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From: merrie603/17/13 3:58 PM 
To: Melody01  (3 of 22) 
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Thanks for the quick response.  I need over 100 cards I just got into two stores and I want to put a card with all my items and another card with care instructions so I have to have them printed. Plus my online (soon I hope) and friends etc.  I find it a good marketing tool.   I did however find a place that looks good that has two sided cards so I might be able to get away with one card not sure yet.



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From: Elaine (tooaquarius)3/17/13 4:45 PM 
To: merrie60  (4 of 22) 
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I love the moo cards but the price was a sticking point for me after the promotional pricing and since I have a good printer and know-how, I made my own business cards and thank you cards (similar to my business card but what I use for packages on Etsy usually, instead)

That said, this year I'm getting them printed elsewhere since I can now afford it. And I did my own designs but Vista Print is printing them along with my banners / posters. Upgrading it all this year.

For the shops I'm in, I have a hang card that is a one colour design (much cheaper to print in bulk). Again, I made these myself but you can find good versions on zazzle, vista print, etc.

Don't forget to include the cost of your packaging (cards, envelopes, etc) either into your item or shipping prices when you're figuring out your prices. I didn't include it ALL the first year on Etsy and it set me back hard.


From: merrie603/17/13 5:33 PM 
To: Elaine (tooaquarius)  (5 of 22) 
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Thank you good advice.



From: DesertRubble (boozersworld)3/17/13 6:04 PM 
To: merrie60  (6 of 22) 
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Seemed like a good idea for a blog post, especially since I have been woefully bad about blogging!



From: Melody013/17/13 6:11 PM 
To: merrie60  (7 of 22) 
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From: merrie603/17/13 8:54 PM 
To: DesertRubble (boozersworld)  (8 of 22) 
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Thank you. Your information has been very helpful.  It was very kind of you to share.



From: DesertRubble (boozersworld)3/17/13 11:04 PM 
To: merrie60  (9 of 22) 
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Thankyou Merrie, i hope it was helpful =)


From: Melody013/18/13 8:20 AM 
To: merrie60  (10 of 22) 
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EDITED: Merrie, I just saw from your response at Lynn's blog that you've already seen the post. Think I'll leave the this up in case someone else might be interested.

I thought I'd post the following interesting info that Lynn of Desert Rubble just posted on her blog:

business cards and packaging for selling crafts online by Lynn of Desert Rubble

Anita in AZ

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From: DesertRubble (boozersworld)3/18/13 9:43 AM 
To: Melody01  (11 of 22) 
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You're so sweet Anita =) Have an awesome week!


From: Ladyartist053/28/13 11:26 AM 
To: merrie60  (12 of 22) 
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If you do go with Vista Print be sure to look for online coupons.  My significant other just got clock repair cards made and they turned out wonderfully and with the coupon he got 250 extra free.  Use coupon cabin or lots of other places to find them on the internet.

Good luck!


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