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From: sunni (sunnisan)8/25/12 5:13 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 28) 
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my heart just BURSTS for joy knowing you finally have your own home, your own space and you don't hafta put up with anyone you don't want to and have as many over as you do want!!! LIFE IS GOOD sista!! congrats
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From: mkirkwag18/25/12 5:20 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 28) 
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Congratulations! Nothing more fun.

From: critrcrazy8/25/12 5:57 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 28) 
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Congrats to you Kim!! I'm so happy for you :)  Have your feet touched the ground yet, or are you still walking on air? LOL
Heidi :)

From: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host8/25/12 8:10 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (11 of 28) 
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BIG Congratulations, Kim!!!
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From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/5/12 8:10 PM 
To: sunni (sunnisan)  (12 of 28) 
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Thanks Sunni!!!!!! it's been a long journey.... still have a ways to go...speaking of 'going'....just found out today that I had a NON-WORKING septic tank and field...the ORIGINAL one to the house....some I-Dot connected PVC partway up to it...about 2-3 ft away and that's as far as they went.  Sadly the county didn't start keeping good/better records until 1992....the house was supposedly built in 1948! (neighbor lady told me it was already there when SHE moved in in 1947 though!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmm.....)  ANYHOW... not even a homeowner a MONTH and I'm needing a SECOND LOAN! so waiting on my estimates from the guy that was already doing the current work (thought we ONLY needed a riser...and cleaning, of course...) he quoted $7,500... and need one more... have to get them in almost YESTERDAY as the gov't program I'm funded through will be out of money NEXT WEEK as it's the 'end of the year'...and no money until NOVEMBER!!!!!!! eeeeep!!!!!!

not panicking yet<G> which is BIG... but other stuff that had to get done with the house either has been done already...or asap... but can't use it or do any cleaning (washing walls, floors, cupboards etc...) until I have a septic system! ack! so no painting for a bit either... I'd hoped to start that next week....grrrrr   OH WELL....

I'm happy mostly though... guess I'll just have to take the moving of my stuff out of my larger storage unit much slower... (mostly house stuff...and studio/craft supplies) that can stay in the garage until I'm ready to move the stuff in.... 

just a PITA! and more lessons in PATIENCE!<G>


K.C. Redcat

From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/5/12 8:11 PM 
To: mkirkwag1  (13 of 28) 
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Thanks! having some issues (see my reply to Sunni) but otherwise...I'm SO HAPPY!

K.C. Redcat

From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/5/12 8:13 PM 
To: critrcrazy unread  (14 of 28) 
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Thanks Heidi! oh....they've touched the ground...plenty! (see my reply to Sunni) temporary 'set backs'...the JOYS of 'homeownership'....right out of the gate... but better to deal with this "CRAP" (literally!) NOW...than during the WINTER or a few years down the road...when it could become a much bigger problem!

Thanks again!

K.C. Redcat

From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/5/12 8:17 PM 
To: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (15 of 28) 
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THANKS STAR/JEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  you already knew<G> as I announced it in chat...but it's AWESOME!  see my reply to Sunni about the uhm.... SHITTY ISSUE<G> AHHHH...HOMEOWNERSHIP!  right outta the 'gate'.... but I'll survive...and THRIVE! I have faith!!!!!!  just puts back my moving a bit... wasn't looking forward to the cleaning and painting (don't MIND the faux/decorative painting (too much)'s the BLAH crap...and ceilings...yuck!) 

OH WELL....means I might be doing some plant moving earlier than I was thinking<G>


K.C. Redcat

From: merrie609/8/12 4:53 PM 
To: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (16 of 28) 
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Congratulations, I wish you all good times in your new house it sounds great.


From: Kim (KCREDCAT) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/9/12 12:21 AM 
To: merrie60  (17 of 28) 
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Thanks Merrie! yeah....looking forward to all the icky stuff being done and over with....THEN the FUN will begin!!!! hope to be in by my birthday...but not holding my breath... (ended up that I have to get a new septic tank and field! ack! loan #2 here I come...)  but I'm still happy to be a HOMEOWNER! finally!

K.C. Redcat

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