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From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon6/30/16 5:16 PM 
To: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 34) 
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Hahaha I love them both!! Very cute, well done!

How nice that you can say "plenty of room" with more than 2 people in your studio. I'm so happy that you got it pulled together and that you like it! If you want to share photos of it, I'd love to see! :)

Have a good work week - may it be short.



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From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon6/30/16 5:17 PM 
To: mst01  (7 of 34) 
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Ohhh my goodness, this is ADORABLE. I love this bejeweled horse for sure! Nice work. Do you make a lot of these? Very appealing.



From: mst016/30/16 5:37 PM 
To: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 34) 
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So cute!  I especially like the chicken!


From: mst016/30/16 5:37 PM 
To: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 34) 
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Thank you!


From: mst016/30/16 5:38 PM 
To: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 34) 
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Thank you!  I try to, they are time consuming to make but people seem to like them!


From: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host6/30/16 10:06 PM 
To: All  (11 of 34) 
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I managed to add wire to a set of stitch markers, and shanks to a set of buttons and paint dots on all those ladybugs - boy are they small, and with shaky hands and silly eyes the result is not my finest. It'll have to do, tho.
I also reduced and kaleidoscoped a cane I made about a month ago and didn't really like, so now I like it better. 
Off to bed - it's 4 AM around here!









From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon6/30/16 10:49 PM 
To: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (12 of 34) 
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Your ladybugs are really cute, Eva, no question. And the cane is awesome! Great job. :)


P.S. Did you paint with a brush or a permanent marker?



From: 7Jackie DelphiPlus Member Icon6/30/16 10:54 PM 
To: All  (13 of 34) 
 71314.13 in reply to 71314.1 

Yay me! I took photos! Now, I am sure there will have to be much discussion about my mental state - even I am thinking, "what the heck am I doing?". BUT, I'm having so much fun doing it that I don't care. Wow, I can't believe it is me who said that.

Actually, I have all kinds of wild and crazy ideas about mixed media and other things - so many other things! - that I can't corral the thoughts yet. I might have to actually sit down and use my creations in order to pull it together before I have a million of these little pretties. But, before I do that... I'm going to go make more! And more! And more! hahahahahaha.

Yep, maybe it's time....




P.S. largest about 3" across.


From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon6/30/16 11:21 PM 
To: mst01  (14 of 34) 
 71314.14 in reply to 71314.3 

I haven't seen it up til today. Very nicely done. I live in an area where this is the rodeo season. That would be a huge hit with that crowd, for sure!


From: aramina5 DelphiPlus Member Icon6/30/16 11:24 PM 
To: Eva (mejsel) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (15 of 34) 
 71314.15 in reply to 71314.4 

Borrow away! I do like goofy chickens so I'd love to see what you do :)


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