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From: Canamcougars9/12/12 3:17 PM 
To: JohnH19  (24 of 38) 
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Hi John,

No unfortunately.  I am one of those with the familiar story of having their boyhood items tossed by Mom when they first moved away from home.  I also had two complete sets of the NHL "Coke Bottle Cap" series (remember those?), a complete Topps 1961 baseball set (1960 season), and several complete CFL and NHL sets (including a tall boy set).  I don't blame her in any way - they would have just seemed like kids stuff taking up space.  Most of my model collection went as well but my war games miraculously survived the purge!

But I would sure enjoy flipping through them now!


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From: bruzerjeff9/13/12 12:14 PM 
To: STRATFAN  (25 of 38) 
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I have a SAG CFL 87 Game that has the same box, smaller cards, and the Name of the game co. is different. I bought all the seasons etc. while living in Vancouver from a hobby shop but there seems that the game had been maybe continued for the 87 season by another co.   I always enjoyed that game very much and only noticed the variation on the game box and that is the only difference.

I also had purchased a game called "Canadian Football EH!! from a fellow in the Maritimes that had sorta like APBA cards in envelopes and a few seasons,, if anyone knows the designer let me know as I'd like to see how many seasons he made. I bought 2 with the game and I'm sure he plugged it here on delphi.

I also found a Hockey Game with Strat like sized cards called SCORE Hockey however the card set with it is an ATG 2 team set. The game was a Commerial product nicely boxed, Strat size box etc. and indicates full seasons avail.  Do you have any info on either of these?? I've never Heard mention of the SCORE game anywhere??

Thanks for the great info.


From: JohnH199/13/12 12:15 PM 
To: Canamcougars  (26 of 38) 
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Ouch. Naturally, the least valuable items survived. Isn't that always the way? The 1964-65 Tall Boy set is one of the holy grails of hockey card collecting. 

My mom never threw any of my stuff away but most of my comic book collection from the 60s and early 70s disappeared at some point shortly after I stopped collecting. It's a family mystery that went to my mother's grave. Rumor has it that they got caught in the rain during a family move and rather than telling me she discreetly got rid of them. Having moved on to other things, I didn't notice until years later even though I had a few hundred of them, many of which would be valuable today. 

Hey, have you done anything with the two SI Baseball games I sold you last year?

Bombers-Stamps Friday night. Are you going?


From: bruzerjeff9/13/12 12:22 PM 
To: STRATFAN  (27 of 38) 
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I have a few PTG seasons, do you know how many WHA seasons they made?

Oh, a couple more things on Hockey. I found on BG GEEK Games called Legends of Hockey that has individual cards and Legends of Football. I purchased both of those. Nicely done games based on alltime great players.

I also forgot the Tudor Hockey game, Hockey Strategy (would love a solo system for it if anyone ever devised one)


From: JohnH199/13/12 12:23 PM 
To: bruzerjeff  (28 of 38) 
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Hi Jeff,

What year is that SCORE hockey game from? I've never heard of it. Do you recall what teams are included in your set?

I recall reading something about Canadian Football EH but I also don't know anything about that game. What seasons did you get and is it any good?




From: STRATFAN9/13/12 1:16 PM 
To: bruzerjeff  (29 of 38) 
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Jeff -- I have PTG's WHA sets from 1974-75 season through the 1978-79 season. I think that's the complete list. I also have the extra players for the first three of those sets. If you are looking, I could be persuaded to move them. Send me email to glennguzzo at aol

You are correct about 1987 for SAG. I have it, too. That was a typo in my list.
Heard of SCORE, but never saw it or played it.
Also have the Tudor hockey game, NHL Strategy, the 1975 edition.


From: Canamcougars9/13/12 4:04 PM 
To: JohnH19  (30 of 38) 
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Hi John,

Thanks for the note.  The games have been broken out a couple of times but have since been tucked away with almost all my games until we finish renovating the house (2 more weeks - what an ordeal).

As for me, I had a bad fall hiking on Canada Day requiring a couple of knee surgeries.  I am pretty tied down as no weight on the leg until mid-October. It has been a long, frustrating summer and not much fun for my wife either!  Long rehab ahead as well.

The Stamps are finally starting to come together.  Not certain the Bombers are though.  :-)

All the best,


From: JohnH199/13/12 4:30 PM 
To: Canamcougars  (31 of 38) 
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Kevin Glenn may not be a great QB but the Big Blue probably would have won the 2007 Grey Cup with him if he wouldn't have broken his arm in the Eastern Final against Toronto.

Good luck with your rehab. We youngsters usually bounce back pretty well. :)




From: Canamcougars9/13/12 4:47 PM 
To: JohnH19  (32 of 38) 
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Thanks so much John.

From: bruzerjeff9/18/12 10:54 AM 
To: JohnH19  (33 of 38) 
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The Canadian football EH was good. Not complex in any way I have 1995 and 2006 I beleive. I think this game would have made a lot of CFL fans happy and could have been "juiced up" with house rules and a lot of fun. The cards are awesome!!

SHOOT hockey game is a retail game that I have the english version by Tabletop Sport Games (maybe Canada)  It looks like I h one set seperated have a retail and mail order versions as I have 2 game boards and 2 sets of the same cards both All  time great teams with most unseperated. The game was clearly a major market attempt in the Strat type of production and not a home brewed game. Nice graphics on the cover and endorsed by the NHLPA as there is a NHLPA logo on the cover. It's a wonder why there are not a bunc of copies of this or maybe they ended up in a wharehouse. Copyright is 1980


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