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From: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/22/13 9:48 AM 
To: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2 of 44) 
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I have used baby food jars, soda cans and just laying it gently on my bake surface
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From: alison5282/22/13 10:32 AM 
To: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 44) 
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Are you making bangle bracelets or cuffs? 
For cuffs I bought some aluminum blanks from  You just clay over the front of them and then pop them off when you are done baking (easiest while your clay is still warm).  For bangles, I have a great tutorial in a book but I can't remember which book at the moment and I have to leave for work.  If you want, I will look for it later and post it here, probably by Sunday.  I waitress so that means working all weekend.  Good luck!

From: klcrist2/22/13 1:33 PM 
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I have not used it yet but for the cuff I bought the metal mold from Premo - I bought it at the same store I buy my clay from. I am hoping to play with it soon. I actually bought two of them.



From: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon2/22/13 7:55 PM 
To: Parymdk DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 44) 
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Thanks for your feedback. Greg

From: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon2/22/13 7:57 PM 
To: alison528 unread  (6 of 44) 
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I have made a lot of cuffs and I have the metal bracelet blanks for those. Actually for odd shaped cuffs or different designs I cut my own blanks out of cheap aluminum and cover them.
I am looking specifically for forms to do Bangles and I cannot find anything except the soda can which is too flimsy for me to really work on after I get it wrapped around the can. I tried filling a soda can with cement but didn't do it properly and there were dents, oh the dents, lol.

From: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon2/22/13 7:58 PM 
To: alison528 unread  (7 of 44) 
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Oh and yes when you have time if you could find the bangle tutorial that would be awesome. I am a waiter and work weekends so I know what you mean by limited time. Thank you. Greg

From: bethcurran2/23/13 6:08 PM 
To: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 44) 
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What if you filled the soda can with sand, tapping the can down to pack it in tightly, and then sealed the hole qith duct tape?   or fill the can with plaster of Paris? - Beth

From: clayjay2/23/13 7:30 PM 
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Hi Greg,

I don't make bracelets/bangles, but I was trying think of something with the 2 1/2 inch diameter you wanted and still be sturdy/bakeable. What about a 2 1/2 inch round cookie/clay cutter? The one I have seems very sturdy. The bangle should slide right off. If not, put some foil on the cutter, then slide it off. Hope that helps. If you could find the right size small cutters, might work for the rings too.



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From: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon2/23/13 8:19 PM 
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Awesome idea. This is why we need the brains of others when ours do not quite get it. Thank you.

From: manbeader DelphiPlus Member Icon2/23/13 8:21 PM 
To: clayjay  (11 of 44) 
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Another great idea. I have a lot of circle cutters in many sizes, I will measure the correct one then get some more of that size to do several at a time. And yes I also have the small ones and never thought of using them for rings. Perfect. Thanks all. Appreciate it.

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