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From: ROSETTA3211/28/07 11:47 PM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (18 of 42) 
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  • As you know, the earliest plantations in the new world were in south and central america.

You seem confused ... as there is no such thing as 'the new world' ... our Lord created all land at the same time.  Granted ... repopulation of the world after the flood took place first in Asia and later around the world, after it was divided for all times among the three sons of Noach our progenitor <with Noach invoking a curse on anyone who would take away someone elses land.>  The earliest plantations were in the Caribbeans and South America.  Large plantations were not set up in the USA until around 1800 after western europe ended slavery in their colonies.  The USA set up large plantations in the lower south (Louisiana, Alabama, Missippi, etc.) and transferred indigenous Naitive Kus_ite Americans from the upper south (North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Kentucky, etc.)  to them by ships, with last slave ship arriving in in 1858. South Carolina, with a slave population of 4 times that of whites in the beginning only had about 3 plantations with 300 slaves or more.  The majority of slaves in the USA were owned by the average families... not wealthy planation owners as the myth goes. Also, Celts (Negroes) from western europe were transported to work the plantations in the Caribbeans ... and this is also a well documented facts.  All those blacks in the Caribbeans came from western europe -- not Africa, as Africans are not a ebony colored black-skinned people.  Some Kus_ite are dark brown, but they lighten when removed from sunny hot regions.

  • These europeans tried to enslave the indigenous peoples first, but many of them died from contacting diseases from the Euros.  They tried indentured servants, but many of them died from natural diseases like malaria.  

Nonsense ... the europeans deliberately exposed our ancestors to contagious diseases before they showed up with their soldiers to enslave what was left of our indigneous ancestral populations.  Small pox was known  by western europeans to reduce the population of a tribe by 40% ... which is why there is no surprise that smallpox and other diseases ravaged Africa  when the western europeans arrived there first.  No indentrued servants died from malaria in the USA because, malaria is not native here.  And why wouldn't malaria wipe all the western euroepans as well?  You make no sense. Or are you claiming that western europeans are immuned to malaria which is endemic to the southern part of western europe as well?

  • Then they tried Africans, and even the indigenous peoples marveled at how healthy the Africans were.  They seemed immune to malaria and to the diseases carried by the Euros, and this fact seemed intriguing to the natives.

Why would Africans be immune to malaria in the Americans but not immune to malaria in their own ancestral homealnds?  You don't make any sense.  And what diseases did the eurpeans carry that Africans are immune to?  Measles?  Everyone gets measles today and no one dies from mealses but the 'africans' according to media reports ... on the tens of thousands dying from measles today in Africa.  And no one is immune from small pox ... which is what the europeans used to initially decimate our native population before they invaded with their army.

  • Race mixing occuried for the simple sake of survival of the tribes.  This was not an issolated phenomena. 

Race mixing took place when whites faking it took wives of native Americans, as it was the custom of the people ... to get them to trust them before enslaving them.  And we know, white males produce barren/sterile offsprings which cannot reproduce .... so there goes your  lie about race mixing.  Only under slavery did our ancestors mate with Negroes faking it as 'africans' ....  Race mixing freely came with Shemites and Kus_ite(long time allies) intermarried freely throughout the Shemitic portion of the world.

  • I would refer us all to Van Sertima's:THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS.   He says Africans came here as Explorers and sailors.   That's a far cry from indentured servants and slaves.

We've all heard about this propaganda ... Calling our Kus_ite ancestors western european Negroes is a grave error on the part of this alleged expert.  As the statue heads left in the Mexico, mistakenly called Olmecs, are of Kus_ite  not the western european Negro faking it as 'africans' today.  Kus_ite have long hair and are dark brown ... the european Negro has short hair  that is sometimes red and is ebony-colored black- skinned at all times (using skin lighteners) and  is of a completely different stature than the Kus_ite.  And there are plenty of Kus_ite in the Americans and Africa and all through Asia to make the comparison between the immigrant eurpean Negro that now calls himself 'african' and the Kus_ite who built the first civilization the North Ameria.

