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From: S.Greige (GrgeSRabaud)12/26/16 4:18 PM 
To: Melody01  (3 of 14) 
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Thanks so much for your reply.  I bought the silicone push mold through ebay ,I can't remember the brand name to be honest . I will post a picture of it so you can have a clearer idea of what I am talking about ..

Regarding the clay used , there are two types . Boyle Air Drying Clay  and La Doll - La Poupee La Muneca Natural Stone Clay.

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From: Melody0112/26/16 5:04 PM 
To: S.Greige (GrgeSRabaud)  (4 of 14) 
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'Regarding the clay used , there are two types . Boyle Air Drying Clay  and La Doll - La Poupee La Muneca Natural Stone Clay.'

Hi S., It looks to me that you are using air dry clay rather than the clay commonly called polymer clay (like brands PREMO, Fimo, Kato, Sculpey, etc......though Sculpey is not always recommended). This may be why you are having difficulty with your molds. I know nothing about air dry clay, other than they don't react like polymer clays (commonly called PC) and don't necessary work the same. The reason why I asked what brand of silicone mold you were using was because the maker of the mold might be able to tell you if/how use could be adapted with with air dry. I did find in my archive info on a several tutorials for making babies with PC. I can dig up the URL for you if it's something that interests you.

On a different  track, I do know that all molds are not created equal. Various brands have different minerals in them that react with certain polyclays. The silicone molds I make myself work fine with most brands of PC, but using them with Kato brand renders them unable to set up.....so other than the potential problem with using  air dry VS PC, I was wondering if you'd purchased other brands of molds and if you had the same problem with all of them.

We're primarily a community of polymer clay enthusiasts here and I don't know of anyone here with much expertise in air dries, but perhaps you'll still get a reply. The other thing I would recommend would be to search for an air dry clay newsgroup, perhaps something on FaceBook.

Hoping you are able to find an answer and if you should ever have a question about PC we'll try to help.

Anita in AZ







From: S.Greige (GrgeSRabaud)12/26/16 5:33 PM 
To: Melody01  (5 of 14) 
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thanks alot for your time . After your reply , i have a feeling it may be the mold i am using. Perhaps it's not the best quality ... 

I might look into purchasing the OOAK ones.  

You are right . The clays I am using seem quite porous.


From: Melody0112/26/16 7:58 PM 
To: S.Greige (GrgeSRabaud) unread  (6 of 14) 
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Hi S. Just one more thought......when you purchased the mold did they specify that it could be used with air dry clay? I keep thinking that maybe the directions/hints you've found to free a molded piece (like using cornstarch/freezing) might not have been intended for use with air dry. Maybe there are special different hints to use a mold with air dry that are different than using it with PC? When you find out what works for you it would be great if you could return and let us know.........so maybe we can help another better in the future.

Anita in AZ








From: BrickleBears1/8/17 8:26 AM 
To: Melody01  (7 of 14) 
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I was wondering if you could tell me why Sculpey is not recommended? What is wrong with it? I am planning on buying a Sculpey III 12 pack. Do you think that is a good product to start with? I saw another type of Sculpey called Bake Shop that is made for kids. Is that a softer clay, or is it poor quality?



From: amyfb1/8/17 12:57 PM 
To: BrickleBears  (8 of 14) 
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I am worried that there is a confusion between the different ways that each clay cures (becomes hard, dries out).

In your first post you supplied information about AIR DRY clays. 

This forum is about polymer clay that is not air dry, but is baked. Sculpey is a kind of polymer clay. It will not air dry.

I think before you can get good answers about the mold problems, it would help us to know what you are trying to accomplish for the kids. Do you need air dry clay? Can you answer that ?




From: BrickleBears1/8/17 1:40 PM 
To: amyfb  (9 of 14) 
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Hello -

I am afraid you have me confused with another member. I did not ask that question!

I asked about Sculpey, but I never mentioned air dry clay. That was someone else.


From: amyfb1/8/17 3:36 PM 
To: BrickleBears  (10 of 14) 
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AH, ok.

So , Sculpey III - here's my input for your consideration:

it's great starter clay because it is easy to work.

it's not so great details clay because it is soft and the colors can bleed. anything other than simple jellyroll or bullseye canes are pretty hard to get fancy.

It's soft and sometimes not as easy to clean up as premo or kato. but for starters for kids, its perfect and easy to condition for small hands.



From: BrickleBears1/8/17 4:58 PM 
To: amyfb  (11 of 14) 
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Sculpey III sounds like a good clay to start with. Even though it is made for kids, I thought it might be perfect for me because I am a complete beginner. I haven't worked with any type of clay since grade school! 

I was planning to buy some Sculpey, but I saw this off-brand polymer clay on eBay that comes with way more colors for the price. I'm probably going to buy that instead. Does this sound like a "craft fail" waiting to happen? I hope not!


From: Debbie G / Twinkle (debtwinkle)1/9/17 5:50 PM 
To: S.Greige (GrgeSRabaud) unread  (12 of 14) 
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I believe the air-dry clay you're using is going to have a tough time with any silicone mold that is not shallow. Your shown mold seems quite deep. Air-dry clay has to air dry all the way through. But if you have it pressed into a deep silicone mold - the moisture cannot escape through the silicone, so only has the small open space to escape through. And THAT part will dry quickly, but what is buried deep will take ages, if it dries at all. At least those are my thoughts. You might write to the manufacturers of the clay for advice. Most manufacturers are very helpful, they want you to have a good experience with their product, and sing the praises to others!


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