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From: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host11/10/12 9:42 AM 
To: ejralph  (11 of 17) 
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about as old and crusty as I am...but I don't have it growing out of my forehead. aren't you just the lucky one <g>
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From: ejralph11/10/12 9:45 AM 
To: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon  (12 of 17) 
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I know - I'm dreading the next full moon. Who knows what will appear?




From: gingersblue11/12/12 10:10 PM 
To: ejralph  (13 of 17) 
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Hi Emma! 

I recently came back to PCC after being gone an age, too. So glad to see you! I remember always being so charmed with your "Illuminaire Range". I never knew why you called that line a "range". Fast forward many years I'm now married to a guy from the UK and have become fluent in Brit, so now it all makes sense!


From: ejralph11/15/12 6:11 PM 
To: gingersblue  (14 of 17) 
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Hi Ginger!

How great to hear you are now an honourary Brit!  I'll have to test you on your rhyming slang!

Thank you for your kind comments about my Illuminare beads! Although I wasn't aware that Illuminare was particularly a British thing? Is it? It comes from the Latin word and means to adorn as well as lighten. Eg Illuminated manuscripts

Actually, I've just published the tutorial for making my Illuminare beads - so you can make them for yourself if you like! It's available in my online store over at EJR Beads.




From: gingersblue11/15/12 6:56 PM 
To: ejralph  (15 of 17) 
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Luckily, I picked up the rhyming slang fairly quickly. One day he was wandering around saying, "I can't find me titfer." And I was able to point him toward his hat. I'd figure it out. But the ones where I have no cultural reference are harder. Like when he said we needed to go out for a Ruby (a curry). Nope, didn't get that one!

I knew what Illuminare was, and it's the perfect word for those beads. But it's "Range" that's UK usage. Here in the US we would say "Line". As in "Come check out my new line of Christmas Ornaments." Subtle differences but that's the way many of the UK/US language things are. Very subtle.

Ooh, glad to know about the Illuminaire tutorial. I will have to go check it out. Thank you!


From: ejralph11/16/12 9:28 AM 
To: gingersblue  (16 of 17) 
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Ah it was the "range" that was different - lol, its amazing how many small differences there are that I just don't know about still.






From: Corgi (GOLDPEMCORGI) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/23/12 4:08 PM 
To: ejralph unread  (17 of 17) 
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Long time no see Emma.  I've been AWOL myself the last few years.  8-)

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