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From: Mbaron (MBOLING)9/7/12 2:00 PM 
To: 2mathias  (14 of 38) 
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On Boardgamegeek.com they have it listed as being published in 1985.
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From: bruzerjeff9/8/12 8:23 PM 
To: STRATFAN  (15 of 38) 
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great list!!

From: STRATFAN9/8/12 9:41 PM 
To: bruzerjeff  (16 of 38) 
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The list of your typical obsessive collector who happens to be old enough to have encountered all these!

(I think I have ALL the PTG and SOM seasons. as well as all of the several National Pro Hockey and nine Negamco seasons.)






From: Canamcougars9/8/12 10:15 PM 
To: STRATFAN  (17 of 38) 
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It is a great list Glenn, and as another collector I envy you!

Now, we just need to see your baseball, NFL, CFL and basketball lists!  :-)


From: STRATFAN9/9/12 12:25 AM 
To: Canamcougars  (18 of 38) 
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CFL is easy, at least for games I have:

Adam Games
Cold Snap
The College Game (2007 season is the only one, I think)
Game Winning Drive (no players)
Sports Action Games Ltd. (first season was 1973, last was 1986; I have all the seasons produced for that, I believe)

In the '60s, I did my own CFL ratings for Negamco once. Seriously doubt that they survive today, but I loved those '60s Ti-Cats with Bernie Faloney, Garney Henley, Tommy Grant, Tony Gabriel, John Barrow and Angelo Moska (aka "The Masked Marvel" pro wrestler). Got to see all those teams when I was growing up in the Detroit area, with Channel 9 from across the river in Windsor, Canada.

As for listing all the baseball, NFL and basketball, that's serious work!



From: Canamcougars9/9/12 12:33 AM 
To: STRATFAN  (19 of 38) 
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Thanks Glenn.

Those '60's CFL names were great to see again.  I grew up in Calgary in the '60's and have great memories of those CFL years.  And collecting all those names in card sets - including a great set off the back of Post cereal boxes!

All the best,


From: STRATFAN9/9/12 2:41 PM 
To: Canamcougars  (20 of 38) 
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Didn't see much of the Stampeders back then. Pete Liske the QB?
We saw mostly Eastern teams, but also a lot of Saskatchewan, because Ronnie Lancaster and George Reed made the Riders among the best teams.

Much later, I worked with a former CFL rushing leader, Don Clark (Montreal). He had come out of Ohio State. We worked together in Akron, Ohio.


From: GordyF29/11/12 11:49 PM 
To: STRATFAN  (21 of 38) 
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I loved Donnie Clark. He was with Ottawa, but was it him & George Dixon- that was the monster duo backs in Montreal? I think Ottawa ended up sticking with Ron Stewart & Thelen. Hi Glenn.

From: STRATFAN9/12/12 9:00 AM 
To: GordyF2  (22 of 38) 
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Hi, Gord!

According to a CFL Encylopedia I have that came out in 1996, Don Clark was an all-star for Montreal in 1961 and Dixon was an all-star for Montreal in 1962 and 1963. They were Montreal's Most Outstanding Players those years and Dixon is in the CFL HOF.

I remember Stewart and Thelen and QB Russ Jackson for Ottawa very well.


From: JohnH199/12/12 2:46 PM 
To: Canamcougars  (23 of 38) 
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Hi Randy,

Do you still have the Post cereal set?



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