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From: DesertRubble (boozersworld)3/18/13 9:43 AM 
To: Melody01  (11 of 22) 
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You're so sweet Anita =) Have an awesome week!

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From: Ladyartist053/28/13 11:26 AM 
To: merrie60  (12 of 22) 
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If you do go with Vista Print be sure to look for online coupons.  My significant other just got clock repair cards made and they turned out wonderfully and with the coupon he got 250 extra free.  Use coupon cabin or lots of other places to find them on the internet.

Good luck!


From: SherryBinNH3/28/13 2:51 PM 
To: Melody01  (13 of 22) 
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As a consumer more than a seller, I'd like to add that color photographs (on business cards)  of a representative example of your work are a wonderful way to help someone remember WHY they picked up your card in the first place, especially when used for events like craft fairs. Of course, this works best if you have an established style or product or something that actually IS representative.

Although, truth in advertising, I know I pick those up because I really love somebody's work, but so far I have never contacted that artist to place an order. I have learned to recognize and appreciate work that route, but not buy. I'm sure they SOMETIMES result in orders or being sought out at future events, but you also give them away for nothing part of the time...

A person could get color phot cards with a logo for some uses and still have the less expensive text based cards for other uses...


Sherry Bailey


From: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon4/14/13 8:23 AM 
To: DesertRubble (boozersworld)  (14 of 22) 
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Thanks, Lynn. I tweeted this out to our guild.

From: DesertRubble (boozersworld)4/14/13 8:35 AM 
To: DocSarah DelphiPlus Member Icon  (15 of 22) 
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Thanks Sarah, I hope at least one person finds it useful, even if it just helps getting them thinking about what they want =)

Have a great day!


From: TbyTrina4/25/13 3:16 PM 
To: merrie60  (16 of 22) 
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Vista print also does both sides. I just got some and a T-shirt, too. But now I get emails and "offers" every day. Not good. Gotta turn that off.

From: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/2/13 7:51 AM 
To: DesertRubble (boozersworld)  (17 of 22) 
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Great post! And never having seen your site before I was enthralled-absolutely love the work! Bookmarked it, made coffee and am going to settle in to look at all the cool eye candy.


From: DesertRubble (boozersworld)5/2/13 11:48 AM 
To: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (18 of 22) 
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Well that just made my day Kathy, thank you very much =) BTW I really love the rustic, organic touch you bring to your own work, it's really great!


From: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/2/13 12:54 PM 
To: DesertRubble (boozersworld)  (19 of 22) 
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Oh you're welcome, and thank you also.  Oddly enough I used to do woodworking also, but my style was much like my clay. I did the primitive, rustic Americana style, and did pretty well at the craft shows until I had to quit.  I guess it is taking me longer to solidify my clay style but it seems it will be on the 'organic' side as you said. 

I did want to ask you how you like the website (3dcart) that you have. I liked the navigation, very easy to find my way around. Some sites might be pretty but hard to find what you want and it is off-putting so you don't visit as much. Yours is a nice easy-going place to visit.


From: DesertRubble (boozersworld)5/2/13 3:05 PM 
To: kathy47 (kth47) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (20 of 22) 
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Oh, my woodcrafts were sort of rustic, too, less Primitive Americana though. I LOVE organic style in polymer clay, I say go with it =)

Thankyou so much for your feedback on my website, that means a lot. I really wanted it to be easy to find the links to navigate, it helps that there isn't much there though lol The smaller the website the easier it is to organize =) Some sites have so much
'stuff' that it is overwhelming to me and I don't like that, so I purposely keep it simple.

I love my 3dcart! I should say though that only about half the website is 3dcart, the other half is wordpress. But I did what I could to make them match as closely as possible so it's not so obvious (and I hope it isn't) that they are different platforms. It was a lot of work, but it I like it =)

Thankyou Kathy!


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