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From: ROSETTA3211/29/07 12:47 AM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (19 of 42) 
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  • I refer you to a book I read on Africans' arrival to the continent.  It's called :  " Before the Mayflower,  1619-?"  , by Lerone Bennett Jr.    It speaks of how the majority of Africans came to be in America, and believe it

I refer you to the book by George Washington Williams called "The Negro History in America 1619 to 1880."  For some reason this book is not in the public domain on the internet for us to see how much Bennett added to this account.  BTW, Bennette is a reporter, not a historian, employed by Ebony magazine.  Also, I have a copy of Bennett's book and it reads like ficition when it comes to documenting how immigrant Negroes first came to be in the USA. As we all know the Dutch brought them in from their colonies in the west indies to the northeast in small groups.

  • It speaks of how the majority of Africans came to be in America, and believe it;  it wasn't as indentured servants.   The majority of Africans were broutht here as captives, to be sold into slavery.  

There is no documented proof to this propaganda that immigrant Negroes as 'african slaves' were brought into the USA.  There is proof that these Negroes in Africa sold their own children into slavery to other African countries by the ship loads... as this practice still goes on today in Africa.  The Turks even bought male Negro children from the Sudan and raised them as eunuchs for their harems.  These are facts that are well documented.

  • They were viewed as chattel; and therefore weren't taxed as were indentured servants.  

Slaves in the USA were not legally viewed as chattled until the Dred Scott decision .. by that time millions of our native ancestors were enslaved.  And what sense would it make for the federal government to include slaves (three fifths of all other Persons) when it came to appointing seats for Congress and taxing the states (Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States) and then not use slaves as a source of tax revenue as immigrants under the Migration tax.  And even at 3/5th the rate of indentured servants and other immigrants, ... that is still a lot of money which no state had to pay for all these alleged tens of millions of 'african slave captives' that allegedly were shipped to the USA.

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From: ctj5271/29/07 11:36 AM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (20 of 42) 
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Good morning,  Casimiro...

And welcome to this forum  (such as it is)!

But above or beyond what that other deluded individual is trying to sell us:

My concern has more to do with who else is buying such revisionist b. s. outside of this one message board...

Simply put?

It's the late sixties/early seventies of the white backlash and/or excalation of white led U. S. forces meddling in the internal affairs of yet another nation filled by nonwhite people...

Otherwise just new means and ways some make excuses for doing nothing but make a lot of noise...

Though if that makes it twice as hard for those who are trying to make a difference:

It's all real...


Take care...




From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/29/07 12:15 PM 
To: ctj527  (21 of 42) 
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Belee Me; I feel yuh!!!

From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/29/07 1:03 PM 
To: ROSETTA321  (22 of 42) 
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With all due respect,... what proof do YOU have that Noah existed?   How can one know if a source of fact is actually that?   Why should one author be accepted over another?   


From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/29/07 1:35 PM 
To: ctj527  (23 of 42) 
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Thank you for welcoming me to this forum.   This kind of act is hard to find these days. 


From: ROSETTA3211/29/07 8:59 PM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (24 of 42) 
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  • With all due respect,... what proof do YOU have that Noah existed?  

We all have the truth as handed down to us from our ancestors ... in keeping the word of our Lord to live by through the Hebrew Holy Scriptures.  And we also have non- scriptural writings by the anceint historians which corroberate the HHS account of Noach and his family as given below:

Hebrew Holy Scriptures -Septuagint

First book of Moshe or Bereis (in the beginning) called Genesis

 Chapter 5. -1 auth h biblos genesews anqrwpwn h hmera epoihsen o theos ton adam kat¢ eikona theou epoihsen auton

2 arsen kai qhlu epoihsen autous kai euloghsen autous kai epwnomasen to onoma autwn adam h hmera epoihsen autous

