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From: artistMaria3/8/13 12:08 AM 
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Ok is this pathetic .... I will look thru pinterest and see crafts,  diy decor, etc and my first thought is ... "can I do this with clay?"
Do any of you do this too?
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From: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host3/8/13 6:05 AM 
To: artistMaria  (2 of 11) 
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Only all the time!! Not pathetic in any way. ;^)








From: Melody013/8/13 9:02 AM 
To: artistMaria  (3 of 11) 
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From: skywardbound3/10/13 12:31 AM 
To: artistMaria  (4 of 11) 
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Pathetic?  NO!  Creative?  YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

From: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon3/10/13 9:20 PM 
To: artistMaria  (5 of 11) 
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My mother hates to go shopping with me because I always say that..."Look Mom wouldn't that look neat in clay?" And then I always make her tag along to the thrift stores 'cos yah know there is always something you can find to tear apart and use with clay/cover/or put into But she puts up with it cos she loves me!

From: tanajoy3/26/13 2:22 PM 
To: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 11) 
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No, it's not pathetic at all!  I haven't been doing clay very long, but I find myself doing the exact same thing. Plus, everywhere I go now, always looking at items to use for stamping or molding.

From: jes11263/26/13 2:59 PM 
To: artistMaria  (7 of 11) 
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Hi everyone! I was going to leave a post to say hello and let everyone know I am still kicking. Then I saw this post from Maria. I then decided to say . . .

We are all a little nuts. My significant other/partner/beast friend/primarary care taker is prepared for me to say something about a found decoration, charm, or pendant. It was recently my grandson's birthday. On his cake, there was a plastic balloon. I piped up, "that would be perfect for the bottle I covered with pc!" My grandson handed it over. I'll make a mold with it. Then there was the time I  took a photo of a wrought iron decoration on the wall of my office. There I was taking pictures and holding everything up.

Oh, well! 

Happy creating!


From: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon3/28/13 1:51 AM 
To: artistMaria  (8 of 11) 
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No, of course not, you are the ONLY one who does this.  :::runs off howling::::

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From: artistMaria3/29/13 1:31 AM 
To: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 11) 
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From: Moe2647 DelphiPlus Member Icon3/29/13 1:46 AM 
To: artistMaria  (10 of 11) 
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