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From: ROSETTA32111/26/07 10:18 PM 
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  • ctj2020 quote:  You continue to make accusations:  >>That in and of itself doesn't 'prove'  anything!

Why do those like yourself call the truth "accusations" ... but consider the lies and propaganda of the europeans to be "scientific" ...?  It is only their european lies and propaganda which claim that there are "white people" and that the indigneous Native Americans are descended from the Huns (their cousins) who are faking it as the "Chinese" because our ancestors allegedly walked across an alleged land-bridge 100 million years ago; and no one ever invented a ship or sailed the seas before the Negroes of europe did in disguise as so-called 'white people.'   It is only european lies and propaganda that mankind is the only life-form in this world that walks upright on two feet and who can talk.  Yet the Holy Scriptures tells the story of how our ancestors got spread around the world and of the serpent (the other life-form which walks upright on two feet and talks and can mate with women) ... yet the europeans lie, spread propaganda and falsely claim it is made up (not "scientific")  to hide the fact that they have changed the look of the male  seed of the serpert (their footsoldiers) through surgery to resemble mankind (male/female) and are using them in their conquest of the world as so-called "white people."

  • ctj2010 quote:  who is merely of the same alleged/real ethnic/racial background,   etc.,  via an 'us vs them'  notion of our folk in the Americas,  etc.,   won't work on me!

We, the indigenous Native Americans of Shemite-Kushyte ancestry are under attack.  There are more Negro-Russians in the USA than there are in europe - their ancestral homelands.  One has to look hard and long to find an American living and/or working in the Northeast these days.  Believe you me, these invading europeans have never had us indigenous Native Americans in their equation as to who gets to live in the USA.  They are here to take all they can get and to keep it -- forever.  They have no morals or scruples about removing their opposition by stealth (using lies and propaganda behind smokescreens of "spreading civilization" by bringing "religion to the heathen Indians" or "freedom and democracy" around the world).  If you want to waste your time lining yourself up to be conquered by these europeans, rather than working to have all indigenous peoples in this world to freely govern their own peoples -- as called for by all leaders throughout the world ... the choice is yours.  But don't call us who differ with your opinion "rude" or "showing no respect" as other do who have an unrealistic, high and exalted opinion of themselves.


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