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From: bruzerjeff8/31/12 2:15 PM 
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I've played a lot of hockey on tabletops.  I was wondering since Hockey seems to have come in "late" behind football and baseball games. How many Hockey games have there been with player ratings through the years?? was Negamco the 1st? Can we list all the Hockey we all know of and maybe the year of release. I think Strat was 77-78 maybe and APBA 91-92 Face Off (not sure) I have a 77-78 but think there was an earlier one.

Anyone help with a list?? Maybe even some descriptions?? I saw an ad for a Game called GOAL! Hockey in an Old Hockey Digest maybe '78...TRK never saw that one...Gamecraft Had a game.

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From: bruzerjeff8/31/12 2:17 PM 
To: bruzerjeff  (2 of 38) 
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Statis Pro I have a 73-74 but that might be version 2. Never seen any others

From: fuzzy5228/31/12 9:07 PM 
To: bruzerjeff  (3 of 38) 
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I can't be positive but i'd say Negamco was the first, i really don't remember any others back in the early- mid sixties. Fuzzy522

From: JohnH199/1/12 1:43 PM 
To: bruzerjeff  (4 of 38) 
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-The first Face-Off season was 1973-74.
-PTG 1968-69
-APBA 1992-93
-The Gamecraft game was called Power Play. I have the 1975-76 season.
-Rod Gilbert's Violent World of Pro Hockey had 1969-70 preseason rosters.
-Statis-Pro 1973-74
-I'm not sure what the first season for the World's Greatest Hockey Game was but I have the 1980-81 edition. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the first.

From: GordyF29/1/12 4:37 PM 
To: JohnH19  (5 of 38) 
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Not sure when National Pro Hockey came out =I have 85-86 . & its a fabulous game done by someone who  definitely understood the game.

From: JohnH199/1/12 5:01 PM 
To: GordyF2  (6 of 38) 
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I have the 84-85 season of NPH. I think that was the first edition.

From: STRATFAN9/4/12 10:11 PM 
To: bruzerjeff  (7 of 38) 
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I have or had these hockey games that rate real players (in parens are years of debut, to best of my knowledge, may be off in some cases):

APBA (1992-93 season)
Big Bep (debut: 2006)
Centre-Ice by Vohl Inc.
Classic Hockey
Faceoff (1973-74 season?)
He Shoots He Scores by Valgames
Hockey Blast (debut: 2010)
Inside the Crease (debut: 2007)
National Pro Hockey by Sports Action Games Ltd. (1984-85 season)
NHL Strategy by Tudor Games
Player of the Game by Downey Games
Point Blank by Gamecraft
Power Play by Gamecraft, then Valgames)
PSG = Precision Sports Games
PTG (1968-69 season)
Rod Gilbert by RGB
Speculative Games
Status-Pro by Taylor Marketing
Strat-O-Matic (1977-78 season)
TRK (1984-85 season)
Ultra Quick by Downey Games
World's Greatest Hockey Game

There are other games by Diggin' Deep Sports, Gen1400 Gaming and 4th Street Software



From: JohnH199/5/12 4:55 PM 
To: fuzzy522  (8 of 38) 
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I think you're right saying Negamco was the first. I believe the first season was 1958-59.

From: fuzzy5229/5/12 6:28 PM 
To: JohnH19  (9 of 38) 
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It's definatly the first one i remember. I got the game with the 62-63 season. Fuzzy522

From: 2mathias9/7/12 11:15 AM 
To: STRATFAN  (10 of 38) 
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Great list, Glen.
I believe I had National Pro Hockey with 1975-76 season cards.

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