers developed because of their starts there in that time.  The problem is that there wasn't enough interest to support so large an undertaking until now with the advent of internet and Cyber space and the cohesion of advanced technologies making publishing and production and easier task with software programs never thought of just a few short years and months ago.  The speed with which CD's can be burned with Apple Technology is amazing in that one can be completed in less than 15 seconds.  With AVID editing systems using 3-5 screens Film to Video can be accomplished and uploading in the time it takes to create the vehicle making it ready for sale or release in a matter of hours to the hungry animal of Cable with over 500 outlets plus Network TV who is just as starved for new exciting product using state of the art techniques reviving old material of the kind I own and produced.  All I can do now is move on and Keep On Moving and hope for the Best and be Right IN FRONT OF YOU.........closer than you realise till the day we perish from sight. 

To those who still speak ill of me.  I just hope they are forgiven and their children are well and close to them.  I know I'm not without sin but I wont cast any stones on the innocents and can only hope you who stole from me and continue to do so will be spared pain and will not suffer as I have from your lies and innuendoes.  When it comes time to pay the piper I hope you all to a man and woman have their Due and you go on without much more pain and guilt.



From: pourinrane2/21/02 3:18 PM 
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my lord, it must have been late . . . the mark spitz (olympic gold medalist for swimming) got mixed up in my mind message 67.24, with Brian Setzer . . . hope anyone reading it got a big laugh :-)-;

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/21/02 4:24 PM 
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spitz took a dive and setser played standing...........ho hum, LOL


From: Wha612/22/02 12:18 AM 
To: pourinrane  (30 of 93) 
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Ha! Just what I was thinking, Denis...Mark Spitz, the swimmer? Somehow I couldn't reconcile that in my late-night head.

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