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From: stormshaddow9/17/06 3:43 PM 
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From: ROSETTA32112/7/06 10:02 PM 
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  • Raging Racist of Sacramento Capitol 6/14/06

Why do immigrant european whites call indigenous Native Americans 'racist' who want our ancestral homelands restored? ... Restoring our ancestral homelands back to all Native Americans is what the USA voted in favor of back in Dec 1960 at the United Nations when the General Assembly passed the Declaration on Graning Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.  Don't these 'racist' comments by immigrant whites appear to be the product of covert psychological warfare? Like calling any Native American who want the USA to abide by this 1960 UN Declaration a 'separatist' all indigenous or native peoples are supposed to be self-governing as well in their own restored ancestral homelands.

 The comment this young NA woman made about whites with 'blonde hair' always claiming to be Indian reminds me of a topic someone started on this Forum about Heather Locklear allegedly being descended from indigneous Native American ... and also on the Blackvoice Forum claiming Locklear to be descended from western european Negro ancestry also.  As this young woman said more or less -- You [whites] sure don't look Indian. But what doesn't surprise me is how the video has been edited to make this young NA woman with long black hair to look like an immigrant white.  But I guess this is the real covert (?) purpose of websites like '' and '' ... don't you thing?

Did you check out the video on this same link about the Native Americans (Mexicians) who want the immigrant western european Negroes to go home? .... called Mexicans Tell Black Minutemen To Leave Their Continent.  One BM speaking claimed that there is 'no Negro problem' in the USA but then went on to quote from their white footsoldiers like George Washington and Jefferson who enslaved our ancestors on the east coast and stole our lands and still have possession of the majority of all Native Americans lands today -- owned by their Roman Catholic Church hidden away under various names of businesses, trusts, estates, charities, etc..

What do you think about the lastest bit of covert propaganda in the news? ... claiming that the Seminoles (?) an alleged indigneous Native American tribe has bought a white european business franchise called Hard Rock Cafe.  Propaganda planted says that  these so-called Seminoles are not a real Native American tribe, claiming that they are just a band of various Native American Indians and immigrnt Negro black (who were allegedly slaves -- which is a lie because no Negroes were slaves in the USA or the Americas) that  banned together after various wars.  But it seems more likely that these Seminoles may just be another fake Native American tribe ... as all the photos/paintings of the so-called Seminoles from Florida are of whites:

Osceola.pngý (13KB, MIME type: image/png)

Florida Indian leader Osceola. ... << >>

seminole_ke.jpg (26544 bytes) ....

Photo of old and new Seminole Negro Indian Scouts.

Seminole Negro Indian Scouts both retired and new recruits. << >>

Even this photo of alleged ' Seminole Negro Indian Scouts' look more like whites faking it.

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From: ctj52712/11/06 11:13 AM 
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Good morning and welcome back,  Stormshadow...

But I've seen the video (without the sound)  and I have yet to truly know or understand what she's protesting against (or who)?

Please do elaborate and thanks in advance!




From: stormshaddow2/17/07 3:06 PM 
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My sound card blew

From: ctj5272/17/07 3:29 PM 
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Like I said via email earlier:

Break it down,  brown...




From: ctj5272/17/07 3:33 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (6 of 7) 
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Also at what point are the handful who post back to that unwanted 'guest'  going to recognize she's a colored reactionary selling yah revisionist takes on our various relations true history in the Americas?

And when will the 'doctor'  be making another one of his--uh--'house calls'?


"(S)ome love their masters more than they love themselves..."

This ain't the seventies folks!




From: stormshaddow2/17/07 4:15 PM 
To: ctj527  (7 of 7) 
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That poster is pretty transparent and it shows right through.

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