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From: SherryBinNH8/31/12 11:11 AM 
To: clayjay  (7 of 27) 
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Thanks for the suggestions, Jay, but the luau is for Kerry (who is turning 50) and the only reason I mentioned Dad's passing was to observe that "funeral foods" are pretty boring around here, so not "party food" in my opinion. The decorations are for poking fun at Kerry, not to commemorate my Dad, so the mix of morbid and colorful is exactly what we both think would be funny in the circumstances. 

(But I do get your point, if the circumstances were different...)

Sherry Bailey
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From: SherryBinNH8/31/12 11:31 AM 
To: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 27) 
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Oh, yay, Moe is here!! ;^)

So here's what I came up with so far.

Kalua pork made in a slow cooker and used for sliders on little dinner rolls. (I found a recipe online that calls for Hawaiian sea salt and liquid smoke, to fake the imu (?) pit flavor -- and then I actually found both red and black Hawaiian sea salt at Home Goods! Woo-hoo!)

Tiny pineapple upside down cake minis (in one of those bite-sized muffin tins I have and rarely use!)

Some form of teriyaki chicken, maybe wings, maybe skewers. Maybe the skewers with pineapple!

There is a coconut milk dessert (sounds like something between custard and pudding??) that I forgot the name of that sounded easy enough to make...

Fresh fruit like pineapple, papaya, kiwi, melon, whatever I can get in October that looks tropical and seems ripe...

So I should add kal-bi ribs and rice? (I'm trying to avoid plates-and-forks kinds of food, so I'll have to think about the rice!!)

Then there will be the inevitable weird things (maybe including jello shots) our guests bring!!

Actually, I really think I should take a quick field trip to the Islands and check out the menus firs hand!! ;^)  (Oh, if only I could!!!)


Sherry Bailey


From: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon8/31/12 1:16 PM 
To: SherryBinNH  (9 of 27) 
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Hi Sherry,

Ok, no rice.  and forks!!! Nobody uses forks!  You buy the throw away chop sicks.  :D  

The dessert is called haupia.  And imu is the Hawaiian word for "pit" which is the big hole in the ground that they cook Babe in.  You need hot lava rocks.  :)

Anyway, I'm sure your party will be a hit. Have fun and take pictures! :)

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From: clayjay9/1/12 1:06 AM 
To: SherryBinNH  (10 of 27) 
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Sorry Sherry,

What ever you do, don't serve any 'foot'. The one I just had in my mouth wasn't very good. LIke the egg on my face.




From: BJ (beau918)9/1/12 11:36 AM 
To: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (11 of 27) 
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So, Moe -- from looking at the menu you've written ... I'm taking that you don't attend luaus?  All that "dead animal" stuff? (she asks, grinning)  It sounds good to me, though.


From: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/1/12 12:56 PM 
To: BJ (beau918)  (12 of 27) 
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Nope, the only thing edible (for me) at luaus are Okinawan sweet potatoes, rice and poi.  :)
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From: BJ (beau918)9/1/12 1:04 PM 
To: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (13 of 27) 
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Not even macaroni salad??

From: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/1/12 1:08 PM 
To: BJ (beau918)  (14 of 27) 
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mayonnaise.  :(
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From: BJ (beau918)9/1/12 1:48 PM 
To: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (15 of 27) 
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From: StarGazer (STARGAZERCA) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host9/1/12 6:57 PM 
To: SherryBinNH  (16 of 27) 
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how about adding some "spider webs" to the decoration...  but instead of adding spiders (like Halloween), maybe tap some glitter on the webbing to signify the sparkly life awaiting ahead...
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