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From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/30/07 11:00 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (28 of 42) 
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Hi Rosetta,

what is a ####, and where is their origin?   Is/was there a land called " Kush" ?

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From: casimiro (casimiro7)1/31/07 10:32 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (29 of 42) 
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Good morning Rosetta,

You inspire me to learn each time I read your provocative statements!   May I ask you a question?   In listing the perpetrators of the trans-atlantic slave trade in America [i.e. the Dutch], I noticed you omitted others, like the Jews, and the arabs.  Is there a reason for this omission?  With this wealth of knowledge displayed in your comments, I'm sure you have knowledge of their participation.   

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From: ROSETTA3212/3/07 12:04 AM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (30 of 42) 
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  • May I suggest that you take a trip to South Carolina and Louisianna.  Check out the slave quarters and listen to the narration of the curators. 

LOL ... I was born in South Carolina and grew up there. 

I know first hand about the real descendants of enslaved Shemite and Kus_ite Native Americans and what our ancestors went through ... and what we are continuing to go through today ... and this includes the latest assault by from the huge influx of cosmetically made over immigrant Negroes faking it as  indigneous Native Black Indian American peoples.  I've even been on a tour of the 'slave quarters' and ante-bellum south in Charleston, SC. 

I don't have to hear phony narrations of the curators as to what allegedly went on with my own peoples.  And as for visiting Lousiana ... our Kus-ite Native American ancestors were not enslaved in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc. (lower south) until 1858 when they were shipped to these states (including north Georgia) by the million so as to steal our ancestral homelands and for whites and phony immigrant Negroes of western european ancestry to falsely claim they were shipped in for Africa as alleged 'slaves' ... If you know anything about the history of the USA you would know that Lousiana was under the jurisdiction of the French who "sold" our homelands to the USA (or British) as what they called the Lousiana purchase ... about the same time the immigrant black Negroes of Haiti (originally hauled  from France as indentured servants by the British) were given their independence and brought up to the Louisiana territory as indentured servants

  • especially during Black History Month [February].    John Hope Franklin's From Slavery to Freedom has some reputable sources in it as well.

Your Black History Month [February] is in reference to immigrant Negro blacks not our indigenous Native Black Indian American peoples and the contributions we have made to our own ancestral homelands ... even under foreign subjugation of western europeans.  John Hope Franklin's From Salvery to Freedom is nothing but the usual run-of-the-mill western european racist propaganda which is designed to give ALL credit for all the inventions of our indigenous Native Black Indian American peoples to the western european immigrant Negro of Yapethite ancestry by falsely claiming hired indentured western european black Negroes servants from the Caribbeans were slaves and were the ones who made all these inventions and contributed to the civilization of the western european who invaded our homelands, used small pox as a weapon of mass destruction and then firearms-weapons and slavery to try and completely decimate ALL Native Americans from our own ancestral homelands.  We indigneous Native Americans are not yet free because our ancesral homelands in the USA remain under illegal foreign subjugation of western european colonial rule ... even some 45 years after the USA agreed to end this illegal government and all ALL indigenous Native Americans to freely govern our own peoples in or own restored homelands as called for under the 1960 UN General Assembly Declaration on Granting Independence, et al..

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From: ROSETTA3212/3/07 12:22 AM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (31 of 42) 
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  • So your source of information is religious.  

You appear to have trouble understanding what I posted.  The following is not a 'religious' source of information ... nor are many of the numerous references to ancient historians listed throughout this translated work:

An Historical Treatise of The Travels of Noah into Europe: Containing the first inhabitation and peopling thereof; Done in English by Richard Lynch, Great. ...




From: ROSETTA3212/3/07 12:31 AM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (32 of 42) 
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  • what is a ####, and where is their origin?   Is/was there a land called " Kush" ?

The word  " Kush " as you posted with the space cannot be typed in when referring to the peoples by adding "-ite" without being censored as #### for some reason beyond my comprehension.  Usually I type in the sord as Kus_ite so that it won't be censored ... but I forgot. I guess I'll have to go back and correct it.

The Native American Kus_ites built the first civilization in North America at Mexico ... they are deliberately misclassified by alleged 'experts' as the progenitors of the western european Negroes who now illegally occupy western Africa and falsely refer to themselves by the nationality of "African."  There remains Kus_ites in Mexico and Central America today.  In the USA ... our Kus_ites ancestors were located in the upper South ... but were mostly shipped to lower South by 1858 and many sold throughout the South .. in an obvious attempt to destroy the entire race so as to keep our ancestral homelands.


From: ROSETTA3212/3/07 12:49 AM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (33 of 42) 
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  •  In listing the perpetrators of the trans-atlantic slave trade in America [i.e. the Dutch]

What "trans-atlantic slave trade in America" are you referring to? 

The majority of blacks hauled to the Americas was done so by the English who now call themselves the British.  And the facts are that the English hauled these blacks from western europe INTO Africa and the Caribbeans from western europe as hired indentured servants to work on western european plantations.  These immgirant black Negroes of western european Yapethite ancestry were never Africans.  The only real African I've ever heard about sailing from South Africa to western europe was the one Hottentot (KhoiKhoi) woman who was put on display because she had a large butt and breasts ... for white males to look at. 

Western european countries were issued trading monopolies in Africa and the Americas ... first the Spanish and the Portuguese, then the Dutch, then the British.  It was by means of using trade that Africa was plundered and illegally occupied using migrating western european Negroes and indentured servants.  The same strategy they are now using in the Americas ... going so far as to falsely claim that all of Kush descendants are really western euroepan Negroes and and that all Shemite and South American Chamitic peoples are alleged descended from Negroes and white males ... which of course is a lie since white males can only produce sterile/barren mulattoes.  All of these lies, like the non-existent transAtlantic slave trade in an effort to steal the homelands of all indigenous Shemitic and Chametic peoples in the Americas, Africa and throughout the entire world.

  •  like the Jews, and the arabs

You tell me what role did any real Jews and Arabs (Shemites) played in a non-existent trans-Atlaniic slave trade in the Americas?   We now know that whites are cosmetically made over to resemble Jews and Arabs and Negroes and our indigenous Native American populations ... and these same whites are always shown in news reports faking it as people of every race and nationality and skin color in the world on TV and in print.


From: casimiro (casimiro7)2/4/07 12:31 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (34 of 42) 
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Hi Rosetta,

I apologize for not getting back sooner.   I was busy.   It is my hope that we can respect each other, help each other find the truth to all of these distorted histories.  In order to do this, I need to understand you and the way you express yourself.   I am having a hard time understanding what you mean when you say: "Western european negroes"    What or who exactly are they again?  Please be patient with me.  I hope to have an intelligent conversation with you.


From: casimiro (casimiro7)2/4/07 12:35 AM 
To: ROSETTA321  (35 of 42) 
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May I ask you where you get your data from?

From: ctj5272/4/07 3:06 PM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (36 of 42) 
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I defer to you as regards that other aformentioned individual...

But I just hope it is worth the effort (and the grief)!


Take care...



From: casimiro (casimiro7)2/5/07 8:41 PM 
To: ctj527  (37 of 42) 
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Thank you very much for the well-wish!  And Peace be unto you and yours!!!

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