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From: BrickleBears1/8/17 4:58 PM 
To: amyfb  (11 of 14) 
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Sculpey III sounds like a good clay to start with. Even though it is made for kids, I thought it might be perfect for me because I am a complete beginner. I haven't worked with any type of clay since grade school! 

I was planning to buy some Sculpey, but I saw this off-brand polymer clay on eBay that comes with way more colors for the price. I'm probably going to buy that instead. Does this sound like a "craft fail" waiting to happen? I hope not!

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From: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)1/9/17 5:50 PM 
To: S.Greige (GrgeSRabaud) unread  (12 of 14) 
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I believe the air-dry clay you're using is going to have a tough time with any silicone mold that is not shallow. Your shown mold seems quite deep. Air-dry clay has to air dry all the way through. But if you have it pressed into a deep silicone mold - the moisture cannot escape through the silicone, so only has the small open space to escape through. And THAT part will dry quickly, but what is buried deep will take ages, if it dries at all. At least those are my thoughts. You might write to the manufacturers of the clay for advice. Most manufacturers are very helpful, they want you to have a good experience with their product, and sing the praises to others!


From: Melody011/12/17 9:59 AM 
To: BrickleBears  (13 of 14) 
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'I was wondering if you could tell me why Sculpey is not recommended? What is wrong with it? I am planning on buying a Sculpey III 12 pack. Do you think that is a good product to start with? I saw another type of Sculpey called Bake Shop that is made for kids. Is that a softer clay, or is it poor quality?'

Hi Brickle Bears, In my opinion Sculpey III polymer clay is an OK choice for beginners, or children, because it is easy to condition, to work with and is readily available. On the downside, many people find it too mushy to work with, it doesn't hold fine detail, is nearly impossible to cane with, and once cured (baked), it tends to be very fragile if dropped. It is not usually the top choice of most of the PC-ers I know.

I have been a loyal fan of Sculpey's PREMO brand clay for nearly 20 years. It's quite versatile and it's the clay I recommend right from the beginning for most work.

I find Kato clay GREAT for canes because it holds tiny details, but a bit stiff to condition and work with, can look "Plastic-y" and shiny and is harder to HAND sand and Hand buff once cured. Love the ability of PREMO to be hand sanded and buffed to a fab sheen.


Others use Fimo, but I find the majority of users to be located outside the USA and it's harder to find in the USA. 


Sculpey's Bake Shop (URL to review below), is targeted to kids and VERY soft to work with.


Your choice depends on what you want your clay to be able to do. It's a super versatile medium. Though Sculpey III would be an OK choice to get you started if you already have some, if you are putting in a lot of effort on your work and want to make sure it has the best chance of lasting I would not recommend ultimately using Sculpey III long term.

Anita in AZ







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From: Claylady43 (Penni_Jo)1/14/17 12:45 AM 
To: BrickleBears  (14 of 14) 
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Hi BrickleBears,

I too recommend Premo brand clay for all of my beginner students. It is fairly easy to condition, can be molded, sculpted, rolled and sliced as needed, bakes into a nice strong piece, comes in great colors and is reasonably priced. All in all, it's fun and produces a satisfying project.


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