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From: Elaine (tooaquarius)4/14/13 12:43 PM 
To: Sarah (hipearth)  (34 of 44) 
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I broke all of the test bangles I made of solid clay because I fuss with jewellery :)

All of my bangles have cores of metal or cardboard now because of it.  Cuts down on amount of clay and weight, too.

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From: Sarah (hipearth)4/14/13 10:43 PM 
To: Elaine (tooaquarius)  (35 of 44) 
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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who fidgets with their jewelry.

I feel kind of silly for never having thought of using a cardboard cuff base before. I had assumed I would HAVE to get a metal base which concerned me both due to cost, as well as weight. My mom and I were even discussing the possibility of trying to cut old aluminum soup and soda cans to make bracelet blanks. I suppose we could still give it a try - but I definitely want to try out the cardboard too.

Any tips to help me avoid problems with making PC bracelets with cardboard bangle blanks?

From: Elaine (tooaquarius)4/16/13 1:33 PM 
To: Sarah (hipearth)  (36 of 44) 
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I actually use metal - aluminum foil, carefully folded or cut strips of flashing - since it can be thin (and it's much lighter than solid, sturdy clay).

Cardboard I've used with no issues. Some people suggest coating it with white glue and letting it dry to give it tooth but I didn't have a problem with that... I used  a couple layers of card stock.

Don't forget you can use floral or masking tape to stick stuff together and put clay right over that without an issue too. so wrapped paper and tape / foil to get your shape works just fine if you need bulk without weight.


From: Sarah (hipearth)4/21/13 2:47 PM 
To: Elaine (tooaquarius)  (37 of 44) 
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Thanks so much, Elaine! You have been so helpful and informative. I can't wait to experiment with some cardboard/foil bangle bases.

From: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)4/22/13 10:38 PM 
To: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (38 of 44) 
 70313.38 in reply to 70313.30 Do NOT put a full, unsealed soda can in the oven!!! Big, big mess.

What I meant was to take an unsealed, full (and therefore sturdy) soda can, wrap it in a paper sleeve - construct your bracelet - then SLIP THE SLEEVE -OFF- WITH THE BRACELET ON IT and stand THAT round paper sleeve with the bracelet still on it on your baking sheet in the oven.   :o(

Put soda in refrigerator for later congratulatory party on wonderful pc art.

Sorry for the confusion! (Hope nobody baked a soda....)

From: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)4/22/13 10:41 PM 
To: paintprints  (39 of 44) 
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Right. No sodas in the oven! (I've been known to make some odd meals... but not that!)

However, I HAVE been known to shop with a tape measure... there I am in the jar and can aisle... who cares what's inside... if the circumference it right, it's going home with me. Yes, I do get some strange looks. I consider it a public service.... something to talk about with your co-workers next few weeks.....  ;)

From: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)4/22/13 10:44 PM 
To: BinkyMelnik unread  (40 of 44) 
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yep... I get those looks too.
And I'm on the other end of the spectrum... most bracelets I could not get on because they are too small. 8 1/2 inches around against my wrist... can you imagine how big it needs to be to get over my knuckles?  (thanks Dad and Grandpa for the big bones!)

From: paintprints4/23/13 12:39 AM 
To: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)  (41 of 44) 
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One question I have about bracelets - is it better (stronger) to use an old metal or wooden bracelet as a base for the polymer clay or do the bracelet in all clay ?

From: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon4/23/13 7:15 AM 
To: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)  (42 of 44) 
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LOL!!!   I would pay to se that! Good idea about the sleeve, I just always had a sleeve on so I could get it off after I baked it but this makes more sense, and you can bake more without having pop cans all over the place.

From: mst014/26/13 3:47 PM 
To: klcrist  (43 of 44) 
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I just bought one (metal mold from Premo) and broke it.  I was under the impression that I was supposed to apply the clay on it and I would wear it like that.  Later, I read that it was only a mold.  I could not get it on my arm, tried to stretch it and it broke in half.  Just wondering if I were to have used that mold, would the Premo be durable to stretching?  My wrist is very narrow.

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