28 kai ezhsen lamec ekaton ogdohkonta oktw eth kai egennhsen uion

29 kai epwnomasen to onoma autou nwe (Noach) legwn outos dianapausei hmas apo twn ergwn hmwn kai apo twn lupwn twn ceirwn hmwn kai apo ths ghs hs kathrasato kurios o theos

30 kai ezhsen lamec meta to gennhsai auton ton nwe pentakosia kai exhkonta pente eth kai egennhsen uious kai qugateras

31 kai egenonto pasai ai hmerai lamec eptakosia kai penthkonta tria eth kai apeqanen

32 kai hn nwe etwn pentakosiwn kai egennhsen nwe treis uious ton shm (Shem) ton cam (Cham) ton iafeth (Yafeth) ... >> <<

Genesis 5. 1 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that Elohiym (God) created man, in the likeness of Elohiym made he him;

2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

28 And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years, and begat a son:

29 And he called his name Noah (Noach), saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Yahweh (LORD) hath cursed.

30 And Lamech lived after he begat Noah five hundred ninety and five years, and begat sons and daughters:

31 And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred seventy and seven years: and he died.

32 And Noah was five hundred years old: and Noah begat Shem, Ham (Racham/Cham), and Japheth (Yapheth).

But Noah (Noach) was very uneasy at what they did; and being displeased at their conduct, persuaded them to change their dispositions and their acts for the better: but seeing they did not yield to him, but were slaves to their wicked pleasures, he was afraid they would kill him, together with his wife and children, and those they had married; so he departed out of that land. ... SOURCE: The Writings of Flavius Josephus - Antiquities of the Jews: Book 1 - Chapter 3 >> <<

A Treatise of the travailes of Noah in Europe, containing the first inhabitation and peopling thereof.

To begin with the genealogy of Dardanus (the first founder and erecter o the city of Troy) it is requisite that we take for our chiefest guide therein the first prince and Patriarch of the world, called Noe (Noach), surnamed Gallius, following herein most especially, the chronicle of that authentic writer, Berosus the Chaldean: .... only the good giant Noe, among all the rest, feared God, and was obedient to HIS laws, with all the rest of his family and household, which was Titea [page 5] his wife, Sem (Shem), Cham, and Japhet (Yaphet) their children, and Iandora, Noela, & Neogla, their wives: all which, Noe instructed in modesty and good manners, and in the reverence and fear of their sovereign Creator.; pgs 4-5; An Historical Treatise of The Travels of Noah into Europe: Containing the first inhabitation and peopling thereof; Done in English by Richard Lynch, Great. ... >> <<



From: ROSETTA3211/29/07 9:08 PM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (25 of 42) 
 733.25 in reply to 733.22 
  • How can one know if a source of fact is actually that?   Why should one author be accepted over another?   

We know which source is real as opposed to western propaganda by seeking corroberation from other historical works... as the Holy Scriptures account is corroberated by the works of other historians.

Nowhere have I found corroberating documentations of tens of millions of alleged Africans as slaves being sold into slavery into the USA.  As I stated before, every time this lie is told, the number of alleged 'african slaves' keep getting smaller and smaller.  As we know ... the majority of immigrant blacks who call themselves 'african-americans'  in the USA came only recently in modern times -- illegally through Canada.  You can check out legally how many millions of immigrant Negroes from the West Indies and Africa have been allowed into the USA by going to the US Immigration website and looking at their data.  According to the Census Bureau, only about 500 Africans lived in the USA as of 1850... which of course makes plenty of sense considering the migration tax on immigrants to live in the USA as stated under Artilce IX of the US Constitution.


From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/30/07 9:28 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (26 of 42) 
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May I suggest that you take a trip to South Carolina and Louisianna.  Check out the slave quarters and listen to the narration of the curators.   Also check out some of the museums---especially during Black History Month [February].    John Hope Franklin's From Slavery to Freedom has some reputable sources in it as well.
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From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/30/07 9:32 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (27 of 42) 
 733.27 in reply to 733.24 
Awwh!  The plot thickens!!!    So your source of information is religious.   Okay.  Thank you.

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