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From: pourinrane9/12/02 6:48 PM 
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Panama is due out here at the end of Nov, early Dec. I'm in . . .
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From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host12/23/02 9:09 PM 
To: arnysshack unread  (82 of 93) 
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Nothing hurts anymore.  I'm just numb with pain from missing the days of yesteryear shared with so many great artists who are not here anymore.  Spending time till the wee hours of the morning playing and producing moments of history now almost 40 years old and then losing all those precious moments to those who I trusted with my and my many friends work in the early 60's.  I really do miss those days and to think we could all share those precious moments on tape and film were it not for some measely dollars and ego driven misunderstandings.  Too bad, not for me but for all the young since then who are being deprived of such greatness of a period never to be repeated again.  Come on Tony Arnold let loose and give us all a taste of the best of the best and release or give back my property and the tapes of the artists who still survive.  Forgive and forget and don't sit in judgement like God.  You have no right to pass judgement on those you really know so little about.

Anyway old boy, have a very merry holiday and a happy new year.   with respect and fondest regards to your wife and friends Howard L. Solomon


From: Thedolphin1/19/03 6:40 PM 
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Think it's far unfair that Tony Arnold doesn't tell anything about where are the tapes, and what's the matter with them. All that stuff that you send can be many CDs of Fred's music. I don't understand why so much silence.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/19/03 6:49 PM 
To: Thedolphin  (84 of 93) 
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The Tapes........150 boxes of multi track are at Tony Arnold's studio in France.  He is unhappy with me thinking I insulted him and the estate according to Ric O Barry on the web.  He feels that owe him money for his services and will not do anything unless he is producer in that he feels my unqualified or up to the task.  If you look at his posts here you will see what he thinks.  I want nothing from it all other than to see it produced by a major and proper credit given to all the marvelous players.  Fred's material besides the Bayshore tapes are wonderful from the au Go Go and Woodstock with Bob Gibson, Vince Martin, Monte Dunn, Felix, Harvey, John.  So much great history going to waste.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/19/03 6:56 PM 
To: Thedolphin  (85 of 93) 
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go to the beginning of this thread and Tony explains it all.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/19/03 6:58 PM 
To: Thedolphin  (86 of 93) 
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he also posts a partial inventory on the CAGG website which he is the webmaster and is just letting it die feeling that my EGO is too big and that I have no rights to the material which I paid for and produced with blood sweat and fears.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/19/03 7:05 PM 
To: Thedolphin  (87 of 93) 
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He and Ric O Barry killed the deal with SUNDAZED who wished to release all the material especially Fred, The Blues Project, Butterfield, John Mayal,  Joni Mitchell, Richie Havens, Jerry Jeff Walker, Mick Taylor (age17), Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Big Joe Williams, Odetta, Jame Cotton Blues Band, also in 16mm colour film.  How dare they kill a great peace of history because of their greed for points and participations because they have illegal possession of my properties paid for and produced and wishing nothing in return but its release.  I'll never understand it all especially their empty accusations from hearsay without proofs of their specious claims.

From: Thedolphin1/19/03 7:08 PM 
To: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon  (88 of 93) 
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I can understand that the Bayshore tapes were owned by Ric, and that there were too many rights involved in its songs, but I can't understand what has made with Café au Go Go and other tapes you sent him.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/19/03 9:14 PM 
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The Bayshore tapes were absolutely not OWNED by RIC but by CBS.  As far as rights they were clearly secured and all would be paid correctly.  Especially FRED was paid and agreed to the recording controlled by Albert Grossman and Michael Lang.  Statutory rates all that need to be paid to the artists and writers.  Someone is not telling the WHOLE truth.  I sent those tapes to TONY in good faith and he is withholding from me as per RIC who claims I have no rights.

From: solomoney DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host1/19/03 9:19 PM 
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Because I was still representing FRED I claimed rights to the delivery of the tapes and received from the various attorneys the documentation as to the deal on Fred's behalf.  I sent them to TONY for an overview and opinion and to ship them to SUNDAZED for release with RIC as Co Producer with FRED and Harvey Brooks and Peter Childs.  All good things are sometimes complicated in the music business but well worth the result of having great material released with FRED at his heights regardless of Rics opinion.

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