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From: ctj5272/6/07 11:06 AM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (38 of 42) 
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Good afternoon,  Casimiro...

But do consider what I suggested as an alternative (because I do believe that would be a more rewarding use of your time et al)...

If you forget what I suggested:

Send me a pm and I'll suggest it again!


Take care...

Take care...



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From: casimiro (casimiro7)2/6/07 12:05 PM 
To: ctj527  (39 of 42) 
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Would you forgive me if I admit misplacing it?  I have 4 email addresses and I haven't visited them all lately.  Please resend.   I will attend to it.

From: stormshaddow2/17/07 3:56 PM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (40 of 42) 
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I want to thank you for exposing this person!

I don't attack anyone's religion. However I will point out its not possible for 6.5billion people to come from Adam&Eve in little more than six thousand years.


From: ROSETTA3212/18/07 11:23 PM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (41 of 42) 
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  • "Western european negroes"    What or who exactly are they again? 

The indigneous or native peoples of western europe. "Negro" is a western european word.

I find it hard to believe that you thought western europe had no indigenous or native peoples before they began their breeding campaign to use the seed of the serpernt as white footsoldiers and laborers.



From: ROSETTA3212/18/07 11:33 PM 
To: casimiro (casimiro7)  (42 of 42) 
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There are many websites dealing with the Kushytes in Mexico who are called "Olmec" by the western europeans... while trying to take credit for their work.  One need only to look at western europe to know that the western euroean Negroes never built any pyramids or anything else on their own ... Even though now western europeans are claiming that they have found pyramids in Bosnia that are older than the Egyptians pyramids.  Check out photo of alleged western european pyramid below in Bosnia:

 ... ><


Stonehenge isn't by any means to be considered a pyramid or arena or temple or anything along the scale which the children of Racham/Cham/Ham built in their own ancestral homelands and the Shemites and Kushytes built throughout the Shemitic middle portion of the world.

Stonehenge in 2004

Stonehenge in 2004 ... ><


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