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From: Semmaster11/3/06 4:20 PM 
To: stormshaddow  (15 of 23) 
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Let me explain to you about the Thomas Jefferson Society. There are no Hemings relatives in the cemetary on Montichello and there are no decendants of Sarah (Sally) Hemings accepted in the Scoiety because even though there is overwhelming evidence of slave children being born between Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson, The Society still fails to recognize the union. The Hemings slaves were originally the slaves of John Wayles,(the father of Martha Wayles, Skelton Jefferson,) Thomas Jefferson's wife. When Mr. Jefferson married Martha, after the death of her father, John Wayles, she inherited all of the Hemings slave because John Wayles was the father of at least seven of the Betty Hemings children. Betty Hemings was the daughter of a Captian Hemings and one of John Wayles's African slaves and tried to buy the slave and his daughter by him. John wayles refused, then Captian Hemings sailed back to England. There is a book written by one of my Woodson cousins entitled,"A President in the family." by Bryon W. Woodson. Also there was a TV movie about the President and his family. The Caucasian desendants, (the ones that head the commity) refuse to acknowledge us.
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From: stormshaddow11/3/06 6:25 PM 
To: Semmaster  (16 of 23) 
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None of the African American descendants of Thomas Jefferson are recognized?.....




From: Semmaster11/4/06 8:41 AM 
To: stormshaddow  (17 of 23) 
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That's right! Now there is a grave site for some of the slaves of Thomas Jefferson with unmarked headstones. Isaac Jefferson, (not a decendant), just a regular slave, is highly recognized on the Monticello Plantation. Another thing to think about is, Thomas Jefferson only freed two of his slaves at the time of his death, they were Madison and Eston Hemings. The rest were sold or given to family members to pay off some of his many depts.

From: stormshaddow11/7/06 12:01 AM 
To: Semmaster  (18 of 23) 
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I didn't know that NONE of the Black descendants weren't recognized!

No wonder! There's so much BS comming from the White descendants!


From: ctj52711/7/06 11:12 AM 
To: stormshaddow  (19 of 23) 
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I'm shocked..shocked to have heard/read that one of the white founder fathers also had children out of wedlock by the way of one of his female slaves...

Shocked,  I tell yah,  shocked...

I'm as shocked to have heard/read ole 'Honest'  George (Washington)  set up a model plantation included with those unpaid laborers others called black slaves to teach the indians how to go from being 'savages'  to being as 'civilized'  as the whites felt and thought they were...


But as the second to the Matador would say:

"What a lot of bull.."



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From: stormshaddow11/7/06 2:13 PM 
To: ctj527  (20 of 23) 
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But I really didnt know none of the Back descendants of TJ weren't recognized by the famous society!


From: ctj52711/8/06 9:59 AM 
To: stormshaddow unread  (21 of 23) 
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Good morning,  Stormshadow...

But all I add (for now)  is how sorry I feel about the legacy the colored descendants of Sally Hemmings were and are burdened down with...




From: Semmaster11/8/06 4:12 PM 
To: ctj527  (22 of 23) 
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Actually, the legacy goes back a little further concerning the relationship with my gggg grandmother, Sally Hemings. Mary Hemings, Sally's older sister also had children by Thomas Jefferson but then again that is a little known fact in African American History.

From: ctj52711/9/06 9:11 AM 
To: Semmaster  (23 of 23) 
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Good morning,  Semmaster...

But let me be equally candid and honest about a few things too...

First of all?

I glad the message came across the way I meant it to because at best I can guess you probably have mixed feelings about some of your kinfolk being related to a white founding father like that!

Second of all?

I don't feel or think it is a good idea for you to--uh--as we do say in my neck of the woods--put your family's biznis in the street--like this--either!

I. e.,   anything and everything posted on these boards also goes out,   via being archived under our names and related topics,  thruout the internet and/or world wide web...

Third and lastly:

Also in all due candor and honesty?

This thread was/is related to those of our mixed ancestors who had been identified as african/indigenous folk,   then the white haters decided to redefine them as 'negroes',    just like that white slave owner changed one now famous enslaved african's name from 'Kunte Kinte'  to 'Toby'...

That is:

This thread was and is kinda sorta related to finding out why some of their descendants know they have shared ancestry with American Indians though too oftentimes lack either having the same level of knowledge et al of their indian relations ancient ways etc.  and no real tribal ties with them?

And this is the first step of some of us here/there/everythere undoing the damage...

The flip side are those who have yet to face up to the fact some past chiefs and suchlike went along with it in order to advance their (not the tribes)  personal self interests...

Hence that ongoing saga which is a bad reflection of what those so-called 'Freedmen Descendants'  are going thru...

And your guess would be as good as mine what will be the outcome for the Cherokee Freedmen Descendants (who are kinda sorta my distant relations)  via their issues and problems as regards one stuck on 'stupid'  red apple turned Principal Chief who is trying to undermine their right to join the present day Western Cherokees over in Eastern Oklahoma...

The reality is there were societies and nations already existing on these three also now renamed American contintents:

And while what happened via first white contacts can be explained by the one side's ignorance:

The historical record suggests otherwise as regards what came long after that...

The other crap which went on and down,   both during the indian removals from the east to the west,   during the late 1830's,   as well as the ending of communal ownership of the lands those folks descendants did manage to hold on to in spite of it all,   up to and during the 1890's,   was and is what I'm writing and talking about as well...








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