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From: stormshaddow8/13/06 2:00 PM 
To: ctj527  (34 of 49) 
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stormshaddow   1:52 pm 



Use the ''drop down menu'' on the reply/post message page.

Its next to the ''Others'' button.............................^

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From: ctj5278/13/06 2:24 PM 
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I am looking for the option you mentioned  (but it may not be a part of this delphi members software package)?

You telll me!

I'll be waiting...



P. S.

You may only have that option because you originated the thread...




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From: stormshaddow8/13/06 2:33 PM 
To: ctj527  (36 of 49) 
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When you reply to a message its one of the green buttons above the message field. ;o)

From: ctj5278/13/06 2:34 PM 
To: Mark S Madrid (madridm)  (37 of 49) 
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Thanks,  Stormy!

(Yeah I finally remembered how this thingee works)!



Do know and understand your comments are appreciated and quite welcomed,   Mark!

(BIG smile)...




From: ctj5278/13/06 2:42 PM 
To: Mark S Madrid (madridm)  (38 of 49) 
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I also do need and want you to know and understand this about me:


In the midst of many folk who weren't or aren't that sure of who they are or who they were/are related to in the first place:

Some of everybody can just claim to be anybody and everybody!

But they have to prove that to be true to me too!

Present company excluded...





From: ROSETTA3218/13/06 8:25 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (39 of 49) 
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  • I have nothing more to say to you.

You mean you have nothing intelligent or factual to say to me ... as your propaganda statement falsely accusing me of allegedly saying: how certain races[sic] can't produce healthy offspring ... is totally bogus TRASH!

Where in anything did I post that I wrote that certain races[sic] can't produce healthy offspring ...?  This is an invention of yours -- not mine.  The truth speaks for itself.  I suggest that you read for a change the law of the hybrid or mulatto and learn something for yourself about how these mulattoes cannot reproduce.  It is only in Wikipedia will one find ridiculous false claims about an alleged Asian Indian, with no name or no location, that a female mule gave birth to an offspring ... or some other alleged no-name european acient reference to such nonsense.


You may very well be a RACIST ... but that is YOUR problem not mine.  As we have all observed on these messageboard ... whenever anyone posts the TRUTH they are immediately jumped on with  personal attacks... rather than comments about the topic.  And you should also know by now that crying RACIST it isn't going to change anything -- because there is no way in this world that imposters or fakes are going to misrepresent themselves and become members of our tribal ancestral cousins so as to commit genocide against them -- from the inside out.  Get real ... this is real LIFE and not some fiction produced for TV or the movies by whites and their  immigrant black allies in the entertainment business.


From: ROSETTA3218/13/06 8:59 PM 
To: ctj527  (40 of 49) 
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  • It is the tendancy of too many exploited and oppressed people to desperately and frantically only turn to higher powersabove and beyond their conrol  to free or save them that does!

You sound like the the Bishop Carlton Pearson I just caught a quick look at on Dateline (?) claiming that he heard the voice of his god saying that we are all living in hell right here and now and that all are "redeemed" after they die. ... WOW!  Since there was no way to tell this Pearson (who appeared to be an immigrant African-American of western european ancestry) that we cannot go around making up our own holy doctrine of what will happen to us after our change (or death) has come  ... as our Lord already sent His holy message to this generation we now live in through His servant Chanokh or Enoch (as mistranslated in the Yaphetite euroepan bible) ... from before the flood or the first judgement on the world.  So to you I say that you cannot go around making up your own scenarios as to what will or will not happen to us on this earth as our future has already been foretold to us -- and as written in the book of Dani'El 7 ... the judgement of our Lord stands against the unrighteous and His  righteous (or saints) will inherit the earth.  People are exploited and oppressed because they have left the righteous path of life which is the word of our Maker or Lord as given to us through the entire Holy Scriptures -- and not just bits and pieces as given in the Yaphetite euroepan Bible. 

  • Instead I do feel and think that the Creators make us creatures of free will so we could free and save ourselves...

If man could save himself -- then man would be a god, and since man is not a god nor is any animal walking on the face of this earth -- we should have common sense enough to STOP our rebellion against His laws so that we might start to live a blessed life.

  • We continue to be at war with each other for any number of reasons  (including who claims their faith makes them superior and others inferior):

We continue to be at war because there are those who rebel against the righteous laws of our Lord and freely chose to hate, worship false gods, lie, murder, steal, rob, rape, blaspheme, trick, whore, prostitute, , etc.. with no respect for anyone else's rights -- just their own unrighteous desires... being subject to the spirit of unrighteousness or Belial (Hebrew name) or  Satan (as some Jews later called it) or Antichrist (ancient Christian name) who lives in the earth because there is no wisdom to be found anywhere in this earth.  Wisdom resides in the heavens.

  • then come to be  at peace with ourselves and our fellow human beings --our relationships to the rest of the living creatures et al will help to return the natural balance to this ecosphere--  and all live will go on--

PEACE comes from our Maker and Lord ... it is a spirit, like wisdom and truth.  Man is mortal and when he acts unrighteously -- he dies ... but when he remembers that he is made in the image of our Lord and lives righteously -- he lives in peace and prospers with all around him, including the animals.  At least that's [our LORD] take on it all...


From: ctj5278/14/06 9:51 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (41 of 49) 
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It is your business/choice/right what you choose (the operative word here)  to do with your time et al...


I have more positive things I am trying to do with my own...

And a life is a terrible thing to waste!




From: Coconut Queen (JEANNE2469) DelphiPlus Member Icon8/14/06 5:29 PM 
To: ctj527  (42 of 49) 
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Oh, I really like that - "A life is a terrible thing to waste." I'm going to keep that in mind in regards to my own life and whatever time I have left in this life here...


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From: Michelle (MICHELL12702)8/16/06 12:28 AM 
To: All  (43 of 49) 
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DNA testing can speak to what race or races a person is composed of.  We are in a time where people can prove what genes they carry scientifically.  No need to rely on lists, birth certificates or anything else that may or may not represent truth.

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